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Committed theatre maker seeks surplus capital - Het NUT presents Good Gold Money at Oerol Festival and Berlin Square in Utrecht


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Utrecht, March 2023 - Theatre producer and actor Greg Nottrot, artistic director of the NUT (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel), will create and perform this summer's show Good gold money. Theatre about inequality, excess and the discomfort and necessity of money. The performance can be seen at Oerol Festival on Terschelling from 9 to 18 June and at Berlinplein in Utrecht from 28 June to 23 July. It is the tenth summer performance presented by NUT on location in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn.

Theatre-maker Greg Nottrot likes big plans. He plans to redesign our money system in a grand theatrical performance in 2025. But to realise that mega-performance, he needs money. He wants to raise half a million within two years. Now there is no shortage of money; it's just not distributed fairly. This summer, Greg will go into Good gold money Looking for excess capital. Who has it? Where is it? Why is it such an uncomfortable topic of conversation? When is capital surplus? And what is so difficult about (distributing) it?

Good gold money is a performance and game between player and audience. Come watch and play along! We play with real money. How high do you dare to bet? And what are you prepared to lose?

Makers and players (sociable and unsociable)

"Dear, dear, dear friend, do you perhaps have 500,000.00 euros for me? It's a lot of money of course. And if you can't spare it I really don't want it either. But maybe you have it spare. Is it gathering dust in an old sock somewhere. Standing aimlessly inflating in the bank. Is it long since burning in your purse to be spent." - Greg Nottrot in a letter to the friends of the NUT

 Good gold money is a performance by and with Greg Nottrot. He collaborates with theatre-maker Anne Meffert, who can also be seen at the performance nights in Utrecht. Whereas Greg goes out of her way to keep his money-talk cosy, Anne is not afraid to make it unsociable: "There are a few taboos in this world and one of them is money. To break that taboo, sometimes you just have to dare to ask: How much money do you have? And what do you do with all that money?". Morgana Machado Marques designs the set.

Jubilee: TEN years of summer performances on location

Already since 2013 (Happiness), the NUT plays an annual summer location performance with dinner at a special location somewhere in their hometown Utrecht for a few consecutive weeks. A feast for loyal visitors who never skip a year and legions of new visitors, who come to Utrecht from all over the country. That makes Good gold money an anniversary edition.

Income-dependent entrance fees

At the NUT, the strongest shoulders bear the heaviest burden. Income and wealth inequality is increasing. Because of these disparities, the NUT applies five price ranges. Ascending from 'No fat lot' to 'bulging pockets'. This immediately shows how well-off the NUT audience is. The intermediate score at 300 tickets sold: NUT audience is predominantly modal. But we also see generous outliers to less fat on the one hand, and a bit more flabby on the other.

The size of one's scholarship does not affect the treatment: every NUT visitor is first-class and each ticket is good for a theatre performance including dinner (excluding drinks).[1] As in the real world, inflation can strike just like that. Price hikes are expected on 1 April next.

Playlist Good gold money

9 - 18 June > Oerol Festival, Terschelling (2 times a day, without dinner)

28 June - 23 July > Berlinplein, Utrecht Leidsche Rijn (every Wed to Sun)

About NUT (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel)

The NUT is the most hospitable theatre company in the Netherlands and also the city company of Utrecht Leidsche Rijn. In three annual theatre traditions (family, summer and winter performance), NUT always explores one topical theme. In 2023 it is the future of money. The family show King Bling Bling (4+) can be seen in schools and theatres throughout the year. The winter performance The holiday show will premiere at the end of October.

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