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Festival Circolo 2023 programme complete: Large number of Dutch premieres during ten-day circus celebration in Tilburg


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Due to sudden injuries, there were some last-minute changes, but today Festival Circolo announced its full program revealed. From 13 to 22 October, the Netherlands' biggest circus festival will once again descend on Tilburg for ten days of contemporary circus of the highest quality. After announcing, among others, the acclaimed "Yé!" by Circus Baobab and audience favourite "En Attendant Le Grand Soir" by Le Doux Supplice, the Tilburg circus festival is adding new names to the programme.


Every year it is a surprise whether the artists and groups scheduled for Festival Circolo will reach the festival unscathed or broken bones. Because the fact that circus is not without danger is demonstrated once again by the story of Circ Rodini. After an unfortunate fall and injury, the scheduled performance at Festival Circolo unfortunately had to be scrapped. Instead, the festival found a worthy replacement in the form of Samuel Bey and his performance BRICK.

Dutch premieres

There are also a large number of Dutch premieres on the programme of Festival Circolo 2023. These include Le Complexe de L'Autruche by the French Collectif d'équilibristes for the first time in the Netherlands in which ten handstand artists turn the world quite literally upside down with hypnotic group choreographies and dryly comic situations. Festival Circolo also has the Dutch first for GLOURIOUS BODIES by Circumstances/Piet Van Dycke. An intimate and innovative show featuring circus performers aged between 55 and 67 who explore the strength and limitations of the ageing body. The acrobats show what the human body can achieve and prove that age is not a limitation. The full programme can now be viewed on the Festival Circolo website.


Visual artist Marieke Vromans will also be part of Festival Circolo 2023 this year from 6 October. This year, the acclaimed artist will bring the circus to the city with extraordinary creations. In a series of art objects, she puts the old and new circus on a pedestal, leaving room for performers to take the stage. The result is a freely accessible exhibition with performances that make the circus even more tangible in Tilburg. The project can already be seen one week before the festival in the city centre.
About Festival Circolo 
Festival Circolo is the largest contemporary circus festival in the Netherlands. From 13 to 22 October, we present ten days of top-level performances at the intersection of theatre, dance, performance art and acrobatics.
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Vlnr: Performances Le Complexe de L'Autruche and Glorious Bodies

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