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Anything for which people enter a stage.

Old Signs New Sounds in TivoliVredenburg

Together with the Marmoucha Orchestra, discover the timeless journey of "Old Signs, New Sounds", merging historical richness and modern vibes. To be seen on 22 June at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht. This special concert during Old Roots New Routes, featuring the beautiful voices of talented female vocalists with Moroccan, Turkish and Iranian roots, presents a fascinating mix of traditional folk music from... 

PR image provided by ICK Amsterdam


International Choreographic Arts Centre (ICK) is proud to announce that it has received an EU project grant for the tenth time, this time for the groundbreaking HAMLET, part of the EU Horizon Heritage 2024 programme. The project, which runs until 2027, aims to support the digital transition of Europe's Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). To make AI accessible to Europe's cultural... 

Het Zomeroffer - musical theatre spectacle by De Warme Winkel ism Touki Delphine & Asko|Schönberg in Amsterdam's Bostheatre

25 June to 4 Aug This summer it's going to happen: the car is going. It has brought us much, individual freedom, adventure, convenience and eroticism, but its time has come. Together with The Warm Shop and Touki Delphine, Asko|Schönberg presents The Summer Sacrifice. The Summer Sacrifice is inspired by Igor Stravinsky's famous Le sacre du printemps (The Spring Sacrifice). Where in the... 

Who_s afraid of Oscar Wilde - photography Bas de Brouwer (attribution always required)

Theatre Kikker, for your necessary dose of drama

Ticket sales for season '24/'25 start On Thursday 13 June at 12:00, Theatre Kikker will start ticket sales for theatre season 24/25. With over 130 different performances, there is something for everyone. Be amazed and overwhelmed by theatre, modern dance, youth theatre, storytelling, performance and hip-hop. Theatre Kikker is ready for you all year long with your necessary dose of... 

Asko|Schönberg in Holland Festival: Mutability

World premiere Sunday 23 June Wandering in the music as among the trees of a forest. Intimate, vast and awe-inspiring at the same time. Twelve miniatures in the form of solo instruments come your way. They reflect musical characters, as changeable as life itself. Pioneering multimedia work For Mutability, composer Yannis Kyriakides asked 12 other composers to write two- to three-minute miniatures. Some of... 

Scene image The Silence, Photographer: Hans Gerritsen

Encounters between big paper roles in new children's show Coming and Going

Does it fall? Will it stay put? Forty rolls of paper, two metres high and many metres long, play their own role in Stilt's new children's performance Komen en Gaan. During the BRIK Festival on Saturday 22 June, this performance will premiere at the Chassé Theatre in Breda. The performance is a unique interplay between soprano singer Kelly Poukens and a dancer, who meet, leave and... 

Dying drummer says it all in Tiago Rodrigues' Dans la Mesure de l'Impossible at the Holland Festival

Live music in the theatre, I long for it more and more. Performances in which actors are accompanied by a soundtrack, amplified with or without transmitter microphones, always only half captivate. You soon find yourself watching a kind of live performed film. But without the comfort of a cinema and the technical capabilities of the camera.... Sunday 9 June sat in... 

Dystopia wins Delft Fringe Festival Audience Award 2024

In an almost sold-out final weekend, they played the halls flat Delft, Sunday 9 June, 2024 - After two weeks full of special encounters, touching words, impressive moves, little learning moments - or, on the contrary, great ones - and hilarious moments of laughter, it is over. Delft Fringe Festival, the festival for new performing artists, announced the audience winner at the closing on Sunday evening 9 June: Dystopia with the... 

Music with balls for Beatrix at Holland Festival

Jazz-Rock, it still exists. In all those years of sitting in the theatre, reading books or listening to David Bowie or Rufus Wainwright, I had kind of forgotten about it. Music by real men, Heavy Metal for people who have studied for it, Gothic but with several conservatory degrees under their belt. Subtle chopping where the drummer's left hand is a 17/23rd... 

With Despois do Silencio, Christiane Jatahy commands deep respect at the Holland Festival

That's where Christiane Jatahy had me for a moment. When during her directed and devised story 'Despois do Silencio', one of the actresses falls into a Winti-like delirium, and her colleagues try to keep her from colliding unceremoniously with spectators in the front row, I briefly think it is real. That's how used to reality we are by now... 


On Friday 7 June, Touria Meliani, Amsterdam's Alderman of Culture, visited the recently renovated Theatre Studio Artist Space. This studio serves as a rehearsal, creation and presentation space for new creators and is equipped with new lighting technology, sponsored by Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC), among others. During her visit, the councillor and invited guests attended performances by Elsemarijn, among others... 

Opening party Holland Festival drowns in Westergasfabriek

It was busy at Amsterdam's Westergas area, this Thursday, 6 June. Fantastic, of course, that not only do you have a couple of excellent running restaurants and clubs there, and the evening four-day march passes by while there is a big salsa party at the club near the world-famous Gashouder, but then it still feels a bit weird that the royal opening of the... 

Holland Festival opened in the presence of Princess Beatrix. 

Tonight, the 77th edition of the Holland Festival opened in the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix. In the opening speech, festival director Emily Ansenk said that "the world's most urgent groundbreaking performing arts come together in June in Amsterdam.It may be here in all its multiformity. If you are 77 years old, and have lived through all sorts of eras, developments and governments, then... 

Georgina Verbaan is let down hundreds of times by a different man each time during the final weekend of this Holland Festival. Photo Janiek Dam

The best chance of total bewilderment. Why you want to experience completely unknown performances at the Holland Festival.

There was a time, not so long ago, when the Holland Festival had a reputation for being elitist. The festival, which was founded in 1947 to get the culturally starved Netherlands back on track after World War II, had a bit of that about it because, for a long time, "being elitist" was also completely... 

image from the trailer of The Utility's performance Good Keep Money

Groundbreaking theatre show Good Gold Money returns

The NUT is (far) from done with the future of money After a successful run and rave reviews in summer 2023, the groundbreaking theatre production Good gold money returns on 21 and 23 June 2024 at the Heimland Festival in Diepenheim. Good gold money has not only impressed audiences at previous screenings, but also raised €101,332.80 in surplus... 

HKU and Theatre Kikker unpack: Summer gift for the city - art students present their work in glass containers on Janskerkhof

From Sunday 9 to Sunday 23 June, HKU and Theater Kikker will give the latest crop of young talent a stage in the middle of the city. In transparent KikkerKontainers found on Janskerkhof, opposite HKU Theatre, students will have the opportunity to present their work to the Utrecht audience. Come and meet the talent of the future and let... 

PR image Margarida Constantino

At Delft Fringe, living rooms offer the lowest possible thresholds for up-and-coming talent 

Twenty years from now, I can say that I saw Daniëlle Deddens play once before she was a world star. It was on a somewhat chilly Saturday in June 2024 in the storage attic of an old mill in the centre of Delft. I was with about 20 other citizens of Delft, who had paid a few euros... 

pr image asko|schönberg

Asko|Schönberg in the Day of the Composer: Night Shift, the audience as co-maker and player

During Composer's Day, celebrate the importance as well as the joy of contemporary music and today's composers In Night Shift - The Rehearsal by Cathy Milliken, the audience playfully becomes co-makers and players. Together, musicians, choir, soloists and conductor create a world where the boundaries between them are blurred. Midsummer Night's Dream as inspiration Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream provides the starting point... 

After a successful first edition, Marmoucha is back at Eye

After a successful first edition of Eye meets Marmoucha, Marmoucha Orchestra is back at Eye for a special event: the live accompaniment of the silent film Kif Tebbi on 8 June. Kif Tebbi When the Turks loot the countryside in Libya for supplies for their troops, Mné, an Arab girl from a nomad tribe with whom Ismaïl is in love, flees through... 

The makers who played at the Delft Fringe Festival opening. From left to right: Ard Kok, Remijn Weijdema, Emma Thomson, Mariví van den Hooff, Bob Donkers, Mystha Mandersloot, Oudail el Omari. Photographer: Sjoerd Derine.

Delft Fringe Festival: Especially in these times, listen carefully to what is really being told

Alderman Frank van Vliet: "Delft Fringe Festival contributes to happiness" Delft, Wednesday 29 May, 2024 - Tuesday evening 28 May saw the festive opening of the 13th edition of Delft Fringe Festival in Theater de Veste. Like all Fringe Festivals worldwide, the festival in Delft celebrates creative freedom. The festival helps today's creators to tell their stories and... 

campaign image: PaulinaMatusiak&EddyWenting | Square Theatre

Plein Theater presents Month for Keti Koti from 31 May to 27 June with various activities around the slavery past and Surinamese cuisine.

Keti Koti month takes place annually in the month of June in the run-up to Keti Koti on 1 July. This month is dedicated to remembrance and reflection around the Netherlands' slavery past and its repercussions today. Plein Theater in Amsterdam East, located next to the Oosterpark and the National Monument on Slavery History, is particularly dedicated to... 

campaign images

Ticket sales 40th edition Boulevard launched

For four decades, 's-Hertogenbosch has turned into a lively stage for inspiring performances and encounters for 11 days in August. Ticket sales for the first fourteen performances of the anniversary edition of Theatre Festival Boulevard started today for Friends (on Tuesday 28 May for everyone). At the same time, the free Boulevard Magazine 1 with background articles and interviews will be published. Celebrating man Since 1985,... 

Bosch Parade, Den Bosch's floating art spectacle, is celebrating its birthday! 

In this tenth edition, artists depict our contemporary demons On 20 June, the theatrical and musical art spectacle Bosch Parade will kick off for the tenth time. For three days, from the banks of the river Dommel, you can enjoy floating, paddling and swimming works of art in the middle of the historical centre of 's-Hertogenbosch. Fantasy and madness With nineteen floating and moving creations,... 

Deepening programme during Delft Fringe Festival 2023. Photographer: Jurjen Bolsenbroek.

Performing arts and science go hand in hand in Delft

TU Delft and Delft Fringe Festival build bridge between young makers in technology and the performing arts Delft, Friday 17 May, 2024 - During the 13th festival edition of Delft Fringe Festival (28 May - 9 June), the performing arts festival is working in full collaboration with TU Delft. On 31 May, for instance, a group of TU students will dance at this year's... 

PR image Holland Festival

Brazilian vibes and groundbreaking performances at Holland Festival 

Three more weeks and the Holland Festival is about to start again! The 77th edition of the Holland Festival opens at the Amsterdam Gashouder on 6 June with Rite of Spring, a double programme in which Stravinsky's Le Sacre du printemps is the inspiration for a film by Greek filmmaker and visual artist Evangelia Kranioti. This edition's associate artist, the... 

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