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Hidden Stories Velsen by Coco Olakunle

Amsterdam Museum opens exhibition on new North Holland portraits

From 26 July to 10 November 2024, the Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel will host the exhibition Faces of North Holland. The exhibition is the result of the collaboration project of the same name between the Amsterdam Museum and the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, in which the museums searched together with residents for new and untold stories from the province. During the project,... 

Imara Limon, Photo: Berdi Kramers

Imara Limon new head of curators Amsterdam Museum

Curator and art historian Imara Limon (Leiden, 1988) will become head of curators and member of the Amsterdam Museum's management team from 1 July. Limon has been with the museum since 2017 and was winner of the National Museum Talent Award in the same year. She made a name for herself with projects such as the New Narratives programme line, the biennial art event Refresh Amsterdam and the current exhibition Manahahtáanung or New Amsterdam? In addition to her... 

Hidden past and new insights in 'Groninger Museum 150 years - Behind the Scenes'

Hidden treasures. Like other museums, the Groninger Museum houses many objects that deserve to be exhibited. Interesting paintings, sculptures or archaeological splendour of which visitors are unaware. Happy birthday is a treat. The Groninger Museum celebrates its hundred and fifty-year anniversary with - among other things - an exhibition in which you get a look behind the scenes. Objects... 

Timeline of the Dutch period in New York

Exhibition on New Amsterdam from an Indigenous perspective 

Amsterdam Museum collaborates with the Museum of the City of New York and original inhabitants of New York Four hundred years ago, the first Dutch settlers arrived in the area that is now New York. Their mission from the Dutch West India Company (WIC) was to establish the colony of New Netherland, with its capital New Amsterdam, at the southern tip of... 

"There is a wealth of new knowledge and insights in our museums"

Museums are not only a treasure chamber in which new qualities and stories can be found all the time, but also a workshop in which museum professionals and the public gain new knowledge, insights and experiences together. Museum scientific research is of great importance in deepening knowledge about the collection and examining it from the questions that today's society... 

The team of De Nijverheid, photographer Eric Kampherbeek

De Nijverheid receives Harm Lambers Building block for Special Art in Utrecht 2024

Utrecht - Last Saturday 30 March, cultural free port De Nijverheid received the Harm Lambers Building Block for Special Art in Utrecht. This honourable challenge trophy was presented by Utrecht dance company De Dansers, which received this biennial award for the first time in 2022. Praise from the jury Josephine van Rheenen of De Dansers was laudatory in the jury report on... 

Appointment of two new supervisory board members Amsterdam Museum

Robbert Maruanaija and Patricia de Weichs de Wenne have joined the supervisory board of the Amsterdam Museum. Amsterdam City Council's Alderman for Art and Culture Touria Meliani appointed the new members. Robbert Maruanaija (1986, born and living in Amsterdam) started his working life as a professional footballer and then switched to the creative sector. He explains that... 

New learning programme for corporate museum professionals

How do we ensure that the museum sector remains financially healthy and future-proof? In what ways can we transform museums into sustainable and attractive workplaces? And in what ways do we encourage inclusiveness and diversity? These pressing questions are at the heart of the new learning programme Leadership in Culture (LinC) x Museum Association. Challenges LinC x Museum Association was created at the initiative of the Museum Association... 

Jiaxin CTF Culture Terrace Cafe Theatre Festival 2022 By Maarten de Leeuw

De Nijverheid receives Harm Lambers Building block for Special Art in Utrecht 2024

Utrecht - On 30 March next, the Harm Lambers Building Block for Special Art in Utrecht will be awarded for the second time in Theater Kikker. Utrecht dance company De Dansers took this biennial award for the first time in 2022 and now passes the honourable trophy on to cultural free port De Nijverheid. The jury report Josephine van Rheenen and Guy Corneille of... 

Christiaan Pieter van Eeghen, Henriette de Vries (1877-1942), 1890 - Amsterdam Museum Collection

Amsterdam Museum presents exhibition on urban renovator Van Eeghen

The Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel will host the exhibition The Amsterdam of Piet van Eeghen: How a merchant changed the city from 29 March to 30 June 2024. The nineteenth-century businessman and philanthropist Van Eeghen left his art collection to the city and is now part of the Amsterdam Museum's collection.... 

Fourth edition of exhibition Collecting The City: Stories about Heron Forest, The Seafront and Museum around the Corner

From 23 February 2024 to 5 January 2025, a new edition of Collecting the City will be on show at the Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel. For the fourth time, museum and city join forces to bring stories of Amsterdam into the limelight. This time, the participating partners are Kazerne Reigersbos, Ongekend Zeedijk and Museum om... 

Trippenhuis Talks - Museum dialogues: soul-searching in art, science and religion

Is there anything to be said from science about the existence of the soul? And how is soul expressed in the visual arts? On Thursday 22 February, we will take you on a quest for historical views on the soul and its more current meanings. It promises to be a multifaceted evening not to be missed! This... 

GvNH campaign image


It is time for new faces and stories that reflect the diversity of North Holland. On Monday 5 February 2024, the Frans Hals Museum and Amsterdam Museum's portrait contest will be launched. This contest - which calls on creators with and without experience to capture residents of North Holland - aims to show the diversity of the province... 

screenshot of committee meeting on 11 November 2013

Before we forget everything: this is how the new Chamber president thinks about culture

"In the short term, the threat comes from black-racial activists and their leftist slaves. A very small group of activists with an obsession with skin colour have opened the frontal attack on the symbols of Western culture. They claim to speak for all of black Holland. This must eventually end in reparations because of slavery and job quotas against whites, like in South Africa.... 

Amsterdam Museum visible on all fronts by 2023

In 2023, the Amsterdam Museum was visible physically and digitally in a variety of places, both at its locations on the Amstel and Huis Willet-Holthuysen and in the form of a multi-part documentary series, a new digital platform and programming with partners. The museum's exhibitions and public programmes attracted nearly 190,000 physical visitors at both locations, plus over 850,000 visitors on the... 

pr image Alum

Theatre group Alum creates show about Jan Pieterszoon Coen's legacy

Premiere: 23 December 2023, Theater Kikker, Utrecht Utrecht - After the success of 'Ik zeg toch Sorry' (selected for the Dutch Theatre Festival), Aluin will present a zeitgeist comedy this Christmas. In theatre group Aluin's new show Dit is van Ons, the deeds of J.P. Coen and all his influences are denounced again, anno 2023. This performance... 

In Museum Arnhem, Wilders haunts the mind

Our intended prime minister wants to abolish almost all cultural subsidies. Only art that can be properly understood by 'real Dutch people' still deserves financial support. Wilders targets cultural subsidies from an ideological background. Anyone visiting the exhibition 'Art in the Third Reich - Temptation and Distraction' at Museum Arnhem cannot escape seeing disturbing comparisons. Wilders sees art as a... 

Farewell to Burny Bos, pacesetter of Dutch youth film

It may sound a bit dramatic, but fans of Dutch youth film may feel that this is the end of an era. I just read the mail with the sad press release that writer, radio producer and film and television producer Burny Bos (1944) died on 1 December. It was not entirely unexpected. Last year (and not before... 

Partners Faces of North Holland. photo: Francoise Bolechowski

Amsterdam Museum presents programme for 2024

In 2024, the Amsterdam Museum has several exhibitions on the agenda, both in the building on the Amstel and in Huis Willet-Holthuysen. Among other things, 2024 will focus on the role of women in our collections, the significance of Piet van Eeghen for the history of Amsterdam and 400 years of the connection between Amsterdam and New York. New in... 

The future of theatre is flexible. In conversation with Huub Huikeshoven and Arjen Berendse on ´What is a good theatre?'  

"There is something strange going on. Municipalities have no money to build or furnish such a theatre, and companies have too little money to make productions. So it is chafing on both sides." Huub Huikeshoven, trained as an interior designer, works at Theateradvies, an organisation that advises on the layout and design of theatres. There, it turns out quite... 

Marcel Duchamp, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Duchamp's urinal is said to belong to female artist. Or does the business stink?

It had been hanging in the air for a while, but now there seems to be fairly incontrovertible evidence that Marcel Duchamp did not invent his urinal artwork himself. A book to be published next month claims that the inventor of 'conceptual' art nicked his thing from German artist Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven. That in itself was a longer-running ... 

House of Vineyard in the Willet-Holthuysen House. Photo: Bete van Meeuwen.

'Grand March: The Willet-Holthuysen House through a Ballroom Lens.'

From 2 December 2023, the Amsterdam Museum will present the exhibition Grand March: Celebrating Ten Years of Dutch Ballroom Culture. The exhibition is a collaboration with House of Vineyard, the first ballroom house in the Netherlands. In the rooms of Amsterdam Museum location Huis Willet-Holthuysen, House of Vineyard shows the power of ballroom culture with stimulating fashion interventions and art installations. Interventions and installations As trailblazers of... 

Gerda Havertong during the Night of Poetry. Photo: author

Fortieth Night of Poetry shows what programming fun can make for 

"I actually want to shout, 'Waaaa! That I'm standing here!" It is nearing noon when Babette Foncie Fotchind shares this with the TivioliVredenburg, still filled to the brim. It is met with loud, assenting cheers. It is one of the many highlights and highlights at this 40th edition of the Night of Poetry, the rather unique party that Utrecht... 

Follow Van Gogh's footsteps in Drenthe.

On 11 September 1883, Vincent van Gogh disembarked at Hoogeveen train station. Away from The Hague's urbanisation and back to nature. The painter spends months in the area around Hoogeveen, Nieuw-Amsterdam/Veenoord and goes to Zweeloo for a day. He uses his period in Drenthe to unwind and experiment with themes, colours and... 

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