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The weekend of Friday 7, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 January 2022 will be a special theatre weekend despite the lockdown, because then Maas theatre and dance will broadcast live two existing performances as well as a unique Toddler Press Conference. The Great Save Your Ass Show (6+) and Lampje (8-108 yrs) were due to play several times in front of an audience during the Christmas holidays, but will instead play... 

Amsterdam Museum: Visitor figures 2021 and outlook 2022

Like other museums, 2021 was another difficult year for the Amsterdam Museum. The museum was closed for the first five months of the year due to corona measures and was only allowed limited visitors after that. Nevertheless, the Amsterdam Museum still welcomed 138,000 visitors in 2021. The museum's digital reach grew strongly. A record number of digital visitors were attracted with... 

Logo of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Cultural sector representatives and Culture Minister Van Engelshoven agree to continue paying self-employed workers as much as possible

Today, outgoing Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven of Education, Culture and Science, the Netherlands Association for the Performing Arts (NAPK) and the Free Theatre Producers Association (VVTP) agreed to use funds from the support packages to pay self-employed people as fully as possible. This is a prelude to broader agreements on the pass-through of the specific support packages within the entire cultural sector, which the Taskforce... 

KunstZINnig #3: Jasmijn Huisman in conversation with Gershwin Bonevacia, city poet of Amsterdam: ''If I don't write, I find it harder to process events.''

In the third episode of the podcast KunstZINnig, journalist Jasmijn Huisman talks to Amsterdam city poet Gershwin Bonevacia about how poetry gives meaning to his life: 'There is always a fire inside me that I cannot deny. I didn't make the choice to write, I just can't do anything else.' Gershwin Bonevacia is... 

170 million added structurally. The cultural sector can breathe a sigh of relief. Our wish list

Rutte 4 says sorry to Rutte 1, 2 and 3. We cannot explain the new coalition agreement very differently. Almost all the crown jewels of 11 years of neoliberal policies have been abandoned. That the budget for the cultural and creative sector is now (including marginal repairs during Rutte 3) back to 2010 levels is almost unbelievable. That... 

'Birds just passed me by for three quarters of my life' Learn to bird with writer Nicolien Mizee

She could barely tell a sparrow from a wren, and almost gave up bird watching. But now writer Nicolien Mizee effortlessly recognises a barred siskin or a dipper. Nicolien Mizee's Bird Book is meant to encourage laymen like herself. 'You just experience so much more of your surroundings.' How romantic: the wild swan brought writer Nicolien Mizee and her husband Rob... 

Tony Kushner gives Spielberg's West Side Story a depth you will never tire of.

The opening images of West Side Story (2021) already tell a whole story. It is contained in a few frames. A billboard showing a grandiose new housing project. The camera glides past it almost casually as we glide over rubble of a New York slum, not with the characteristic fire escapes along the facade, as in the first film adaptation (1961) of this 1957 musical theatre piece,... 

For a festive family outing in the Christmas holidays, head to Square Theatre with the theatre production Nietsnut! (6+) by theatre group Who Whale!

This Christmas holiday, the performance Nietsnut! by Theatre Group Who Whale is playing at Plein Theatre! To be seen from Boxing Day 26 December to 2 January at 13:00 and 16:00. The performance is an ode to nonsense. To a world you only see when everything falls silent and you have time to look very carefully. A world full of fantasy that you... 

Arts organisations, pay your own people decently!

A safety net scheme for freelancers in the cultural sector: fifty interest and industry organisations this week appealed once again to the cabinet and the Lower House for financial support for this large group. This concerns 70 per cent of so-called cultural workers, i.e. a majority who do not have permanent employment. Due to the just reintroduced evening closure of venues, they are seeing their income once again... 

Fear and trembling in the cultural sector: the dark side of the 'trickle down'

Pure panic and existential angst: that's the picture you get when you approach makers in the arts personally about the effects of trickle down (the trickle down of corona funding from the government to those makers). The Creative Coalition may be making a fist for them, talking to the minister about it, the institutes debating it, but the creators are silent.... 

'Visual arts and the Dutch media' election

Starting this year, in the form of an election, Jakunst gauges the opinions of artists and art lovers about Dutch media coverage of visual art. To do so, we ask you to express your opinion by answering a few questions. Taking part will cost you two minutes or even less, because to take part,... 

Podcast KunstZINnig #2: Hanne Hagenaars: 'Art has deepened and in a way saved my life.'

In the second episode of the podcast KunstZINnig, I talk to art curator and writer Hanne Hagenaars about how art gives meaning to her life: 'Art has deepened and, in a way, saved my life'. Hanne Hagenaars wrote the book 'No Cloud: How Art Saved My Life' in 2016. In this book, she discusses artworks that... 

'My housemates teach me to feel and listen' Teun Toebes (22) lives in a nursing home to change the care of people with a faltering brain from within

Teun Toebes (22) shares kitchen, bathroom and toilet not with fellow students but with people with dementia. He wrote a book about it: VerpleegThuis. The book came in at number 1 in the Bestseller 60 last week, much to his delight, because Toebes wants to reach as many people as possible with his mission: to change care for people with a faltering brain. 'It... 

Words & Music: cut-ups & fuck ups, Berio & Burroughs at Asko|Schönberg

For the second time, Asko|Schönberg organises Words & Music, a festival full of cut-ups & fuck ups. A rush of sensations: fantastic, grim, absurd, disruptive and with humour. A day of cut-up, cut-up and brand-new performances in Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ and Tolhuistuin. After the successful first edition in 2020, Asko|Schönberg will once again bring together makers from different disciplines in unique ways,... 

Amsterdam Museum organises symposium on the Netherlands' colonial past with partners

On Friday 26 and Saturday 27 November 2021, the Amsterdam Museum is organising an English-language symposium on the Dutch colonial past and the ways in which this history is treated and shapes contemporary practices in cultural and academic institutions. The Amsterdam Museum is organising the symposium together with ASCA, NIOD, Rijksmuseum, The Black Archives, University of Amsterdam, NMVW & Vrije Universiteit and Stadsarchief Amsterdam.... 

Writer and physicist Paolo Giordano: 'I don't want to forget that so many people have died.'

As a physicist, Paolo Giordano was deeply concerned about the development of Covid-19. As a writer, he could interpret those feelings of concern and share them with the public. Giordano's articles are collected in What I Don't Want to Forget. 'It would be a sin if all this suffering and all these deaths were in vain.' Aware of the danger When he... 

November Music successfully launched with Bosch Requiem and highlights until 14 November 2021

November Music 2021 kicked off on Friday 5 November with a sold-out Bosch Requiem composed this time by Hawar Tawfiq. The kick-off weekend featured a variety of concerts including FAQ's electronic music nights and Dez Mona's beautiful pop songs with baroque orchestra B.O.X. November Music continues until 14 November. Some 55 more concerts are in the offing on... 

The lesson to be learned from the sale of Primephonic - and what the Culture Council has to do with it

The Every (The Everything) is the name of a successful and widely loved company, the world's largest combination of a tech giant and a commercial giant. Dave Eggers describes this in his latest novel "The Every", follow-up to bestseller The Circle. On sale from mid-November 2021 at Amazons and Bol.Coms, but those who wanted it earlier could already... 

'I'm much happier than I was three years ago.' Singer Sam Bettens on his transition and new, 'revealing' music video

Friends call him brother. His children say daddy. One day he hopes to become a grandfather. Sam Bettens (49) was known worldwide as the lead singer of Belgian band K's Choice when he decided to transition. And now he walks the beach in swimming trunks: 'I never want to hide myself again.' Tomboy As a young girl, Sam Bettens was a tomboy and wore the... 

Nerd podcast S2A3: With Cees Debets (National Theatre) and Marijn Lems (NRC) on the uncertain times in theatres

The theatres are struggling to fill up, technicians have hung up their lamps, but tickets are not on sale for Het Nationale Theater's Trojan Wars. So in this long-awaited Nerd podcast (the AVROTROS thinks the tune is really terrible), we talk to Cees Debets, the director of that great theatre company from The Hague. Marijn Lems also happens to have a few... 

Culture Council in advice: Smart approach to recovery and transition of cultural system is now the art

It is thanks to support measures that the cultural sector did not go down in the corona crisis. But unfortunately, the pandemic is not over yet. Time, money and space are needed to prevent the cultural sector from collapsing after all. So writes the Council for Culture to outgoing minister Van Engelshoven (OCW). The council points out that many... 

Amsterdam Museum nominated for Friends Lottery Museum Prize 2021

The Amsterdam Museum has been nominated for the Friends Lottery Museum Prize 2021 and has a chance to win 100,000 euros to realise its museum dream: to collect the city of today together with residents and visitors of Amsterdam. Besides the Amsterdam Museum (Amsterdam), Museum Volkenkunde from Leiden and Kasteel Hoensbroek from Hoensbroek (Limburg) are also nominated. The public can vote until 26 November 2021... 

Diepenheim's theatre workshop undermined by 'rules and codes' And Corona.

There is turmoil in the world of circus and open-air theatre as a major workshop cum festival in the famous artist town of Diepenheim loses its director. Ruth Semmekrot, director of Kunsten op Straat Overijssel since 2013, suddenly resigned her post last Friday. In a statement on Facebook, she stated: 'I have struggled. The administrative and political dynamics I was in... 

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