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Usually without lyrics, often with music, always with movement

PR image provided by ICK Amsterdam


International Choreographic Arts Centre (ICK) is proud to announce that it has received an EU project grant for the tenth time, this time for the groundbreaking HAMLET, part of the EU Horizon Heritage 2024 programme. The project, which runs until 2027, aims to support the digital transition of Europe's Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). To make AI accessible to Europe's cultural... 

Asko|Schönberg in Holland Festival: Mutability

World premiere Sunday 23 June Wandering in the music as among the trees of a forest. Intimate, vast and awe-inspiring at the same time. Twelve miniatures in the form of solo instruments come your way. They reflect musical characters, as changeable as life itself. Pioneering multimedia work For Mutability, composer Yannis Kyriakides asked 12 other composers to write two- to three-minute miniatures. Some of... 

Scene image The Silence, Photographer: Hans Gerritsen

Encounters between big paper roles in new children's show Coming and Going

Does it fall? Will it stay put? Forty rolls of paper, two metres high and many metres long, play their own role in Stilt's new children's performance Komen en Gaan. During the BRIK Festival on Saturday 22 June, this performance will premiere at the Chassé Theatre in Breda. The performance is a unique interplay between soprano singer Kelly Poukens and a dancer, who meet, leave and... 


On Friday 7 June, Touria Meliani, Amsterdam's Alderman of Culture, visited the recently renovated Theatre Studio Artist Space. This studio serves as a rehearsal, creation and presentation space for new creators and is equipped with new lighting technology, sponsored by Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC), among others. During her visit, the councillor and invited guests attended performances by Elsemarijn, among others... 

PR image Margarida Constantino

At Delft Fringe, living rooms offer the lowest possible thresholds for up-and-coming talent 

Twenty years from now, I can say that I saw Daniëlle Deddens play once before she was a world star. It was on a somewhat chilly Saturday in June 2024 in the storage attic of an old mill in the centre of Delft. I was with about 20 other citizens of Delft, who had paid a few euros... 

campaign image by Alex Avgud

Unique collaboration between ICK Dance Amsterdam and MMA world champion Marloes Coenen

A unique collaboration between ICK Dans Amsterdam and MMA world champion Marloes Coenen will take place on 24 May at Frascati Theatre in Amsterdam. Following the performance ROCCO/ROCCA - a multi-award-winning dance performance by Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten - Marloes Coenen will talk to the dancers of ROCCO/ROCCA after the performance on 24 May. The dance performance... 

DFF campaign image

Festival season Dutch performing arts 2024 kicks off with Delft Fringe Festival

From 28 May to 9 JuneDelft, Monday 15 April 2024 - From 28 May to 9 June, 28 creators will turn Delft on its cultural head for nine days and you can visit 31 locations throughout the city for cabaret, dance, family theatre, cabaret, music and everything in between. With this, Delft bites the dust of the cultural festival season... 


At a festive ceremony on the closing night of Cinedans FEST '24 (Sunday evening 24 March) at Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam, the following international prizes were awarded for best dance film 2024: Cinedans JURY AWARDS Best Short Dance Film up to 25' €5,000 Until Director & Choreographer |Tanin Torabi |Iran| 2023|13′ From the jury report: Until portrays dance as a form of resistance and shifts the... 

New editing & theatre studio in Amsterdam

Top of the Bill for new generation of makers: 'Theatre Studio Artist Space' On 21 March, ICK Dans Amsterdam opened the doors of its new, state-of-the-art editing studio on the WG grounds in the heart of Amsterdam. Thanks to new sponsor ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls), the studio is now equipped with high-quality, sustainable LED lighting, making it an ideal editing studio for new (dance) makers. With... 

Cinedans FEST '24: programme announced

Cinedans exists 20 years! The anniversary edition Cinedans FEST '24 will take place from 20 to 24 March at Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam as well as online from 20 to 31 March on Cinedans WEB.For five days, Eye will be all about the international dance film with special highlights and premieres, a special film programme with a post-colonial theme Breaking the Chainsen... 

Cinedans FEST '24

Cinedans exists 20 years! The anniversary edition Cinedans FEST '24 will take place from 20 to 24 March at Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam as well as online from 20 to 31 March on Cinedans WEB.For five days, Eye will be all about the international dance film with special highlights and premieres, including the arrival of special guest Celia Rowlson-Hall who will perform a... 

ICK: We, The Eyes, Maubeuge Alex Avgud

Dutch tour WE, the EYES

In the compelling performance WE, the EYES, dancers, together with virtuoso percussionists and experimental hip-hop/soul/jazz artist Pink Oculus, search for a new way of seeing. In a force field of mesmerising projections, seductive vocals, rousing beats and inspired dance, a new perspective is emerging. The performers start from the dark, forcing them to engage other senses.... 

scene photo the Silence, photo by Hans Gerristen

Back to the time when you explored the world with an open mind - The Silence

Blikvangers - performance for children aged 1 to 6 In the beginning, the world was uninhibited. Life was so pristine that curiosity did not suffer from fear or anger. Like the open gaze of one who looked at the world, so pristine was it.The sound of water, the flow of movement, nature was wordless.Discovery was a breeze. Every touch... 

WAKA - Shonen / Éric Minh Cuong Castaign

Company Shonen & Waka Starz present:WAKA

On 9 February, the groundbreaking performance WAKA comes to the Netherlands. WAKA offers a vivid portrait of the Ugandan youth of "Waka Starz" who are determined to be part of the march of the world. During the performance, you will be taken to Wakaliga, a poor neighbourhood in Uganda's capital, where the Waka Starz grew up. Racheal M, rising... 

image Headwinds

Premiere dance performance Tegenwind van de Stilte with Artvark saxophone quartet in Chassé theatre Breda

On Sunday 14 January at 3pm, the dance and music performance Tegenwind will premiere at the Chassé theatre in Breda, a family performance for everyone aged 7 and above. Tegenwind is the sequel to the successful collaboration of dance company de Stilte and Artvark saxophone quartet in the production Bosch in Bed. Anyone listening to Blowin' in the wind by Bob Dylan will hear a song... 

pr image Closed Eyes

With Closed Eyes, Alida Dors unleashes a revolution

I used the word 'revolutionary' when a camera crew from Theatre Rotterdam asked me what I thought of Closed Eyes. I don't know if my otherwise extraordinarily enthusiastic response will make it to the final edit, but a day later, that feeling is not gone. What Alida Dors, artistic director of Theatre Rotterdam, has shown is a revolution in the world of... 

The Artists Are Present: Rebellious bodies, empowering moves, fluid identities, collective movement: 13 to 15 December theatre Frascati

The Artists Are Present is ICK Dance Amsterdam's festival in which a new generation of artists present themselves to the public and share the floor with each other. From 13 to 15 December, young dance and performance makers take you on an exciting voyage of discovery in a dynamic programme of performances, unexpected pop-up presentations and conversations. .The short December days... 

In #Zomergasten 2023#6, Alida Dors asked the best questions. 

In #Zomergasten 2023#6 guest, Alida Dors, asked the best questions. 

The counter stood at 8 minutes and 45 seconds when it went wrong. Pretty fast for a three-hour interview programme like Zomergasten, but Theo Maassen grabbed the record with verve. His guest Alida Dors, the woman who, as a self-taught dancer, grew into a forewoman of Dutch hip-hop culture, and who is now tasked with managing the mismanaged... 

PR image by David van Delden

Faizah Grootens: Corpus Criolla enriches modern dance with essential Caribbean vibes on #TFBoulevard

"I select dancers very carefully. I don't do auditions. I don't believe in anyone having to prove themselves in front of the others. So that's why I take quite a long time to choose who I want to work with. If I choose that person, we go for it 100%. No matter what." Corpus Criolla is a fascinating dance performance in which Caribbean... 

It Takes A Child To Raise A Village, scene image by author.

Theatre festival #Boulevard pushes boundaries in an unexpected way

A festival is still the best way to get acquainted with new art. Yesterday, after six days of persistent drizzle and torrential rain, the sun finally broke through over Bossche Zuiderpark. Bartenders who had spent the first few days getting used to quietly serving those few customers who braved the rain for a white wine (because it was summer... 

scene photo by © Sukmu Yun

Colourful dragons conquer the stage - Eun-Me Ahn's Dragons in HF23

Whereas in the West dragons are mythical creatures to be defeated, in the East they are the embodiment of joy, unlimited possibilities and destiny. People born in the year of the dragon (every 12 years with 2000 being the most recent adult generation) are proud, irresistible, vibrant and extroverted, according to Chinese astrology. Put seven on and... 

Pankaj Tiwari, an artist from the poorest part of India, and Polish performer Maria Magdalena Kozłowska. Photo: Eva Roefs

Sustainability is a luxury issue in Jerome Bel's airplane-less autobiography (and the show turns out to be more fun than I first thought)

Input from members: that's what drives this club. Just watch. Yesterday I wrote this piece: Jerome Bel is quite something. The man who identifies himself as a choreographer has banned himself from flying for sustainability reasons, which is why he could not come to Amsterdam from Paris to read his own autobiography. However noble the non-flying... 

cover report Shadow Dancing

Border crossing in the dance world: excellent research leaves out elephant in the room

Dancing, from super amateur to world-class professional, involves boundary crossing, abuse of power, physical assaults and sexual misconduct perpetuated by a stubborn culture of silence. The long-awaited investigation by Marjan Olfers, 'Shadow Dancing', into boundary crossing in the dance world, had even more shocking results than anyone feared beforehand. The figures are now well enough known: a majority of dancers have shown transgressive behaviour to... 

image by Prophetiques by David Kadoule

Dancing into the night - Prophétique (on est déjà né-es) by Nadia Beugré splashes off the stage.

Sometimes the run-in to a performance is so pleasant that you hope everyone will continue to drone on for a bit. Make it last longer! It feels like you're at a rehearsal, or a private party, at a private event, where you can peek in. That is certainly the case with Prophétique (on est déjà né-es) by Nadia Beugré, which... 

Dox campaign image

National DOX Club auditions: we go for talent!

June 2023 marks the annual DOX auditions for young people aged 16 - 26 who want to further develop as a performer in the fields of dance, theatre, music, film and/or spoken word? At the DOX Club, you can spend a season exploring, creating and learning with various creators of the moment. Whether you have completed preliminary training or... 

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