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'I am Zutphenian, but also Turkish' actor Sadettin Kirmiziyüz gets jury nomination for Wilders, The Musical

Gijs Scholten van Aschat was so convincing that casting king Hans Kemna got a bit scared of him. Van Aschat did an original wilderness speech and shock went through the room. Since he now plays the villain of villains with Orkater (Richard III), convincingly delivering a hate speech reasonably is a piece of cake for him. Two genuine Wilders fans even felt that Van Aschat was better than Wilders, 'because what he said was true'. Those are compliments you thrive on as an actor, but it is also a bit tricky. Soon people will be waiting for you at the exit with intentions, malicious or otherwise.

Frank Lammers, the actor who has been making money for years with his 'just act normal, you'll be crazy enough' image, may have been conscientious about it. He finally refused to deliver a speech by Wilders at the audition for 'Wilders, the musical', which was offered as a special attraction to visitors of The Dutch Theatre Festival.

That the whole thing with idol-like judges, audience votes and nervous candidates is a nice hoax, we already know by now. Before that, actor Hein van der Heiden prepared his role too well. Every detail, the clenched fists, the measured words and the neurotic straightening of papers on the lectern, was so perfect that he will almost take the role for granted. Moreover, rehearsals have already pretty much begun, so, as with Stage and AVRO's big talent shows, the results will be known to insiders even before the first broadcast is recorded.

However, who we all suddenly found a very big surprise was young actor Sadettin Kirmiziyüz. He is from Zutphen, but his Turkish blood is unmistakable. Moreover, with the beard he now has, he could easily pass for the Iranian president Ahmedinedjad, a man who in his hatred of the West is little inferior to Wilders with his fear of the East. And so if you put on Sadettin Kirmiziyüz a white wig, and a speech by Wilders (the Copenhagen speech), east and west suddenly coincide alarmingly in their hatred: they turn out to be interchangeable. Sadettin won the jury prize with it. I spoke to him afterwards on the extremely windy roof terrace of Amsterdam's Stadsschouwburg theatre.

Sadettin Kirmiziyüz

It is expected that Sadettin will also play a role in Wilders the Musical, the new production of Mightysociety.

Incidentally, the jury hinted that the musical The Producers will soon also be seen in Dutch theatres, after the play about two Jewish producers who want to quickly bankrupt a Nazi glorification play previously drew empty audiences in Berlin.

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