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New leaders in arts and culture: fourth generation of LinC graduates.

A new generation of leaders in culture rose at the Utrecht Academy Building on Thursday 9 November. The 39 leaders came from the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam to Schunck in Heerlen and of the VPRO in Hilversum to the Utrecht festival Le Guess Who. In a year and a half, they discovered new working methods and formulated new vistas for the arts. This was possible thanks to a collaboration between USBO (UU), Coaching in Culture, the HKU and Knowledge Country, which led to the training programme: Leadership in Culture (LinC).

The 39 graduates brings the total number of innovative leaders in the Dutch cultural sector to 139: the programme had its fourth edition this year. According to Femke Haijtema, head of audiences and presentations at the Fries Museum and Princessehof ceramics museum the programme has been essential: 'Thanks to LinC, I have been able to develop so much as a leader, in guiding my team and deepening my substantive vision, that it is partly because of this that we can make a difference with our museums in 2018 when Leeuwarden is European Capital of Culture.'

Cooperation Amsterdam dance sector

LinC has also had a major impact on the dance sector in Amsterdam. Until a year ago, cooperation got off the ground only with difficulty. Now a lasting connection has been established between Dancemakers Amsterdam and ICKAmsterdam. The leaders of both organisations, Suzy Blok and Maritska Witte, were able to focus the tools they learned on collaboration and connection in the Amsterdam dance sector thanks to LinC. Suzy Blok: 'Through LinC, I have seen that I am not alone in some problems and challenges. Sharing experiences strengthens you as a leader, with direct consequences for the organisation.'

Playing outdoors

Unlike similar leadership programmes in the business world, LinC also developed concrete products. One of the teams, including representatives from Villa Zebra in Rotterdam and the Hague Theatre House developed 'Playing Outside'. This is a now tried and tested methodology that helps cultural institutions bring about change from the inside out. Thanks to 'Playing Outside', staff can better empathise with the world of others and get to know the position of 'the other'. The methodology is now offered through Think-tank, Rotterdam office for practical philosophy.


Playful products have also been devised. For example, a team with participants from AtelierNL, VPRO and Splendor Amsterdam a party game. It is designed to let people experience all the ways you can raise money for art. Finally, the 'Culture At the Table' concept is a very simple formula for a 'disruptive dinner about art', which has now successfully led to deepened contacts between a wide variety of people, from residents of a Heerlen power district to Amsterdam bank managers.

The unique formula is also applicable for laborious (Christmas) family dinners.

Good to know
Articles written as part of the programme will appear on this website in the coming months. All information about LinC can be found on the website.

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