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Marmoucha' s summer calendar for May, June and July 2023!


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Discover the enchanting world of Marmoucha. Immerse yourself in an intriguing documentary about three Andalusians, get enthralled by authentic Gnawa music and experience stunning modern orchestral arrangements. Experience an immersive musical theatre performance for children (8+) and be enchanted by the unforgettable Moroccan-Andalusian repertoire.

Friday 26 May, Friday 2 June and Saturday 3 June  
Documentary "Children of Al-Andalus"
Experience the powerful documentary "Children o f Al-Andalus", a collaboration between the Marmoucha Foundation and Bridge2Connect. Meet three Andalusians (Jews and Muslims) who, five hundred years after the forced departure of their ancestors from the medieval kingdom of Al-Andalus, are still proud of their shared background and cherish their history.
The documentary can be seen in several film houses in the Netherlands and abroad.

Saturday 27 May
Marmoucha Orchestra - Africa Day Festival 2023
Marmoucha Orchestra plays around 18:20. Start of festival 12:00pm
The ensemble will enchant you with a combination of songs from the albums "Ana W'Inta" and "Andalusian Love Song", specially arranged for the group's six-member ensemble. Get carried away by the varied musical stories, infused with the melancholic, joyous and serene sounds of the ud. The beautiful interplay of the inspired musicians creates a unique fusion of musical languages, styles and traditions from North Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Don't miss this special opportunity to see the Marmoucha Orchestra perform live at the Africa Day Festival in Hilversum. Visit the Facebook page for more information.

Monday 29 May
Very last performance from the tour "What's eating Donnie Grape?"
15:00, Verkadefabriek ('s-Hertogenbosch)
What Eats Donnie Grape is a performance full of enchanting live music by Marmoucha Orchestra. A story about the pain and unconditional love that family gives.
Donnie's family is weird. Everyone who knows them thinks so. They don't say it out loud but they watch and they whisper. Just how weird will become clear at the performance on Sunday 29 May at Verkadefabriek in 's-Hertogenbosch.

Saturday, 3 June
Release of Mohamed Ahaddaf's new album 'ANA W'INTA'
We have great news! The much-awaited album 'ANA W'INTA' by ud player, composer Mohamed Ahaddaf with the Marmoucha Orchestra will be available soon.
This masterpiece takes you on an enchanting journey full of personal and emotional musical stories.
'ANA W'INTA', which means 'YOU AND I' in Arabic, reflects Ahaddaf's deep connection to Andalusian culture. The album contains ten varied compositions infused with the beautiful sounds of the ud, supported by the passionate interplay of the Marmoucha Orchestra.
This masterpiece also features brilliant co-compositions by Maripepa Contreras and Arin Keshishi, and the production was handled by Avishai Darash for Marmoucha and beautifully mixed and mastered by Shayan Fathi. The music sublimely captures the essence of complex emotions and sincere expression.

Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 June
Maroc Baroque, Marmoucha Orchestra feat. Mohamed Amin El Akrami
20:30, start Tivolevredenburg (Utrecht) and Podium Mozaiek (Amsterdam)
The Marmoucha Orchestra, conducted by Mohamed Ahaddaf and Avishai Darash, invites you on an adventurous journey through the history of Andalusian music. In this special concert, together with the legendary Amin El Akrami, they will bring the rich tradition of Arabo-Andalusian music to life in the Netherlands.

Innovative compositions and surprising arrangements by Mohamed Ahaddaf, Avishai Darash, Maripepa Contreras and Arin Keshishi create a modern approach that makes for an unforgettable and inspiring listening experience. The Marmoucha Orchestra takes you on a musical journey full of passion and creativity, pushing the limits of the ud and discovering new timbres.Tickets Tivolivredenburg:

Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 July
Urban Voices Nantes 2023
Marmoucha Orchestra travels to France for a special collaboration with Urban Voices in Nantes! Led by Avishai Darash and Mehdi Nassouli, the orchestra will accompany 1,300 choir members. On 1 and 2 July, they will perform well-known songs from the album Sahara Koyo, as well as new compositions and impressively arranged pieces. An enchanting evening full of musical splendour!

Thursday, 6 July
ANA W'INTA in Patronaat Haarlem
20:00, door open. 20:30, start
Marmoucha Orchestra returns to Patronaat!
Earlier this year, the company was already on Stage 3, but with a very special guest, they simply cannot stay away.
Together with the Marmoucha Orchestra, Mohamed Ahaddaf will play his new album 'ANA W'INTA' at the Patronaat. This is the fourth album by the beloved ud player and composer, who has been an integral part of the Marmoucha Orchestra since 2019. Firmly rooted in Andalusian culture and Arabic music, Mohamed has many successful performances to his name, both at home and abroad. Among others, he has performed at the prestigious Ud Festival in Tétouan, Morocco, Jerusalem Israel, in Seoul South Korea and in the United States.


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