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Shout out! The big fill-in for the new arts plan.

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The Council for Culture has just proposed the new Basic Infrastructure (BIS), and it has become a very big, in traditional terms 'prosperous', baby. Since the Council is not allowed to name names, and only list functions, we have made a fill-in list here in advance, listing (very briefly, because little time and not knowing about everything) which existing cultural company could fit where. There are still many blanks, which you can fill in yourself. We welcome new input!

Shout out! (And sorry if you're not mentioned now - it's not the Council's fault, it's ours.)

Top facilities Culture-wide

Symphony orchestra 1
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Symphony orchestra 2
Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
Symphony orchestra 3
Orchestra of the East/Cellar Orchestra
Symphony orchestra 4
Philharmonic South Netherlands
Orchestra for pop and jazz music
Metropole Orchestra
Ensemble/choir (various genres) 1
Great Broadcasting Choir
Ensemble/choir (various genres) 2 Synfonietta
Ensemble/choir (various genres) 3 Dutch Chamber Choir
Ensemble/choir (various genres) 4 Asko|Schönberg
Ensemble/choir (various genres) 5
Ensemble/choir (various genres) 6
Ensemble/choir (various genres) 7
Theatre company
International Theatre Amsterdam
Company for adult and youth theatre
National Theatre (The Hague)
Company for opera and dance
National Opera and Ballet
Opera company
Nederlandse Reisopera/Opera Zuid
Dance company
Nederlands Dans Theater
Youth theatre and dance company Introdans
Multidisciplinary performing arts festival Holland Festival
pop music festival Noorderslag
film festival 1
Dutch Film Festival
film festival 2 IDFA
film festival 3
International Film Festival Rotterdam
design festival
Dutch Design Week
postgraduate institution 1 DasArts
postgraduate institution 2 ICW
postgraduate institution 3
postgraduate institution 4
postgraduate institution 5

Supporting institutions culture-wide

cross-sectoral support institution 1
cross-sectoral support institution 2 Bookman
cross-sectoral support institution 3 Dutch Culture
cross-sectoral support institution 4
cross-sectoral support institution 5

supporting institution for concert and scenic performing arts

support institution for the creative industry New Institute
support institution for the arts 1 School writer
support institution for the arts 2 Read Foundation
support institution for the arts 3
Writers' Centre
support institution for the arts 4 Literary Fund

Chain facilities

Concert ensemble/symphony orchestra 1 residence orchestra
Concert ensemble/symphony orchestra 2
North Netherlands Orchestra
Concert ensemble/symphony orchestra 3
Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra
Concert ensemble/symphony orchestra 4
Concertant Ensemble 5
Concertant Ensemble 6
Concertant Ensemble 7
Concertant Ensemble 8
Scenic performing arts company 1
Theatre Rotterdam
Scenic performing arts company 2 Oostpool
Scenic performing arts company 3
Toneelgroep Maastricht
Scenic performing arts company 4 Southern Theatre
Scenic performing arts company 5
North Netherlands Theatre
Scenic performing arts company 6 Theatre Utrecht
Scenic performing arts company 7 Scapino
Scenic performing arts company 8 Dead Horse
Scenic performing arts company 9 Warm Shop
Scenic performing arts company 10 t Barre Land
Scenic performing arts company 11 Orkater
Scenic performing arts company 12 Peat Factory
Scenic performing arts company 13 Tryater
Scenic performing arts company 14 Suburbia
Scenic performing arts company 15
Youth performing arts company 1 Sonnevanck
Youth performing arts company 2 Artemis
Youth performing arts company 3 Lowland
Youth performing arts company 4 Maas
Youth performing arts company 5 Kwatta
Youth performing arts company 6 Stagecraft
Youth performing arts company 7 Wooden House
Youth performing arts company 8 Holland Opera
Youth performing arts company 9 Branch
Youth performing arts company 10 Pied Dog
Youth performing arts company 11
Youth performing arts company 12
Youth performing arts company 13
Youth performing arts company 14
Youth performing arts company 15
Municipal and provincial museum 1
Central Museum
Municipal and provincial museum 2
Gemeentemuseum The Hague
Municipal and provincial museum 3
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Municipal and provincial museum 4
North Brabant Museum
Municipal and provincial museum 5 Bonnefanten
Municipal and provincial museum 6 From Abbe
Municipal and provincial museum 7 Twenthe
Municipal and provincial museum 8 Foundation
Municipal and provincial museum 9 Drents Museum
Municipal and provincial museum 10
Groninger Museum
Municipal and provincial museum 11 Rijks Museum
Municipal and provincial museum 12
Frans Hals Museum
Municipal and provincial museum 13 CODA
Municipal and provincial museum 14 Arnhem
Municipal and provincial museum 15
Friesch Museum/Princessehof
Presentation setting 1 BAK
Presentation setting 2 Litter
Presentation setting 3 Apple
Presentation setting 4 DSPS
Presentation setting 5 Current
Presentation setting 6 Meat Hall
Presentation setting 7 Northern Lights
Presentation setting 8 Onomatopoeia
Presentation setting 9 Worm
Presentation setting 10 SYB
Presentation setting 11 Meat Hall
Presentation setting 12 Witte de With
Presentation setting 13
Presentation setting 14
Presentation setting 15
Development setting 1 The House Utrecht
Development setting 2 New East
Development setting 3 Toneelschuur
Development setting 4 Frascati
Development setting 5 M-Lab
Development setting 6
Development setting 7
Development setting 8
Development setting 9
Development setting 10
Development setting 11
Development institution 12
Development institution 13
Development setting 14
Development setting 15
Festival 1 Boulevard
Festival 2 Oerol
Festival 3 Spring
Festival 4 Two-stroke
Festival 5 Limburg Festival
Festival 6 Noorderzon
Festival 7 North Sea Jazz
Festival 8 ILFU
Festival 9
Zeeland Indian Summer Festival
Festival 10 Spoffin
Festival 11 Dance Days
Festival 12 Theatre festival
Festival 13 Gaudeamus Music Week
Festival 14 Festival of Early Music
Festival 15 November Music
Museum 1
Museum 2
Museum 3
Museum 4
Museum 5
Museum 6
Museum 7
Museum 8
Museum 9
Museum 10
Museum 11
Museum 12
Museum 13
Museum 14
Museum 15
Museum 16
Museum 17
Museum 18
Museum 19
Museum 20
Museum 21
Museum 22
Museum 23
Museum 24
Museum 25
Heritage institution supported
Creative industry support institution
Supporting institution film Eye

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