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A'dam: big loss of art subsidies, fact-free politics at art colleges, sacred museum collections, N-H halts small cultural education, culture in abandoned railway station

'Amsterdam loses 127 million arts subsidy'

(...) The 127.1 million euros is a sum of cuts from the state (70 million), the increase in VAT to 19% (45.6 million) and the announced municipal cuts in the 2013-2016 Arts Plan of 8 million annually. In addition, the so-called ID jobs (subsidised jobs) will be phased out more quickly. As a result, Amsterdam's arts and cultural institutions will face an additional cost of 3.5 million euros. (...) Source: AT5   28 Nov 11

Fact-free politics around HBO art schools

(...) The House of Representatives will soon vote on a motion by VVD MP Bart de Liefde calling for further reductions in enrolment in art schools. Programmes should focus more on entrepreneurship and excellence. The position of their graduates on the labour market would be weak, according to the motion. This is in stark contrast to current and international data from the committee led by Robbert Dijkgraaf that last year advice gave to the HBO Council and the arts sector to draw up a sector plan. (..)

Robbert Dijkgraaf points out in a response (...) that "it is in the interest of good education that proposals for radical changes are based on widely supported facts. In arts education, it is easy to be swayed by the opinions or preconceived ideas of a few." (...) Source: Science Guide    28 Nov 11

'Why is the museum collection sacred?'

(...) According to [art economist Arjo] Klamer, the time is ripe for a more 'rational' approach to public art ownership. After all, why should museums not be allowed to sell a painting if they can secure their survival by doing so? (...) Source: Wed    28 Nov 11

* North Holland - Culture Education Flash Scheme terminated

In the course of 2012, the province of North Holland will discontinue the Cultural Education Flash Scheme. This allows schools with an ICC officer and cultural policy to apply for a maximum amount of 4,000 euros twice a year. Out of efficiency, the province is scrapping all schemes under 5,000 euro. This scheme was very popular precisely because there was a need for such small, flexible support. (..) more information    Source: Culture Network    28 Nov 11

Talking about cultural future of Lelystad South station

(...) Lelystad South Station is a (...) building that will never get the function it was intended for, but cannot be demolished because it forms the foundation for the railway above it. The location offers unique opportunities. (...) Source:    28 Nov 11

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