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A great 2020 with the Holland Festival, vacancies and aus LICHT Opera of the Year


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The Holland Festival wishes you a happy 2020!
The full programme of the 73rd festival edition will be announced on 11 February. You can already order tickets for the five productions below. Also in this newsletter: vacancies for a head of operations/controller, an employee development and interns for the departments communication & marketing and production; and OUT LIGHT named Opera of the Year 2019.


Trajal Harrell

26-27 June, International Theatre Amsterdam

Vogue, Japanese butoh, ancient Greek theatre, performance art and contemporary dance - for his elegant, subtle dance style, American choreographer Trajal Harrell takes wide inspiration. His elaborate, new trilogy Porca Miseria he bases it on the stories and struggles of three very different but equally strong women: Maggie from Tennessee Williams' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, the African-American choreographer and activist Katherine Dunham, and the Greek-mythological Medea.


Susanne Kennedy, Münchner Kammerspiele

10-11 June, International Theatre Amsterdam

What if time is a circle and we can repeat our lives endlessly? In her radical adaptation of Chekhov's classic Drei Schwestern director Susanne Kennedy frees the three sisters from their finitude. The stage turns into a seemingly virtual environment, actors are interchangeable, the possibility of rewinding forward or backward is infinite. 'For those unafraid, in the digital world almost anything is possible. But without the limitation of time, would humans really make different choices?" says Kennedy.


Louis Andriessen,
Lucie Horsch, Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century, Cappella Amsterdam

7-8 June, Muziekgebouw

'A new spring and a new sound...', begins Herman Gorter's famous poem May. Leading composer Louis Andriessen was inspired to create a new composition for choir and orchestra in tribute to his late bosom friend and conductor Frans Brüggen (1934-2014). In addition to this world premiere, works by Polish composer Paweł Szymański, Bach, Mozart and Josquin des Prez will be performed. The young, talented Lucie Horsch plays the recorder so beloved by Brüggen.


Ben Frost

11-13 June, Muziekgebouw

Young, Australian composer Ben Frost performed at the Holland Festival in 2014 with The Wasp Factory. Now, the video reconstruction of the unsolved murder of 21-year-old Halit Yozgat and the dubious role of an undercover agent of the German security service in this murder case prompt Frost's new opera The Murder of Halit Yozgat. With an unconventional combination of sound art, electronic music and dark metal, Frost creates a performance in which two gunshots inexorably connect all present.


Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Daniel Bernard Roumain, Drew Dollaz

24-25 June, Muziekgebouw

With poetic recitation supported by dance, interview excerpts, films, singing and violin playing, spoken-word artist Joseph addresses institutionalised racism in the US. Sung excerpts, from an open letter Martin Luther King wrote in 1963 from prison in Birmingham, Alabama, in defence of the civil rights movement, create a historical echo. The performance is recommended by Holland Festival associate artist 2020 Bill T. Jones.


according to readers Place de l'Opera

OUT LIGHT, which was shown at the Holland Festival in June, has been named 'Opera of the Year 2019' by the readers of Place de l'Opera. Kathinka Pasveer of the Stockhausen Stiftung was the musical director of OUT LIGHTand responds enthusiastically: "It is my (and Stockhausen's) dream that LIGHT will ever be implemented in its entirety. That OUT LIGHT has already had such an impact, raises hopes for the future."


including chief operating officer/controller and development officer

The Holland Festival is looking for a head of operations/controller to start on 1 April, and an employee development to start immediately. There is also room for interns in the communication & marketing and production departments. Interested? Then visit our website for more information.

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