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This editorial statute aims to guarantee the independence of the site's journalistic content, and to this end regulates the position of all parties involved in operating the journalistic website.

1. Definitions

This statute regulates the relationship between the parties performing the following functions, which may also be combined. Amendment is possible only after agreement between all parties.

a) Management: Ensures the commercial conditions and facilities that enable the medium to optimally fulfil its journalistic task, in this case bringing news, interpretation, background information and opinions on art in the broad sense of the word.

b) Authors: people who supply articles on their own initiative, and sometimes commissioned by the chief editor, to produce journalistic content.

(c) Cooperation partners: non-journalistic parties with a commercial interest in the site.

2. The site

2.1 In this Statute, the term site includes any electronic information exchange platform, such as a website, a database connected to a public network, e-mail products, newsletters and apps.

2.2 The purpose of the site is to display news, interpretation, background and opinions on art in the broad sense.

2.3 Identity is the set of content features of the site.

2.4 The site concept consists of:

2.4.1 the name and its appearance, its title and logo;

2.4.2 the editorial formula, being - site layout, navigation, animation or not, use of Flash, etc. - the journalistic content, incl. journalistic services, "powered-by" modules desired by the editors, games, etc.;

2.4.3 the operating model, being the set of marketing plans and methods (including non-journalistic services) to keep the site viable without compromising its identity and editorial formula.

2.5 The objective of the site, and modification thereof, shall be determined by the general membership meeting.

2.6 Title and logo, and amendments thereto, are determined by the general membership meeting, on the proposal of the board.

2.7 The editorial formula, and modification thereof, shall be determined by the management.

2.8 The operating model, and modification thereof, shall be adopted by the board.

3. Editorial

3.1 The editors monitor the quality of all journalistic productions and services, including those provided to the editors by third parties, including (retro)moderation of forums, non-commercial scripts, opinion polls, infographics, info-animations, sound, images, non-commercial references.

3.3 The editorial board carries out its task in consultation with the editor-in-chief and editor-in-chief.

3.4 The editors check that the site's publications are done according to journalistic principles of editorial independence, reliability and expertise in reporting, analysis and opinion.

3.5 The editors may impose quality requirements on suppliers of editorial components.

3.6 In case of dispute between editors and chief editors, the dispute procedure from the cooperative statute comes into effect.

4. Editor-in-chief

4.1 The chief editors, after consultation with the board, determine and implement the main lines of editorial policy.

4.2 The editor-in-chief may appoint one or more editors-in-chief to whom it may delegate some of its duties

4.3 The chief editors consult with the board on the editorial budget. The budget is set annually after careful consultation with the board and chief editors. The chief editors determine the distribution of the editorial budget. The board will regularly inform the chief editors about the ratio of the budgeted to the actual costs incurred and request the chief editors to make adjustments if there are compelling reasons to do so.

5. The board

5.1 The board may appoint a chief editor.

5.2 In the event of dismissal of the chief editor, the board is obliged to seek prior advice from the general meeting of members, which also has the right to nominate for dismissal.

5.3 The board never decides (beyond that already mentioned elsewhere) without consulting the chief editor on matters where it knows or can suspect that its decisions may directly or indirectly affect editorial policy, such as:

5.3.1 what type of ads will or will not be placed or rejected;

5.3.2 the maximum size of the site, the ratio of editorial to commercial space and the distribution of both within the pages;

5.3.3 advertising campaigns;

5.3.4 purchase or sale of non-editorial content from or to third parties;

5.3.5 change in the work situation, such as accommodation, inventory, production and communication equipment;

6 Cooperation

6.1 The board may enter into cooperation with parties with a commercial interest. They enter into an agreement with the board for a specific time and for a specific purpose, in which it is laid down how much journalistic attention and how much commercial space will be devoted to the subject the partner puts forward, at a minimum and for what period. This agreement is quantitative in nature, and does not deal with the content of the cooperative's coverage.

6.2 Posts made as part of a collaboration are the responsibility of the chief editor.

6.3 For each message, the author is the one who determines the tenor and tone of the message. Partnership partners have no control over tone and content of messages produced under a partnership.

6.4 Cooperation partners have the right to relay messages online within their own communication media such as websites and newsletters. Dissemination to other media is always done by the cooperative.

6.5 Collaboration partners and messages in collaboration will be identified as such on the website.

7. Ads

7.1 Commercial expressions will be posted as such in a recognisable manner.

8. End-user

In order to ensure the integrity of the cooperative and the relationship of trust with the visitor, reader, subscriber or end user of the platform, hereinafter referred to as 'end user', the cooperative shall deal with the end user in all openness. To reinforce these goals, the editorial team shall provide all relevant information required for open communication. The foregoing includes at least the following components:

8.1 The cooperative shall clearly state the purpose of the platform.

8.2 The cooperative shall publish a colophon containing all relevant details, including name of the publisher, name of the chief editor and/or authors, address details of both publisher and editor, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, urls, etc.

8.3 The Cooperative shall inform the end user of its policy on the collection of personal information and the end user's behaviour within the platform, hereinafter referred to as 'data mining'. If this policy is deviated from, the end user shall always be warned in advance. Furthermore, the end user must be offered an opt-out possibility to withdraw data already collected.

8.4 The Cooperative shall inform the end user of its policy on exploiting information or selling information to third parties obtained through data mining. If this policy is deviated from, the end user will always be warned in advance.

8.5 The cooperative shall inform the end user what its policy is regarding privacy protection.

8.6 The cooperative shall ensure that the end user can access the web editorial statute within its own platform.

9. Miscellaneous

9.1 This Statute shall enter into force on 1 January 2017

9.2 New members will receive a copy of this statute on commencement of membership.

9.3 Members of the cooperative shall be notified of changes to this Statute within 48 hours.

9.4 The statute will be published on the website

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