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Want to publish at Culture Press? You can! It costs nothing (except a one-off 10 euro administration fee), you just have to good its.

It is better to write 1 top article than 10 pretty good ones. In doing so, it usually does not matter whether an article has appeared elsewhere before, as long as it still matters now. 'Short, powerful and as quick as possible' is not necessarily a guarantee of success. Better the Definitive Article on a topic than the first article on it. Preferably publish on the one or two topics you really know a lot about. Write if you have something special to say about it, and avoid overly general topics. 

The editors post pieces that meet the minimum quality requirements that we set for it. As an author, you are responsible for your own income.

Culture Press works on a 'value after the fact' basis. This means that readers have the option to make a donation after reading your story. Those donations, which come in specifically in your name, are added up at the end of each month and transferred to you without deductions.

We also offer most stories through Blendle. That runs through Reporters Online, and experience shows that stories about culture usually don't do very well there. Matter of target audience. Reporters Online calculates quarterly revenue and pays it out through Culture Press. Various amounts are deducted from that. 


With some regularity, Culture Press grants assignments for journalistic stories. These assignments are distributed by the chief editor on the basis of your quality and specialism. What also counts is your reputation on the site, in other words: how often you publish. Never publishing yourself and waiting for assignments will take a long time. You will receive a fee per assignment and an expense allowance to be determined in consultation. 

Own sponsorship.

You can also get paid by a client yourself. Chief editors don't ask you how you earn your money. If you have a deal with a client to put a story on culture press, no one will dispute it. However: if pieces are too advertising-like and add nothing journalistically to the site, the chief editors may refuse to publish. In that case, you have a problem with your opdracher. You can avoid that by running a possible sponsorship deal through Culture Press. In that case, the Culture Press deducts a percentage from the proceeds, but your income is guaranteed and you are relieved of the administrative pressure. The piece is then also published as sponsored content or advertisement offered and may not be put behind a pay wall. This way, Culture Press remains transparent and reliable.

What does that cost?

Registering as an author will cost a one-off €10 administrative fee.

How do I register?

Apply for registration at the editor-in-chief.

Private Membership (month)
5 / Maand
For natural persons and self-employed persons.
No annoying banners
A special newsletter
Own mastodon account
Access to our archives
Small Membership (month)
18 / Maand
For cultural institutions with a turnover/subsidy of less than €250,000 per year
No annoying banners
A premium newsletter
All our podcasts
Your own Mastodon account
Access to archives
Posting press releases yourself
Extra attention in news coverage
Large Membership (month)
36 / Maand
For cultural institutions with a turnover/subsidy of more than €250,000 per year.
No annoying banners
A special newsletter
Your own Mastodon account
Access to archives
Share press releases with our audience
Extra attention in news coverage
Premium Newsletter (substack)
5 trial subscriptions
All our podcasts

Payments are made via iDeal, Paypal, Credit Card, Bancontact or Direct Debit. If you prefer to pay manually, based on an invoice in advance, we charge a 10€ administration fee

*Only for annual membership or after 12 monthly payments

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