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IDFA DocLab - Live Internet Cinema with Jonathan Harris

Watching the emotional pulse of the world live, designed as a screen full of dancing dots. That was possible last night at IDFA during the live cinema event, presented by internet artist Jonathan Harris.

Way back when fast food had just been invented everyone thought it was a great idea. But after a decade of carefree snacking, it turned out to be not so healthy. Time for slow food.

Jonathan Harris thinks it will be the same with the abundance we wallow in on the web. There will come a time for a slow web. Last night he presented a preview at IDFA, adorned with a slow food snack. In any case, his beautiful web interfaces on a big screen, with the enthusiastic Harris himself as narrator, proved that nothing beats a live performance.

[Tweet "There will come a time for a slow web. A preview at IDFA, with slow snacks."]

Raw data like the ones flooding us online are boring and only start to mean something when you look for structure and stories. Harris turns out to be not only a great storyteller, but also a creative tinkerer with infographics and other imagery. I don't need to say much else about that, as it can all be seen online as well. Only Harris's speech you have to make up your own.

We Feel Fine. How is everyone feeling right now? An older project by Harris. Dynamic site with beautiful infographics.

I Love Your Work. Interactive documentary about the reality of fantasy makers. Daily life of nine young women making lesbian porn.

Today. When Harris turned 30, he felt he had lost his grip on his hectic life. He left New York and started this project. One photo every day, with one story attached.

Is this slow web?


Leo Bankersen

Leo Bankersen has been writing about film since Chinatown and Night of the Living Dead. Reviewed as a freelance film journalist for the GPD for a long time. Is now, among other things, one of the regular contributors to De Filmkrant. Likes to break a lance for children's films, documentaries and films from non-Western countries. Other specialities: digital issues and film education.View Author posts

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