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It is time for new faces and stories that reflect the diversity of North Holland. On Monday 5 February 2024, the Frans Hals Museum and Amsterdam Museum's portrait contest will be launched. This contest - which calls on creators with and without experience to capture residents of North Holland - aims to show the diversity of the province... 

'This is me, listen to me, look at me!' Frank interview with Erwin Olaf on life, love and death

This week, photographer Erwin Olaf died, aged 64. Just before his 60th birthday, we interviewed him about his work, life and love. Olaf also spoke candidly about his illness, how it forced him to make choices ánd made him milder. 'I am in renewal,' he said. And: 'In my life, I have done everything I wanted to do.' 

The Dry Piece, Keren Levi, photo © Anna van Kooij

Take your time with The Gaze of Anna

In the world of culture inside, but also outside Utrecht, you cannot ignore Anna van Kooij. I got to know her early this century as an always attentive, but never intrusive photographer, who could look sharp and gave all her portrayed subjects an empathetic glow. Anna has been ill for some time, and recently it became clear that she will not recover.... 

A photo exhibition on the 1969 Kazal massacre in Haiti, on view at Framer Framed.

KAZAL - Narrating Haitian Memories is a photo project that traces the memories of François Duvalier's dictatorship in Haiti by looking at the history of Kazal. This village north of Port-au-Prince, is the site of a traumatic event in the country's contemporary history that has been erased from official history: the Kazal massacre.... 

With Odysseus, Calliope and Awoiska confront us with the consequences of our human actions in the here and now.

A stormy journey full of virtuosity and drama marks the new work Odysseus by two Dutch artists: Calliope Tsoupaki (Composer of the Fatherland) and Awoiska van der Molen (visual artist/photographer).Odysseus confronts us with the consequences of our human actions. Odysseus - by Calliope Tsoupaki, premiere. - 10 Nov to 2 Dec What happens when we are in danger of losing control, when an action leads to irreversible... 

Podcast cultuupers during Corona: dwell on Emile Waagenaar's work for more than three seconds. Plenty of room.

(Volume podcast corrected) This crisis will accelerate the disappearance of small shops run by small independents. Although it would be nice if actions to do your shopping right there made a difference, competing with the gigantic offer of the big online chains is almost impossible. That is why we should cherish them while they are still around. And not... 

Comfort from a bygone era. A short film about the Gouda multi-media project 'Why are things going well in your life'?

In 2016, photographer and visual artist Jaap van den Berg initiated a special project in Gouda. In the historical centre on the Market Square, he asked various people from all walks of life the question: Why are things going well in your life? People who answered the question were then photographed by Van den Berg. 140 portraits were chosen 

Tryptich by Bryce Dessner is just a little too perfect to really hit home

The Americans have a word for it: production value. By this you can indicate that a performance is technically perfect. The sound is right, the stage setting is excellent, the costumes are all right, the lighting brilliant and the actors, singers and musicians: top notch. Even the extras are at their best. So a show with high production value can rely on little... 

PODCAST! The eyes only tell half the story. But that's already a lot. Nathan Mooij exhibits with unique double portraits in Apeldoorn

Nathan Mooij has a thing for eyes. Not strange for a photographer, but his specialism does lead to unusual things. Starting from the rather clichéd idea that eyes are the mirror of the soul, he set out to find out what, how and why exactly that works. Namely, there is something going on with our right and left hemispheres of the brain and how they... 

'Fantasy is the cork on which I float in this life.' How 'scandal photographer' Erwin Olaf became a photographer of royalty

The images in his head are always very strong, even if he does not know beforehand what they mean. Photographer Erwin Olaf works intuitively and only sees afterwards what his photo series are about. Like Palm Springs, his new work on show since this weekend at the double exhibition at the Gemeentemuseum and Fotomuseum in The Hague. 'Fantasy is for... 

Freek and Hella de Jonge hold open house at Groninger Museum

Finally, the Groninger Museum has got it together. For six weeks, you can admire Hella and Freek de Jonge at the museum. Not only their art, but also the people behind the works. Art meets performance art meets reality show. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. A glimpse into the couple's kitchen; also literally, because Hella goes into the... 

Where is Norman Rockwell when you need him? Ode to The Grumpy Hallkeeper, the Peanut Butter Floor and Ms Koons

Classic joke about the attendant: "Proudly, the Rijksmuseum's new attendant reports to the museum management at the end of his first working day. 'Mr director, I think you will be pleased with me. I have already sold two Picassos and one Apple today!' " (Source: Thus illustrating the supposed relationship of the traditional attendant to the modern... 

Debris, grit and zona rossa in Umbria. Italy a year after the earthquakes

What would Italy be like a year after the earthquakes, we had wondered. What would be left of the centuries-old cultural heritage in this beautiful region on the border of Umbria, Marche and Lazio? Why do you never really hear about it in the news anymore? We ourselves, Vivian de Gier and Marc Brester, residents of just... 

Majid Karrouch: flowers, Dutch design and the Berber hijab

His work has been featured in renowned fashion magazines worldwide. Majid Karrouch is currently one of our international calling cards in the creative Industry. I sought him out in his studio, which is as extraordinary as the images he creates. SCENE 1: #Ont encounter A while ago, I was first introduced to the exceptional work of a hidden Moroccan-Dutch fashion talent via Instagram.... 

Bert Verhoeff in the other side photo exhibition

Crying bus driver visits photo exhibition. What's wrong?

The photography exhibition The Other Side opened in Tirana last week. There is a side to that that was not actually intended. Tourist in Tirana In the pool on a rooftop terrace in Tirana, a bald man leans against the wall in the water. He appears to be a tourist but is in Albania for work. As soon as I ask him if it is nice work... 

Photographer Ed van der Elsken liked to colour outside the lines

If he could have, photographer Ed van der Elsken would have preferred to have a camera built into his head, to capture the world twenty-four hours a day. What he did manage to make are countless beautiful photographs, films and books. The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam shows his rich legacy at the major exhibition The camera in love. He was... 

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