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Boulevard on the Parade

Boulevard theatre festival returns to city centre for good with 40th edition

In August, Theatre Festival Boulevard returns to the city centre of 's-Hertogenbosch. After three wonderful years in the Zuiderpark, the festival heart returns to the Parade. For the past three years, Boulevard built its festival heart in the Zuiderpark, with an annex on the Parade and performances right across the city. The renovation of Theater aan de Parade and the, by the... 


Festivals full of theatre, dance and music from the comfort of your own living room

ITA, HOLLAND FESTIVAL AND NDT PRESENT BIBERATING PROGRAMS ONLINE, IN DIGITAL THEATER International Theatre Amsterdam, Holland Festival and Nederlands Dans Theater will present groundbreaking programmes online, in the Digital Theatre, during the Christmas holidays. In order to connect makers, companies and (inter)national visitors, the initiators choose a programme during the Christmas holidays. The ideal period to be together, to feel... 

The Romeo - Orpheas_Emirzas

First performances Holland Festival 2024 announced

Ticket sales start on 28 November for the first four performances for the 77th edition of the Holland Festival. 11,000 Saiten ('11,000 strings') by composer Georg Friedrich Haas is a spectacular sound experience in Amsterdam's Gashouder, by fifty pianists and the ensemble Klangforum Wien. Choreographer Trajal Harrell returns with The Romeo, his new large-scale dance performance. The Bird of... 

November Music 2023-Bosch Requiem-AartStrootman-Jostijn Ligtvoet Photography

November Music 2023 successful

With Fuse's rousing final concert, November Music 2023 came to an end on Sunday 12 November. Twelve days of versatile new music featured contemporary composed works, choral music, electro-jazz, Arabic maqam, musical theatre and much more. Bosch Requiem 2023 composed by Aart Strootman, John Zorn and all the concerts by Maya Fridman were highlights. Our thanks... 

Luna Quartet and Vincent van Amsterdam

In Den Bosch this Sunday, I heard light breaking

At half past eleven on a Sunday morning, it might be a bit much: Maya Fridman, improvising on her cello. Watching her play, together with pianist Maarten van Veen, is an intense experience. She becomes one with her instrument, it overwhelms her, it is almost too intimate to watch. But what warmth waves through the audience.... 

PR image November Music

'Transformation makes music interesting' Simon Steen-Andersen's surprising 'Inszinierte Nacht' is coming to November Music 

The image should especially pierce piano lovers: a concert grand piano crashing out of the ceiling onto a stage in super slomo. The interior bulges out, keys fly around. Moments later, the ruined piano empire turns out to play a part in a real piano concerto after all. It could have been a one-off performance, were it not for the... 

A Jennifer Walshe course in 10 lessons #novembermusic2023

"Maybe the future of music is string quartets doing Skype performances for babies in neonatal wards, maybe everything is on an iPhone but edited to sound like a low-quality mp3 you downloaded from Napster in 2002, maybe it's soundscapes in sacred springs. I'm much more interested in this way of thinking." (Jennifer... 

Photos: Jostijn Ligtvoet Photography / Festival Circolo

Erik Berkey winner BNG Bank Circus Prize 2023

During a festive gathering in a bulging circus tent, Erik Berkey was declared the winner of the BNG Bank Circus Prize 2023 . With his impressive act, Erik managed to convince the jury as this year's most outstanding circus graduate. Erik Berkey received a cheque of € 7,500 from Harald Bergmann (mayor of Middelburg and board member of the BNG Culture Fund). The presentation of the... 


November Music 2023 presents FAQ Festival from 2 to 4 November 2023

FAQ Festival of Electronic Music is part of November Music for the third time in a row. From 2 to 4 November, FAQ will again showcase a broad palette of electronic sounds with this year's focus on the adventurous Japanese music scene. November Music 2023 will take place from 1 to 12 November at various locations in 's-Hertogenbosch. Since its inception,... 

Cirque Pardi by Pierre Rigo and Charles Bigaud

How life-proof is circus? 3 lessons I learned during a week at Tilburg's Festival Circolo

Ten days of circus, this year in truly autumnal conditions for the first time in ages. Storm and patches of rain, flooded lawns really only enhance the fun between and especially in the tents set up in the Railway Park. I take home three lessons from it. 1: Circus is a lonely profession Was once a circus performer someone who was one... 

Funnel Vision by Company Alud. Photo Wijbrand Schaap

Circolo 2023: how I fell in love with an ostrich in 1 day.

Ostriches, as droll as they are graceful, disappearing into man-sized reeds at dusk. I saw the sculpture yesterday in Tilburg's Spoorpark, where Circus Festival Circolo has settled again this year. As simple as poignancy can be, you can make your own story out of what good performers present to you. The nine handstand specialists of Collectif d'équilibristes showed me in Le Complexe de... 

November Music presents Bosch Requiem in five cities in the Netherlands

November Music 2023 takes place from 1 to 12 November at various locations in 's-Hertogenbosch and opens on Wednesday 1 November 2023 with the Bosch Requiem, composed by Aart Strootman on a libretto by Jan Rot. The Bosch Requiem can be heard in 's-Hertogenbosch, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen and Rotterdam in the period around All Souls' Day. Bosch Requiem 2023 For the seventh... 

Sabine Maringer (screenshot podcast)

What the (circus) world can learn from sex worker Sabine Maringer #circolo2023

"I think you can apply this idea of consent culture to families, friends, leisure groups, anywhere, if you like." On Friday 13 October 2023, Tilburg's Circus Festival Circolo will open with a seminar on the premises of the Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Keynote speaker at that seminar is Sabine Marringer. She will come with a special message, she announced: "I sent... 

screenshot from the poscast. Left: Lucho Smit.

Lucho Smit is the new artistic director of Circus Festival Circolo: "Our festival will become even more of a place for encounters between creators, students, audiences and society."

"My accent, my heart is with the people involved in circus. I therefore want to put them at the centre." Lucho Smit (1983) has been artistic director of Tilburg circus festival Circolo, which starts on 13 October, since April this year. He wants to put the festival, which has been around for 15 years, in the middle of the... 

Glorious bodies during a rehearsal in The Hague (Photo by Wijbrand Schaap)

With Glorious Bodies, Piet van Dycke celebrates the survivability of elderly acrobats #Circolo

Det Rijven (1956) feels more vulnerable than 20 years ago: "I am not only afraid of falling. I also realise that my body is like an old bicycle that occasionally plays music and just wants to stop. Or has a flat tyre. That's really more often than before. You never know if the bike is still on the... 

Source website circolo

Festival Circolo 2023 programme complete: Large number of Dutch premieres during ten-day circus celebration in Tilburg

Due to sudden injuries, there were some last-minute changes, but today Festival Circolo has unveiled its complete programme. From 13 to 22 October, the Netherlands' biggest circus festival will once again descend on Tilburg for ten days of contemporary circus of the highest quality. Following the announcement of, among others, Circus Baobab's acclaimed "Yé!" and audience favourite "En Attendant... 

Christiane Jatahi - Photo: Leo Aversa

Holland Festival 2024: Christiane Jatahy associate artist

The associate artist for the 77th Holland Festival in 2024 is Brazilian theatre director, filmmaker and writer Christiane Jatahy (Rio de Janeiro, 1968). Among other things, Christiane Jatahy will present Hamlet, a co-production with Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe from Paris. Shakespeare's play will have a female title role and is the starting point to reflect on the world we live in, and how... 

Impressive collectives adorn Festival Circolo 2023 programme

The Netherlands' largest contemporary circus festival with more than 100 performances to Tilburg Open mouths, squeezed bottoms and squinted eyes. From 13 to 22 October 2023, Festival Circolo descends on Tilburg for emotion, daredevilry and groundbreaking performances. The largest contemporary circus festival in the Netherlands will feature more than 100 performances for ten days at the cutting edge of... 

boulevard poster

Boulevard puts in the light and connects

The 39th edition of Theaterfestval has concluded successfully. The 11-day festival in 's-Hertogenbosch attracted around 90,000 visitors. This Boulevard was a celebration of what binds us as human beings: our desires, our bodies, our emotions. This Boulevard was about radical empathy. About learning to live together, understanding wordlessly, caring for each other and enjoying ourselves together. Strikingly frequent in this was the relationship between generations... 


Festival Circolo celebrates differences in 10-day circus festival

Biggest festival for contemporary circus descends on Tilburg from 13 to 22 October From 13 to 22 October 2023, Tilburg will be home to Festival Circolo, the biggest festival for contemporary circus in the Netherlands. Here you will see boundary-breakers, go-getters and top artistic athletes highlighting and celebrating our differences in performances that everyone can relate... 

PR image by David van Delden

Faizah Grootens: Corpus Criolla enriches modern dance with essential Caribbean vibes on #TFBoulevard

"I select dancers very carefully. I don't do auditions. I don't believe in anyone having to prove themselves in front of the others. So that's why I take quite a long time to choose who I want to work with. If I choose that person, we go for it 100%. No matter what." Corpus Criolla is a fascinating dance performance in which Caribbean... 

It Takes A Child To Raise A Village, scene image by author.

Theatre festival #Boulevard pushes boundaries in an unexpected way

A festival is still the best way to get acquainted with new art. Yesterday, after six days of persistent drizzle and torrential rain, the sun finally broke through over Bossche Zuiderpark. Bartenders who had spent the first few days getting used to quietly serving those few customers who braved the rain for a white wine (because it was summer... 

Scenic photo by Kurt van der Elst

Life is wonderfully absurd, and Elias de Bruyne makes fine theatre about it.

In preparing my coverage of Theatre Festival Boulevard, I had also put 'interview with Elias de Bruyne' on my wish list. It didn't materialise, which is fortunate in retrospect, because Cornald Maas beat me to it. At least, Cornald Maas interviewed Elias de Bruyne during his performance 'Euhm... In 5 Acts', which premiered on Saturday 5 August. Well... 

Desire. Photo by Sofie Knijf

'Desire' is highlight of telling opening weekend of Theatre Festival Boulevard

"You can't say anything anymore either" is the title of a show by theatre friends George and Eran from Amsterdam-West. They have previously presented sensitive themes in a theatre form close to stand-up comedy, and so this programme is about the language battle. A language battle about which words are still appropriate, which stereotypes are still 'allowed' and... 

Yves Degryse by Koen Broos

Yves Degryse (Berlin) on the return of the legendary show 'Zvizdal' at #Theaterfestival Boulevard: "This really took me by my jacket"

Yves Degryse is one of the people behind the extraordinary Flemish company Berlin. Between 2011 and 2015, Berlin worked on the performance Zvizdal, largely shot in the 'forbidden zone' around the exploded Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. I saw the performance in 2016 in Den Bosch, during Festival Boulevard, and was 'blown away'. This year, it returns to Boulevard 

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