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Leo Bankersen

Leo Bankersen has been writing about film since Chinatown and Night of the Living Dead. Reviewed as a freelance film journalist for the GPD for a long time. Is now, among other things, one of the regular contributors to De Filmkrant. Likes to break a lance for children's films, documentaries and films from non-Western countries. Other specialities: digital issues and film education.

Cinematic year 2023: the year of Barbenheimer and Sweet Dreams

Dutch cinemas and film theatres sold a total of almost 32 million cinema tickets in 2023. Not bad by far. Barbie attracted the most visitors, The Tattas was the biggest Dutch draw. The Dutch film press had already chosen Aftersun by Charlotte Wells as the best film at the end of December, while Sweet Dreams by Ena Sendijarević, also a convincing Golden Calf winner, emerged as the best Dutch title. Meanwhile, in America, the strike of screenwriters and actors gave the film industry there a tough year.

Farewell to Burny Bos, pacesetter of Dutch youth film

It may sound a bit dramatic, but fans of Dutch youth film may feel that this is the end of an era. I just read the mail with the sad press release that writer, radio producer and film and television producer Burny Bos (1944) died on 1 December. It was not entirely unexpected. Last year (and not before... 

The table in Turbulence Jamais Vu. Photo by Leo Bankersen

IDFA 2023 - DocLab and the shadow worlds

Does something get better when it is sanded? Art as the grindstone of the mind? The age-old concept of dialectics, the clash of opposites from which something new emerges? This 17th edition of IDFA's DocLab, the programme full of digital art, interactive work and virtual worlds, is themed 'Phenomenal Friction'. Technology is mostly focused on efficiency and convenience, but DocLab invites us to... 

Master Talk with IDFA guest Laura Poitras: why her work can be an inspiration to today's activists.

Following the screening of her Venice Golden Lion-winning All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, committed and critical documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras had a good chat with IDFA's artistic director Orwa Nyrabia at Carré. About her discovery of the documentary world, her outrage at American politics and how she also learned to see hope.

IDFA 2022 - Artistic director Orwa Nyrabia on statements and an open eye: 'Rather ask tough questions than confirm our prejudices.'

The 35th edition of the IDFA documentary festival will kick off on 9 November. About the film selection, he remarked that it is "not only a judgement, but also a statement". In this interview, he talks about the choice of filmmaker-activist Laura Poitras as guest of honour, and much more.

Ozu, and 5 more reasons not to miss Shochiku 100 at Eye

Under the title Shochiku 100, Eye presents a magnificent programme in February that covers a century of films from one of Japan's most important studios. Here, previously unknown work, alongside titles by celebrated directors such as Masaki Kobayashi, Nagisa Oshima, Takeshi Kitano and especially Yasujiro Ozu. Four Ozu films, including Tokyo Story, go out simultaneously in movie theatres.

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