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Maarten Baanders

Free-lance arts journalist Leidsch Dagblad. Until June 2012 employee Marketing and PR at the LAKtheater in Leiden.

Sandra Kramerová shows in 'Majka' that much fight is still needed for women's emancipation: how a good performance can still make you feel like you're missing something

Creating a character you really feel involved with as an audience is what dance maker Sandra Kramerová is rock solid at. Her solo performance Majka drags me along from the start. But precisely because she performs her choreography so strongly, I am left afterwards with the feeling that I am missing something. That's a wonderful experience. It's not going well... 

'A woman still cannot write erotic books with impunity'

'Surely the fight for women's rights should have been fought by now, but it doesn't feel that way lately. Men still have a deep-seated feeling that they should be above women. Where does that come from anyway? Where does someone like rapper Boef get the idea that he should just give women, who were kind enough to give him a lift,... 

Innovation in dance: give young creators space and you'll get it!

Water and dance have agility in common. Yet there is much more to be gained from this interface. Two choreographies in the New Adventures series give audiences a water experience that is both playful and reflective. Under the title New Adventures, Dansmakers Amsterdam presents work by selected dancers and choreographers that they created during a four-week study residency at the production house,... 

What is it with the dance sector in Amsterdam? Another dance production house is being deprived of subsidies.

Is production house Dansmakers Amsterdam losing its housing? Together with other institutions in the dance sector, it has made every effort to align and further develop the whole spectrum of dance facilities in Amsterdam. In 2018, for example, the joint plan Danswerf was developed and submitted as an application for a two-year development grant to the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK)... 

WO-MAN in theatre: 'Crazy actually to link 'power' directly to 'masculine'.'

One of the sources of inspiration for director Ingrid Kuijpers was a film about a certain kind of flatworm. It has also found a place in her performance WO-MAN. Flatworms are hermaphroditic animals. Mating amounts to a fight over which of the two gets fertilised. Kuijpers: ,,The one that manages to get the other pregnant has won. If you get pregnant... 

Dancer disappears into black hole with 'From Molenbeek with Love'

You'd better live in Molenbeek. For years, tensions have reigned in this Brussels neighbourhood. The no-go area is even directly linked to the Paris and Brussels attacks. Relations among themselves will not be gentle there either. Dancer/choreographer Yassin Mrabtifi is from there. He must be a dented personality. When I read the cheerful title of his... 

Bach and Moore, a sublime combination

Johann Sebastian Bach and Kate Moore in one concert programme. With this choice for the fifth episode of her 'Cello 020' series, cellist Lidy Blijdorp once again outdoes herself in originality. And the effect of this choice is phenomenal. Enhanced interaction Not only does she bring together works by two completely different composers, she further enhances the interaction by playing their... 

'Kata' shows at @hollandfestival how inspiring a peaceful fight can be (review)

What a grandiose invention to think of breakdance as martial arts dance! In a sense, of course, it has been so from the beginning. Young people in New York's poor neighbourhoods developed their spectacular dance techniques in the 1980s. These were a means for them to express themselves in their own unique way. This was a necessity of life in a society that... 

Arno Schuitemaker @hollandfestival: 'I want to find a new way, a new vocabulary, that has not yet been seen in my previous work.'

With 'The Way You Sound Tonight', which will have its world premiere at Holland Festival 2018, choreographer Arno Schuitemaker takes the next step in his creative development. He describes his performance as an 'acoustic ballroom'. I speak to the 1976-born dance maker, who once studied at Delft University of Technology, about his work and his motives. 'In the trilogy 'WHILE... 

Debussy's music blossoms subtly and powerfully between Lidy Blijdorp and Julien Brocal

To have an Ode to Debussy begin with one of his last compositions is a fine choice. Cellist Lidy Blijdorp and pianist Julien Brocal perform this programme to mark the centenary of the composer's death. Last strength Debussy suffered from cancer for the last six years of his life. This disease made his life unbearably hard. Yet three years later he... 

Stephanie Louwrier: 'I embrace the fear of failure'

'I once performed in front of a hall somewhere in the middle of nowhere, with a lot of old people. The performance was announced as cabaret. But my work does not fall within one particular genre. Because of the designation 'cabaret', the audience had expectations that I did not meet. People wanted a fun, entertaining evening. My performance was rebellious, energetic. I jumped all... 

Narrative concert on Shostakovich: here you can hear how much humanity, character and creative spirit communism tried to kill.

The greater the resistance to be overcome, the greater the achievement. This wry wisdom is expressed in the Russian narrative concert 'Living under a tyrant'. Cellist Lidy Blijdorp adds another beautiful, personal and original episode to her Cello 020 series with this programme around the life story of composer Shostakovich. She performs in this concert together with... 

Maarten Baanders watched 'Nachthexen 1: Jeanne'. 'The music works its way right through you. At first, this gives me an uneasy feeling. But gradually it pulls me along.'

Is she on a podium of honour or a scaffold? Joan of Arc holds a monologue. She shouts out her words. The beat of the music propels an ominous atmosphere into the room. On the floor, five dancers make resolute movements. In a long series of statements and confessions, Jeanne speaks out what moved her to seek the battlefield. And. 

Jens van Daele: 'The power of women is greater than that of men'

'I admire the strength of women. I experience it as greater than that of men. Women's strength lies in the dedication with which they can deal with things. The courage to push boundaries.' Jens van Daele, in his latest theatre show 'Nighthexen 1: Jeanne', pays tribute to the strength of women and highlights their heroism from... 

How a lark and a bullet can be a combination that still makes you happy

Bird sounds are heard from all sides. A song, a chirp. Call and response. The sky is full of them. Yet it's not birds you hear, but five strings. The acoustics of the Amstelkerk are exploited in their best qualities. Creating programmes in a small setting, with a personal choice around a theme. This is what cellist Lidy Blijdorp uses to... 

Explosive emotions, deep waters and a refreshing spark in Dance Room 5

A field littered with landmines. This is what life feels like sometimes. In waiting rooms, for example. Uncomfortable situations. What should you say to each other? Timorous glances shoot past each other. Hidden tension pounds against your muscles. Everyone is afraid of everyone else. And of themselves. Fobia by Davide Bellotta is one of three works with which young choreographers present themselves in the programme 

Conny Janssen Danst could turn the whole world into a dance set

I actually experienced it once! In the middle of a theatre performance, an elderly lady, who had nothing to do with the story, walked onto the stage. She must have got lost in the interval and ended up behind the wings through a door that was accidentally open. While the actors were engaged in a deeply serious Hamlet, she came laconic 

How intimate can choreography be? - Conny Janssen Danst celebrates anniversary with exhibition at Kunsthal

Conny Janssen Danst celebrates its 25th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the Kunsthal in Rotterdam will be stage and laboratory for Conny Janssen, her dancers and her team for three weeks. A video installation, performance, live rehearsals and an exhibition will portray the point at which the group has arrived on its development journey. Unorthodox "My start with the group 25 years ago was... 

How Heather Ware's language mistake led to an entire dance work courtesy of Bach

What does it mean for a dancer with an intense career when she decides to choreograph as well? In March, Battle Abbey premiered, Heather Ware's first full-length choreography in collaboration with Swedish cellist Jakob Korányi. Heather Ware, a dancer with LeineRoebana since 2003, embarked on the path to creating her own choreography without a plan.... 

How fuss in theatre can lead to intercultural dialogue

A dance performance for youth (6+) recently caused a stir. Pupils from groups 5 to 8 of the Islamic Aboe Daoedschool in Utrecht visited IJspaleis (6+) by dance theatre group plan d-. At a dance of two penguins in love, one of the teachers requested that the performance be stopped. This scene was not considered suitable for the pupils, the explanation said. It... 

At the South Pole, it is better to be a penguin than a human being

The South Pole does not score high with holidaymakers. But maybe that will change, if at least many children see Ice Palace (6+) by youth dance group plan d-. Renamed 'd-travels' for the occasion, plan d- proposes an adventurous trip. It takes the dancer/tour leader with his billboard some effort to get people excited about it, but already... 

Are we still capable of having a real opinion?

I read the biography of Jacob Israel De Haan, Onrust, by Jan Fontijn. Writer and director Gerardjan Rijnders based Salaam Jerusalem on this biography. It is this play, performed by De Nieuw Amsterdam, that really makes me realise how urgent it is to let such an almost forgotten figure as De Haan speak. Jacob Israel De Haan overturned taboos, fought... 

Dance festival closes with heady eroticism and fierce confrontation

The theme of this final day of the Moving Futures festival sounds and somewhat theoretical: self-reflection and cultural identity. But in the abundant programme, it becomes clear how directly these words touch everyone. Macho Macho That is immediately clear in Macho Macho by Bosnian-Dutch theatre maker Igor Vrebac. In it, two performers seek their way in a world of male idealism.... 

How everything in dance is about relationships and a glass of wine can bridge gaps

If there is one subject that has been endlessly elaborated on in dance, it is the many ways in which people form relationships with each other. Still, it is good that Moving Futures has put this theme firmly at the centre of the third day of the festival. It is inexhaustible, can always inspire in new ways and even in a... 

Technique and dance give groundbreaking theatre experience

Dance and technology. That is the theme on the second day of the Moving Futures festival. After seeing this broadly composed programme, I no longer doubt that there is such a thing as 'progress in art'. This is not just about the new means artists can use to shape their work. The... 

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