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Vacancy production manager and volunteer coordinator deBuren

There is currently a vacancy for a production manager and volunteer coordinator deBuren. We are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated and hands-on colleague for a variety of tasks.

The Flemish-Dutch House deBuren promotes cultural and social cooperation and exchange between Flanders and the Netherlands by presenting, producing, inspiring and connecting. Spearheads of deBuren are Flemish-Dutch cooperation, talent development and diversity.

As a house of culture and debate, we offer an extensive programme with 150 public activities a year and various cultural productions and projects. deBuren covers many genres and is active in its own house in Brussels, in the rest of Flanders, in the Netherlands and in third countries.

What do we expect from you?

A. Production Manager

  • You are, together with a colleague, the production hub in the house.
  • You take all the steps that need to be taken to put our presentations and productions into practice. Think of booking (train) tickets, hotels and restaurants, preparing rooms for stage activities and meetings. You proactively request this information from colleagues, remind them of the practical follow-up of their projects and support them in this so that they can fully focus on their substantive task.
  • You track programmes and projects over time by making production schedules and keeping yourself and colleagues to them.
  • You will perform general, administrative office duties. This includes answering the phone, taking packages and helping with mail processing.
  • This is a half-time position.

B. Volunteer coordinator

  • deBuren plans to launch a volunteer operation from spring. We want to involve volunteers from Brussels in the workings of deBuren by engaging them practically and by engaging with them and others about the Brussels mission of the house.
  • You are responsible for the start-up of this operation from the beginning.
  • You will map out a route to engage a selective team of volunteers from Brussels to the house. We expect these volunteers to help with the bar and ticketing during programmes. We also ask them to support the communication cell, for example by flyering and putting up posters.
  • Periodically, you bring the volunteers together to discuss the Brussels mission of the house. You invite them to interact with the content staff.
  • After the start-up, you continue to motivate the volunteers and ensure a proper inflow and outflow that matches the needs of the volunteers and the needs of the home.
  • This is a half-time position.

We do not pin ourselves down on specific diplomas, but assume you have a bachelor's degree or acquired competences equivalent to it. More important is that you feel connected to the dynamic and challenging city of Brussels. An interest in the cultural and social field is important; we do not rely on years of experience.

You report to the general director and work closely with programme makers, project coordinators, the communications managers and your colleague in production. You are motivated, creative, flexible (both in terms of task assignment and working hours) and respect deadlines.

You think in solutions and have a positive attitude. You can communicate well orally in Dutch; we do not expect you to write flawlessly. We offer you the chance to hone these and other skills through training courses.

What do we offer you?

We offer you an attractive job in an environment steeped in all things cultural in Flanders and the Netherlands. Our team is dynamic, motivated, open and curious, with a finger on the pulse of every socially relevant issue. We love consultation and cooperation but also take full responsibility individually.

It is possible to combine these two half-time positions (A and B) into one full-time position. Above all, state clearly in your cover letter whether you choose A or B or A and B and give reasons for your choice.

Recruitment by mutual agreement and possible as early as 1 December 2019.

Your open-ended contract is accompanied by a competitive salary, based on the scales and usual agreements in the cultural sector. We take your experience into account. Moreover, we reimburse commuting expenses within Belgium and offer meal vouchers, group insurance and hospitalisation insurance.

deBuren is committed to staff talent development and is happy to listen to your ideas on training and self-development. The Flemish-Dutch Huis deBuren is located in the heart of Brussels, a 5-minute walk from the Central Station.

deBuren is an open house. We like to reflect the super-diverse society we live in. Therefore, we warmly encourage candidates who can diversify the current team in any way to apply.

Would you like to know more?

If so, contact director Willem Bongers-Dek at You can expect an answer from Monday, October 21. Be sure to take a look at our website

Or do you apply straight away?

Send no later than Tuesday 5 November 2019 (by 11:00am) to Joke Daniëls - - An e-mail with attached one file (Word or pdf) of maximum 3 A4, consisting of two parts: a smoothly written motivation letter (1A4) and your CV (maximum 2 A4).

Please note: with longer attachments, the jury will only get to read the first page of the letter and the first two pages of the CV. You may also replace the cover letter with a short video (maximum 4 minutes) that you send via WeTransfer in MP4. In that case, send your CV (maximum 2 A4) with the same WeTransfer.

Based on the submitted application, some of the candidates will be invited for an interview in the last week of November.

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