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Euphoria by Julian Rosefeldt from the Holland Festival 2022 programme

Euphoria cancelled due to situation in Ukraine - Intention to shift to Holland Festival 2023 With pain in its heart, the Holland Festival is forced to announce that Julian Rosefeldt's spectacular film installation Euphoria will not be coming to Amsterdam in June 2022. For the 75th edition of the Holland Festival, the world premiere of the new... 

'We need art to talk to lunatics' - Holland Festival presents anniversary programme

We can already chalk up Angélique Kidjo as one of the most disarming appearances at the 2022 Holland Festival. The Benin-born singer is this year's associate artist, together with German director Nicolas Stemann. On Wednesday 9 March, she performed as a commanding speaker at the press conference with which the Holland Festival opens its public relations offensive each year. It was a... 

Culture Council supports action #hArtforUkraine

The cultural field is deeply shaken by the war in Ukraine. This weekend, the cultural sector is taking concerted action for Ukraine with #hArtforUkraine. To show solidarity and to express sympathy and support, participating organisations adorn their buildings in blue and yellow and donate proceeds to Giro 555 of the Cooperating Relief Organisations. The Culture Council supports... 

'It was like a disaster movie' Film journalist Lena Rubashevskaya on her flight from Ukraine

Lena Rubashevskaya is a well-known film journalist and documentary filmmaker from Ukraine. She was working on a new film in Donetsk when Russian troops began their invasion of Ukraine. She had to flee headlong. Now, eight days later, she tells us her story from Warsaw. When you listen to her, you understand forever that fleeing war and violence is one of... 

Amsterdam Museum suspends opening temporary home in Hermitage

The Amsterdam Museum has decided to keep the doors of its new temporary home in the Hermitage building closed until further notice. The opening, scheduled for Saturday 5 March, will not take place because of the war in Ukraine and sentiment about these poignant events across the country and the city. ''The war in Ukraine has had terrible consequences for... 

Always a new failure. Why internationally lauded writer László Krasznahorkai experiences all his work as a failure

Great international recognition notwithstanding, Hungarian writer László Krasznahorkai himself considers every novel a failure. 'I strain my brain to the limit, but it never becomes the book it should be. So I start again. And again.' Hope for redemption lost Film adaptations of his novels and winning the prestigious Man Booker International... 

'The Traveller': René Groothof and Leny Breederveld sublimely show how the world can turn into a prison.

Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz. Remember that name. A writer who left us only two books, and whose life history reads like a twentieth-century horror novel. He wrote, in 1939, three years before his death by a torpedo in the Indian Ocean, 'The Man Who Took Trains', under his English pseudonym John Grane. This book, published in 2018 in the original German... 

Writer Henk Pröpper's slow heartbeat

Writer and publicist Henk Pröpper had only just moved to his beloved Paris when the city came to a standstill, and so did his heart almost. Once fitted with a pacemaker, he took to the city in the one hour a day Parisians were allowed. A new world opened up for him. For Henk Pröpper (62), former director... 

The 'weird life' of all-rounder Jef Last is not over

Better to die standing than to live kneeling. The statement is fresh in memory after the murder in the Lange Leidse Dwarsstraat, as a mantra in praise of Peter R de Vries, his fearlessness, non-conformism, straightforwardness and honesty. This same statement jumps out even from the first paragraphs of the introduction to the biography of poet Jef Last, written by Rudi Wester.1.... 

'Vanished talent and manpower will break up culture sector as it relaunches in September'

The uncertainty of the events sector and cultural institutions, after 17 months of lockdowns and one-and-a-half-month openings, is not only disastrous for the mood of directors, artists and spectators. According to the Creative Sector Taskforce, much more is being lost. In fact, a 'Marshall Plan' is needed to get the cultural and creative sector back on its feet,... 

Dance history in action - Dance On Ensemble performs iconic works, with contemporary responses

That Julidans is experiencing a strong edition was actually already evident with the bold and delightful opening night. That performance invited you to think about what dance is. Making Dances - Dancing Replies makes you ponder the same question, but in a very different way. Dance On Ensemble, the Berlin-based company with dancers over 40, performed works by... 

Antonio Scurati wrote novel about Mussolini: 'Of my readers, 99 per cent consider the book anti-fascist. The other 1 per cent were already fascist and recognise themselves in it.'

Formation of the Fasci di combattimento (the Black Shirts) Milan, Piazza San Sepolcro, 23 March 1919 We look out on Piazza San Sepolcro. Barely a hundred people. All men who don't count. We are few and we are dead. They wait for me to speak, but I have nothing to say. The stage is empty, awash with eleven million corpses,... 

'Writing has been my salvation.' The troubled life story of Vamba Sherif

Actually, all his female characters are based on his powerful mother and grandmother, says Vamba Sherif (47). In his new, autobiographical book Unprecedented Love, the Liberian-born writer tells his troubled life story to his daughter Bendu. An ode to his homeland and the most important women in his life. I was born into a learned and influential family. The Sherifs... 

Rarely have I experienced a historical book that is so accessible and so imaginative

With journalist Bianca Stigter's book Atlas of an occupied city, you walk through today's reality, as it were, with historical virtual reality glasses on. An extra layer appears over the familiar backdrop of Amsterdam's streets: of World War II occupation. What wartime past is hidden in the streets and behind the facades? Atlas... 

Plein Theater presents the livestream The Lion's Den on 4 May as part of Theatre After Dam - In collaboration with PACT+ (ROCvA)

Young people from Amsterdam East, led by theatre-makers Berith Danse and Isa van Dam, delved into the history of Amsterdam East and ARTIS at the time of World War II. Their research forms the basis for the livestream The lion's den. In Amsterdam Oost, the traces of the Second World War are indelible. Palpable in the trip-stones in the... 

Also in my mind, 'Journey through the night' is due for a 35th printing

The 35th(!) edition of Reis door de nacht, the classic novel written by Anne de Vries, was published recently. As a ten-year-old boy, I sympathised intensely with the war adventures of Jan de Boer and his family members. The book is also a metaphor for my own struggle against darkness. It is a lovely spring day. In the ditch, a duck swims with her... 

'Monument to BKR' shows how well an income scheme for artists can work

With 'A monument to the BKR', Fransje Kuyvenhoven has indeed written a tribute in her "history of a high-profile artists' scheme (1949-1987 )". If only because the first hundred pages contain no text, but a chronological showcase of artworks from the BKR. By Karel Appel, Corneille, Constant, Lucebert, Jan Wolkers, Kees van Bohemen, Ger Lataster, Armando, among others. And because there are... 

Between heaven and hell: Frank Westerman on our fascination with the cosmos

At the time Covid-19 flattened normal life, Frank Westerman had fortunately already done his research for his new book. To take care of his parents, he was suddenly living 'at home' again for three months, in his boyhood room on the outskirts of Assen. Writing offered him the chance to escape to heavenly realms: Cosmic Comedy is about the human... 

Renzo Martens on White Cube: 'From now on, the Stedelijk should devote its entire acquisitions budget to art by plantation workers.'

A sleek, snow-white art temple in the middle of the Congolese interior. What does that mean? Renzo Martens talks about his new documentary White Cube, and the art project that allows plantation workers to buy back their land. Premiering at IDFA and in Lusanga, Congo.

PLEIN THEATER presents The Week of Karina Holla from 25 to 28 November

Therefore, from 25 to 28 November, the PLEIN THEATER presents The Week of Karina Holla: An in-depth look at the performance War Women and an ode to the work of Dutch mime player, actress, choreographer and director Karina Holla and her significance for theatre.
An in-depth look at the performance War Women and an ode to the work of Dutch mime player, actress, choreographer and director Karina Holla and her significance for theatre.

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