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PROUD ALIENS: A colourful exhibition by Framer Framed's Open Atelier

Is it okay to be a proud alien in a world where marginalised people feel alienated? The LGBTQ+ project group at Framer Framed's Open Studio for i-psy participants have created a utopian future where differences and diversity are celebrated and recognised as something beautiful. Proud Aliens is the annual exhibition of the i-psy Arts, Amsterdam, created in collaboration with Framer... 

Literary festival ILFU launches storytelling competition for all forms of storytelling - From prose to film, music to TikTok videos

ILFU (International Literary Festival Utrecht) is launching a national storytelling competition for the second time - in which stories in all possible forms are welcome. The ILFU Verhalenwedstrijd is the first interdisciplinary story contest in the Netherlands, organised on the belief that good stories can and should be told in all conceivable forms. The theme of this year's contest is What matters... 

'This new law means even more obstacles and restrictions for visiting culture.'

Honourable members of the House of Representatives, It is with great concern that we look at the Temporary Test Act that will be voted on in your House on Tuesday 11 May. This new law means even more hurdles and restrictions for visiting culture. Restrictions that will be introduced but where the end date is not given. This new testing law could be a godsend for... 

Amsterdam Museum presents exhibition Golden Coach - 18 June 2021 to 27 February 2022 

The exhibition The Golden Coach opens at the Amsterdam Museum on Friday 18 June. After a restoration of more than five years, the Golden Coach is back on public display for the first time. The carriage will be on loan to the Amsterdam Museum until February 2022. With this, the carriage temporarily returns to the city that used it in... 

More French-language rap please.

French is made for rap. Forget all that American-English mincing, listen to the rhythmic drone that good French-language rap offers. One of the possible benefits of a self-absorbed US and a post-Brexit Europe is that we might start hearing that beautiful language of our southern southern neighbours a bit more often. 'Speak French to me, darling!' Macron will be delighted. Wednesday... 

Freek and Hella de Jonge hold open house at Groninger Museum

Finally, the Groninger Museum has got it together. For six weeks, you can admire Hella and Freek de Jonge at the museum. Not only their art, but also the people behind the works. Art meets performance art meets reality show. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. A glimpse into the couple's kitchen; also literally, because Hella goes into the... 

Gender gets Japanese touch at Theatre Festival Boulevard @tfboulevard

'Not a bad word about Lego or Knexx. But identity is the most exciting building kit.' So opens the preface to Theatre Festival Boulevard in Den Bosch. What you see is what you guess is the motto this time. It refers to the gap between how other people see you and how you yourself feel. Identity in its broadest form: from gender... 

Broken throats thanks to Loes Luca. Scheveningen sings again in 'Hard Hands'

The Zuiderstrand Theatre is having a nice time. When the theatre was built on the coast, there was a lot of resistance and grumbling from Scheveningers. 'That bunker' it was called. But with the (reprise) hit 'Harde Handen', free after Heijerman's 'Op hoop van Zegen', this own production touches a sensitive chord. For and by Scheveningen On Scheveningen, much has changed. The fishing village with... 

How intimate can choreography be? - Conny Janssen Danst celebrates anniversary with exhibition at Kunsthal

Conny Janssen Danst celebrates its 25th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the Kunsthal in Rotterdam will be stage and laboratory for Conny Janssen, her dancers and her team for three weeks. A video installation, performance, live rehearsals and an exhibition portray the point at which the group has arrived on its development journey. Conny Janssen - photo Maarten Baanders Unorthodox "My start with... 

'En Manque', or why your reviewer was on the dance floor at the #HF17

Do you write a review for people who are still going to the show, for people who have already been or for people who want to be informed? It is and remains an eternal dilemma. Vincent Macaigne's Holland Festival performance 'En Manque' will only be at the Compagnietheater on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 June. The chances of you, the reader,... 

Composer Brechtje: 'The musicians are the core of the universe'

'Thanks to a radio presenter, my grandfather found an entrance to classical music. With my new piece, I, in turn, am paving a path to him.' On Thursday 30 March, Elements by Brechtje (1993) will have its world premiere in the fifth episode of An Evening of Today at the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. In this series by the Nieuw Ensemble, conservatory students are given ample opportunity.... 

Ascent, Fiona Tan, video artwork of cinematic allure

Fiona Tan delivers a feature-length video artwork with Ascent

The video artwork 'Ascent' is one of Fiona Tan's most recent works. Ascent is a feature-length video artwork: 1 hour and 17 minutes[ref]A work resulting from a special commission from the Izu Photo Museum in Japan[/ref]. You may already be familiar with this artist's work[ref]The now 50-year-old Fiona Tan is "no ordinary Indian girl", born in Pekan... 

Only mythical stories fascinate at art gallery KAdE

Why did I find the mythical stories about being an artist more interesting than the artworks I saw? I wondered this after visiting the exhibition GOED GEMAAKT (ode to the making process) at the Amersfoort art gallery KAdE. Only a single work of art touched me, while the stories about Daedelus, Pygmalion and the daughter of Butades fascinated me immensely.... 

Photographer Ed van der Elsken liked to colour outside the lines

If he could have, photographer Ed van der Elsken would have preferred to have a camera built into his head, to capture the world twenty-four hours a day. What he did manage to make are countless beautiful photographs, films and books. The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam shows his rich legacy at the major exhibition The camera in love. He was... 

Photographer enchants Voorschoten with illuminated images in Lichtjuweel

Magic cannot be grasped. Certainly not such a short and fabulous moment as twilight, when the day turns into evening so quickly and the lights go back on. It is precisely this elusive, short 'magic hour' that photographer Jan van der Horn (1951) tries to capture in his staged photographs. The magic pictures he takes light up from 11 November (St Martin's Day) until... 

AFK - Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

Wanted: Advisors one-off grants - Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK)

Vacancy: Advisors one-off grants - Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) From 1 March 2017 The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) invests in art that enriches life in the city. The AFK provides grants to artists and cultural organisations, drives innovation and stimulates the quality, dynamism and pluriformity of Amsterdam art. The AFK supports both experiment... 

New wing Museum De Pont Tilburg from the garden.

Museum De Pont, where an extra 1,000 flowers are now blooming

One of the most beautiful museums in the Netherlands can be found in Tilburg, a city still seen by some as the frayed edge of the Netherlands. This central part of Brabantstad also receives relatively little funding from the government. So how can one of the best museums in the world be located here? Museum De Pont, like Huis... 

Interview Jiří Kylián on Free Fall in Korzo

Jiří Kylián: 'The silence of a photograph, I love that'

With Free Fall, Jiří Kylián shows his photographic works for the first time. He talks enthusiastically about his discoveries, his inspiration, and Sabine. The house in The Hague where Jiří Kylián has lived for more than 30 years radiates joy of life. Warm colour tones, fragrant flowers, classicist furnishings yet cosy. Unmistakably the 'touch of a woman.' That woman is Sabine Kupferberg, the life partner and... 

Harvey's hand only half full

Visitors either thought it was 'very cool' or they thought it was 'absolutely nothing' - PJ Harvey's reading, the opening act at tonight's International Literature Festival Utrecht, evoked totally opposite reactions. Rock diva PJ Harvey is not only a musician, but also a visual artist and poet. At ILFU, as the festival has been called since this year, she read from her... 

something raw logo

This was Something Raw 2016: less rebellious, more social

The raw in Something Raw can mean all sorts of things. The first thought might be something rough, as in the effect of sandpaper on skin or the havoc left by an elephant in the china shop. But rough is a derivative meaning. Raw first of all means unprocessed and fresh. There is a certain hope in the combination of rough and raw: artists who like... 

Storioni Festival: champagne bottle whose cork almost pops off

Thursday 21 January sees the start of the ninth edition of the Storioni Festival, dedicated to the five-hundredth anniversary of Hieronymus Bosch's death. Free after his famous triptych Garden of Earthly Delights, the musicians of the Storioni Trio and Frank Veenstra, artistic manager of Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, chose the theme 'Dreams and Demons'. Composer in residence is Poland's Krzysztof Penderecki, who became famous... 

Rembrandt in the mirror

Selfies from the Golden Age. The Mauritshuis gives this subtitle with a wink to its new exhibition Dutch self-portraits. With it, the museum seeks a new connection between 17th-century art and today's world. And that attempt has succeeded, thanks in part to the ingenious exhibition design by Jelena Stefanovic of Studio OTW. Since the 2012-2014 renovation and expansion, the... 

Rik Wouters, Autumn, 1913, 135 x 140 cm, Oil on canvas, Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp ©Lukasart in Flanders

Belgian colour on Dutch cheeks - 7 reasons why you should visit 'Colour Unleashed' soon

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time. Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in the period when modern art was born? Then I correct myself: no, there were many problems and uncertainties back then too. But the new exhibition Colour Unleashed at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag makes me hesitate again. Because the exhibited... 

Albania special (3): modern Albanian art you only see underground here

Olson Lamaj runs a gallery with three friends: from their own money and in their spare time. They have to because it is the only way to give young, contemporary Albanian artists a chance. Lamaj studied photography in Milan and fine art in Florence and now earns his money as a graphic designer. He speaks to me after working hours 

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