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Hannah Roelofs

Dramaturg, speech coach and student English teacher.

Colleges have been left out of all discussions on education for far too long.

"When you tell it, it all seems so logical," a good friend said last week, "if a board were to hear this..." Education, every day it is in the newspaper and we debate society-wide dully about the importance of good education, about teacher shortages and class sizes. While the cabinet sits mute in the hope of getting out from under... 

Maria Kraakman: "You have Couperus before and after Bas Heijne"

In recent years, the artistic director of Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Ivo van Hove, made three performances of works by Couperus. In three short interviews, I look back at the last part, Little Souls. Despite the long meandering sentences and the romantic, sometimes very passive characters, this book (or actually it's four books)is a timeless masterpiece that, as far as I'm concerned, all... 

Jan Peter Gerrits: loyal louse on Couperus adaptation Toneelgroep Amsterdam

In the final part of 'books of little souls', the once disgraced Constance sits in the dark and draughty country house where her reluctant parents-in-law used to live. Constance married their only child, Baron Henri van der Welcke, against their wishes. Constance's and Henri's son Addy is the only thing that connects these two people. Love for each other is never... 

'Had Couperus been born 10 years later, he wouldn't have needed all that packaging'

Director Ivo van Hove chose the 'books of little souls' cycle as the conclusion of the Couperus triptych at Toneelgroep Amsterdam. He previously directed 'Silent Power' (2015) and 'The things that pass' (2016). Dramaturg Koen Tachelet adapted Couperus' Magnum Opus for the theatre. The books 'The Little Souls', 'Late Life', 'Twilight of Souls' and 'Sacred Knowing' together form the cycle 'The Books of... 

Broken throats thanks to Loes Luca. Scheveningen sings again in 'Hard Hands'

The Zuiderstrand Theatre is having a nice time. When the theatre was built on the coast, there was a lot of resistance and grumbling from Scheveningers. 'That bunker' it was called. But with the (reprise) hit 'Harde Handen', free after Heijerman's 'Op hoop van Zegen', this own production touches a sensitive chord. For and by Scheveningen On Scheveningen, much has changed. The fishing village with... 

Beyond the breasts? Recap Game of Thrones 7 episode 1 'Dragonstone' (Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!)

If you're reading this, I assume you know what Game of Thrones is. Who Daenerys Targaryen is, and Jaime Lannister and Sansa Stark. Ramsay Bolton? We are never going to talk about that again. Nor am I going to explain that it is one of the most successful TV series of all time, based on the book series 'A Song of... 

The Tempest Society: Too bad Jesse Klaver wasn't in the audience #HF17

Struggle is by far the word that falls the most in the video triptych 'The Tempest Society'. The struggle for a dignified existence, the struggle for papers, the struggle with a system that does not want to give you rights. Refugees struggle with these issues day in and day out, year in and year out. In this video triptych, Moroccan-French director Bouchra Khalili (Casablanca,... 

'En Manque', or why your reviewer was on the dance floor at the #HF17

Do you write a review for people who are still going to the show, for people who have already been or for people who want to be informed? It is and remains an eternal dilemma. Vincent Macaigne's Holland Festival performance 'En Manque' will only be at the Compagnietheater on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 June. The chances of you, the reader,... 

Old Gangsters Never Die, festival hit in the making

A fearsome roar announces the emergence of action-hero Chuck. And there really is no one who can come on so cool in a cart, half all-terrain vehicle and half golf cart, as Ko van de Bosch. With his too-long, too-grey hair in a ponytail and too-brown body in a black-leather motorbike suit, he immediately epitomises youth at... 

The Nation at the Holland festival: a theatre addiction in the making #HF17

Netflix and HBO are now purveyors of our conversations with friends, family and colleagues. The ultimate icebreaker at a party with strangers is talking about series, about beloved characters. Is Jon Snow still alive? Where is Barb? Having seen the first two working performances of 'The Nation', I have a strong impression that in Eric de Vroedt I have a fellow lover... 

Max, please, put Martine and André together in Heel Holland Bakt!

A preview of Heel Holland Bakt in February? Isn't that a bit premature? Well no, because the deadline for potential bakers is already 1 March and filming starts in April. So we have to be quick. First, let's clear up the misconception that this broadcaster MAX programme would be for elderly people. Heel Holland Bakt... 

Reasons to do go to theatre Kikker (1: The Men's Night Out)

Despite the crisis in the performing arts, there is still a lot of young talent roaming the Netherlands and beyond. So much that keeping track is impossible. After all, who can visit all the festivals, from Festival Boulevard to Noorderzon, from the Café Theatre Festival to Festival Cement and from the Amsterdam Fringe Festival to the Zeeland Nazomerfestival? And then also exactly those four or five performances from the... 

5 reasons to avoid (or not) Theatre Kikker's Winter Collection

From 6 December, theatre Kikker will show a week-long anthology of talented and diverse young theatre makers. We looked ahead to this Winter Collection. Hannah Roelofs, herself just over 30, issues five warnings for people over 29. 1. Twenty-somethings! 'This is the generation that's losing his or her... 

Sell that artist, or: the eternally inhibiting modesty of the self-employed worker

There are very, very many artists and creatives who did not start out as entrepreneurs but need or want to get into business. Their number has only increased since 'the Halbe Zijlstra period'. I know them, I mentor some of them and last but not least, I am one myself. The perfect occasion to take some continuing education to me.... 

Viktorien van Hulst (Boulevard): 'The thresholds are low but the bar is high' #TFBoulevard

Boulevard flags fly everywhere in Den Bosch in the sunshine. The office of the 32-year-old Theatre Festival Boulevard on Sint Josephstraat is a jumble of people walking in and out. The beaming director, Viktorien van Hulst, has bags under her eyes like a festival director should have three days before the opening.

NERD MEE! Game of Thrones builds towards Victory for Women

In King's Landing, the dust is still slowly settling. And in my head, too. Now that most Game of Thrones nerds, freaks and enthusiasts the imposing season finale of the sixth season, it is high time to take stock and look ahead. It seems almost needless to mention that this entire article is riddled with SPOILERS. Those who have not been binge-watching the infamous series in recent years: read along, and sympathise with the nerds.

What the f***k happened?

Wunderbaum sends you into the night with a smile #HF16

This year's Holland Festival spotlights Rotterdam-based theatre collective Wunderbaum with the revival of 'The Coming of Xia', premieres of 'Privacy' and 'The Future of Sex' and the film 'Stop acting now'. With this film, Wunderbaum concludes their four-year project 'The New Forest', a 'Platform for social change', according to Wunderbaum, "The New Forest depicts transition and casts a... 

Bombarie on Bombarie? New festival in Utrecht has broad profile

In our participatory society, Community Art is 'hip, hot & happening'. Consequently, there are many projects and initiatives that bring amateurs and professionals together. Fortunately, because the more widely art practice and experience is shared and supported by as many people as possible, the more beautiful the world becomes, so I think.

Still, it's a bit of a shock that yet another festival is making its appearance in Dutch festival land. Festival Bombarie will hit the Jaarbeurs area from Wednesday 23 June o...

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The Dark Ages: beautiful investigative theatre by Milo Rau. #HF16

When we think of 'The Dark Ages', we think of the rough raw dark Middle Ages, with church and king and no hygiene. However, Swiss director Milo Rau refers to a much more recent piece of European history with his show, now showing at the Holland Festival. In a recent interview with the Culture Press, he said:

"The United States of Europe is too big to fail, but I have an idea that we are heading for a moment of catharsis after which a lot will change. I wanted to ...

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Tantalising intimacy porn in 'Privacy' raises relevant questions #HF16

Wine Dierickx ( Wunderbaum) and Ward Weemhoff (The Hot Shop) are an artist couple and we will know it. Engaging and with humour, they take us into their private lives or that which we think that is their private life. Know after all, we don't do it.

Suzanna Jansen on Pauper Paradise: 'Poverty still leads to isolation'

The garish signs KEUKENHOF keep on whizzing past café Foolish Business, on a very sticky Tuesday morning. Hordes of tourists throng behind them, ready to spend money on picturesque pictures and unique experiences. My interest today is in the opposite, the desolate 19th century colonies of Drenthe, then called 'Dutch Siberia'. To me, Drenthe is known as ' a cyclist's paradise' but author Suzanna Jansen wrote the 2008 bestseller the P...

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'TV has lost touch with reality'

"Let's have a Magna Carta of British Broadcasting." With those words, celebrated actor Idris Elba (Luther, The Wire) began his closing remarks in the British Parliament. For the past half hour, he has been speaking to the Lords and Ladies kindly yet persuasively about the need and opportunities for diversity in British television. The timing of this speech was perfect because... 

Turn on your livestream and get a pack of tissues ready

Next Friday is the day. Then, speakers in the fields of technology, economy and design will climb the stage in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam to talk about their 'ideas worth spreading'. This year's theme is 'the perfect trifecta', because if there is anything magical according to founder Jim Stolze, it is the interaction between audience, speakers and performers. Notable... 

Amsterdam Prize 2015, local celebration of artists with international allure

At the Amsterdam Compagnietheater last night, the Amsterdam Prize of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts was awarded. A 020 party, then, where 'tout art and culture' festively dressed up to put their own cultural gems in the limelight. The biblical torrential rain outside by no means stopped AFK director Clayde Menzo from sketching a sunny future picture of Amsterdam's cultural life in 2020. Old... 

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