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PROUD ALIENS: A colourful exhibition by Framer Framed's Open Atelier


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Is it okay to be a proud alien in a world where marginalised people feel alienated? The LGBTQ+ project group at Framer Framed's Open Studio for i-psy participants have created a utopian future where differences and diversity are celebrated and recognised as something beautiful.

Proud Aliens is the annual exhibition of the i-psy Arts, Amsterdam, created in collaboration with Framer Framed and Queer Currents. This year, the participants decided to focus on the LGBTQ+ community. The exhibition is in support of Pride.

Date: 30 July - 22 Aug 2021
Presentation: i-psy Arts Amsterdam, Queer Currents and Framer Framed
Artists: anne krul | Ashna Siriram | Erdem Yakut | Khalid Safy Malyck | Marwan Noufal | Mayis | meg-star
Mi Ka | Ocean Pearl | O.K | Sabina | SAM | Shevan of Homosexualistan | Teoman | Vita S.
Curators: Gijs Stork & Kabo Lee
Graphic design: Kabo Lee

Framer Framed has been working closely with i-psy Arts, Amsterdam, since early 2020. The i-psy art therapy programme actively promotes the transformative health benefits of art. i-psy is a mental health organisation specialising in intercultural psychiatry. It is part of the Parnassia Group and focuses on people with a migrant background. This innovative collaboration consists of a weekly Open Studio at Framer Framed, specialist workshops and an annual exhibition.

Atelier Project Group meets weekly and combines art, community and therapy. The group consists of both professional and self-taught artists from a wide variety of cultural and LGBTQ+ backgrounds. Queer Currents collaborated on the exhibition and supported the group both artistically and productionally.

The work on display will include group projects and individual artworks such as henna tattoos, costumes, photography, film, paintings and installations. The Proud Aliens exhibition coincides with Amsterdam Pride and has been created in collaboration with i-psy Arts, Queer Currents and Framer Framed.


Public Space Installation: QUEER by United Painting
Date: 30 July - 8 Sept 2021
Location: in front of the entrance to Framer Framed, Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71, Amsterdam

From 30 July, the word 'QUEER' can be seen very large on the pavement of Oranje-Vrijstaatkade, in front of the entrance to Framer Framed. It will remain there for six weeks to stimulate the conversation about 'queerness' in public space. The letters will be painted collectively with United Painting and communities that Framer Framed works with. During the painting itself, there will be reflection on the meaning of the word. The painting sessions will take place from 26 to 29 July (10:30 - 15:30) and the installation will open on 30 July, at the same time as the exhibition Proud Aliens. This project was created in collaboration with Queer Currents.

i-psy is a specialist in intercultural psychiatry for people from different social and cultural backgrounds with a variety of mental health problems. Every year since 2009, i-psy's visual arts therapy team has organised an exhibition for and with artists from the open studios under the name 'i-psy Arts'.

Queer Currents is an event platform bringing more content and culture to Queerness. Queer Currents is an annual programme on 15 days and 15 locations, with events, lectures, film, expo, dance and music on 15 Queer topics. The aim is to bring more diverse, inclusive, more relevant content, culture and art to Pride Amsterdam.

United Painting is a collective dedicated to creating social impact through the deployment of large-scale artworks in public spaces; always in collaboration with a range of artists, designers and local organisations. From favelas in Rio de Janeiro, to disadvantaged areas in Philadelphia and refugee camps in Lesbos, United Painting is a continuously growing network of projects and participants that hopes to create a global snowball effect.

Framer Framed is a platform for art and culture. Its exhibitions are at the intersection of contemporary art, visual culture and politics. Framer Framed shows work by known and unknown artists active worldwide who relate to social issues. Alongside each exhibition, an in-depth interdisciplinary public programme takes place, consisting of artist talks, lectures, film screenings and performances.

Made possible with support from Ministry of Education, Culture and Science; Stadsdeel Oost; Amsterdam Fund for the Arts; Fund for Cultural Participation.


Orange Free State Quay 71
1093 KS Amsterdam


Tue - Sun: 12:00 - 18:00


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