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Seas and mountains of women in Walzer by Frieda Gustavs and Leo Erken

Banners from the Women's Suffrage Association, Haarlem Division show that things have changed over the past century. But banners of London suffragettes demanding equal pay for men and women make it clear that it is far from enough. The opening night of Walzer, the new VR installation at Eye celebrates women's lives. Dolle Mina's, suffragettes, Aletta Jacobs, nameless women who... 

crowning image festival Cinedans

Cinedans FEST '23 will take place from 24 to 26 March 2023 at Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam as well as online.

This 19th edition of the festival is the short three-day Practice & Potential edition of the Cinedans festival and focuses on the development of the dance film genre. For three days, Cinedans presents, the state of the art of Dutch dance film, the International Student Film Competition, special themed programmes and special documentaries. New Dutch Shorts A wide selection of... 

I cherish Henny Vrienten most for what he did for Rudolph Valentino

In the week that already began dramatically with the deaths of Jan Rot and Arno Hintjens, Henny Vrienten has now joined musician heaven. Far too young at 73, but still 41 years older than he was in one of his most famous songs. A bit weird, but mostly very sad. One of the most sympathetic musicians... 

Angels of Amsterdam convinces with 4 centuries of women's lives

If you get the urge to run your finger through the candle flame for a moment, then a VR installation is already almost successful. Not just because of the technical feat, but also because it convinces as a place to bivouac for half an hour. I am standing at the bar of a seventeenth-century Amsterdam pub. There are murmurs, music, a bartender who is... 

Between Past and Future. Frank Scheffer films a fruitful meeting between East and West #HF21

Saturday 26 June at the Holland Festival, a special evening around two music films by Frank Scheffer: the documentary Inner Landscape and the opera film Si Fan. Supplemented by a short live performance by Chinese musician Wu Wei. This will present a musical journey from the seventh-century Tang Dynasty to contemporary electronic music. An evening with unexpected perspectives.

'This new law means even more obstacles and restrictions for visiting culture.'

Honourable members of the House of Representatives, It is with great concern that we look at the Temporary Test Act that will be voted on in your House on Tuesday 11 May. This new law means even more hurdles and restrictions for visiting culture. Restrictions that will be introduced but where the end date is not given. This new testing law could be a godsend for... 

HOLLAND FESTIVAL 2021 with associate artists Ryuichi Sakamoto and Gisèle Vienne

From 3 to 27 June 2021, the 74th edition of the Holland Festival will take place in and around Amsterdam. This year's associate artists are American-Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto and French-Austrian theatre maker Gisèle Vienne - notable artists with wide-ranging interests, as evidenced by their collaborations with Hollywood directors, techno artists, visual artists and rock bands. During the... 

Catharsis under the Christmas tree - the 5 best films to end this terrible year with

Especially in a bizarre year like this, I need hot films: classics, found footage or children's film, all are allowed. As long as it deals with big emotions or offers the perfect escapism. Like every year, there is plenty to enjoy on TV. Not like every year, there is no option to seek refuge elsewhere, but streaming offers the solution. Five tips to get through Christmas.

Traveling While Black grabs you by the throat

Traveling While Black touches you deeply and that is exactly the intention. The 20-minute or so Virtual reality film immerses you in the history of institutional racism in the US and especially what it does to people. The location is Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington DC*. We sit at a table in a classic diner with people... 

Podcast in times of Corona (9): Cinedans goes online, but for the festival feel we have to wait until next year.

We spoke to Andreas Hannes about the cancellation of Cinedans 2020. As a programmer, how do you deal with cancelling a festival you've spent a whole year working on? How do you still retain some of the sense of community that is so important to a festival when you are only online? For now, the festival will not go into the existing... 

Cinedans 2020: the digital edition

Cinedans, the festival for dance and film, was supposed to open 25 March and be the hub for dance film, as well as workshops and discussions, until 29 March. Obviously, this cannot continue. The festival will not be postponed but cancelled this year. An alternative that should ease the pain a little for this year is a nice and varied offering of short and... 

A morale boost for when you're feeling down. Top 5 indie film streams from a true fan

Last week, my in-box and my social media feed were full of cancellations. Screenings, film festivals and museums: everything I was looking forward to or contributing to was cancelled or shelved. Understandable and sensible. But also maddening, and a loss of income for me and many others in the cultural sector. Still, there are things that... 

Dutch Edition Of Eurovision Song Contest Is Underpaying Musicians. (And existing orchestras are left out)

We got some confusing messages last weekend. The reason was the festive announcement of the organisation of the Eurovision Song Contest that a special symphonic happening would take place at the finals in Rotterdam. Third year and master students of the Rotterdam Conservatoire, part of Codarts, as well as young professional musicians were invited. A 'fee' would be available for... 

Alice in Wonderland as Virtual Reality theatre: can I stay down the rabbit hole for a while?

Sometimes you see something and only realise on the bike back how special it was. Wait a minute, the white rabbit was talking back? Humpty Dumpty was worried that I did catch it? Not only did I watch a Virtual Reality (VR) installation today, the installation looked back! Never before have I experienced a VR work in which I... 

When was the last time I hopped? Eye impresses with Francis Alÿs' expo on the world as child's play

An exhibition with only children playing, doesn't that quickly become too tacky or cosy? Not if the artist is Francis Alÿs. Although it is hard not to smile at the sight of a sandcastle, I left the room with a head full of questions about the nature of humanity. No small feat of hopscotching kids and girls 

No Time To Die? The New Cinema Conference is all about marketing - and hardly about Netflix.

What will shake up the cinema world the most in the coming years? The new James Bond film? Or a personal film tip tailored to your previous cinema visits that just pops up on your smartphone? Or perhaps a technical innovation that creates a whole new cinematic experience? Just a few things that loom around the topic of this week's New Cinema conference. A day and a half... 

The most important animation festival takes place in Annecy - and the Netherlands participates

I described here earlier that Dutch animation film is on the rise. And as I look around the animation festival in Annecy, France, this week, it seems nice to see how our animation filmmakers and producers are presenting themselves here. Especially since Annecy is considered the most important event worldwide in this sector. 'The Cannes of animation' I hear... 

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