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With text, movement, actors, sets.

Ksenia speelt Oscar en Oma Rozerood in Leiden (pr-beeld)

Ksenia Marasanova speelt kwartet theatervoortellingen in Leiden 

De in oost-Oekraïne geboren actrice Ksenia Marasanova toert al jaren met solotheatervoorstellingen door Nederland. Medio maart doet ze Leiden aan. In het imperium Theater speelt ze 3 solovoorstellingen en één voorstelling in een gezelschap. Ksenia maakt spraakmakend theater dat je echt raakt.  Het kwartet opent op 14 maart met de anti-oorlog voorstelling Zij zagen Oorlog. Zes mensen hebben met elkaar… 

Blue Hour door Matzer, pr beeld door Karin Jonkers

Liliane Brakema regisseert Alejandra Theus in muzikale voorstelling Blue Hour

Van 29 februari t/m 29 mei 2024 toert Blue Hour door het land. Een vrouw zoekt met haar baby een weg door een bijna verwoeste wereld. Liliane Brakema regisseert Alejandra Theus in een muzikale theatervoorstelling, geïnspireerd op de met een Pullitzer Prize bekroonde roman The Road van Cormac McCarthy. De première van deze coproductie van MATZER Theaterproductie en &Brakema Producties is vrijdag 1 maart… 

still from the teaser for Stuntkont.

The best shit show in years comes from Rotterdam

Het schijnt dat er bij de inspeelvoorstellingen van Maas Theater&Dans’ nieuwste, ‘Stuntkont’, al een paar scholen geklaagd hebben. Er liepen zelfs klassen weg. Logisch misschien, tenminste voor volwassen schoolleiders die niet tegen poep-en-piesgrappen kunnen. Kinderen van 6 tot 106 kunnen er alleen maar heel hard om lachen.  Poep-en-piesgrappen blijken dus leuker dan ik zelf had verwacht. Als ze tenminste gemaakt… 

ZID Theatre puts 'Change/Change' centre stage at ExploreZ Festival 2024

Twelve days full of inspiration, connection, diversity and excitement for a wide audience Amsterdam, 15 February 2024 - ZID Theatre presents the ninth edition of the multidisciplinary and international ExploreZ Festival in Amsterdam. From 7 to 18 May 2024, visitors can enjoy twelve days of a rich mix of theatre, music, dance, workshops and artist talks, with the theme 'Change/Change'.... 

After the End

A performance by Marmoucha featuring the dynamic duo of The Pig Factory, Mohammed Azaay and Karim El Guennouni. In a world of shadows and contrasts, Christiaan and Ali, each coloured by their own beliefs, are diametrically opposed. Their life experiences and circumstances have shaped their views and behaviour. Theatre-makers Mohammed Azaay and Karim El Guennouni take on a refreshingly outspoken and entertaining... 

Utrecht Arts Education embroiled in fighting divorce

It was a chilly Thursday evening before Christmas 2023 and a grim atmosphere hung in the wedding hall of the old Utrecht city hall. Where during the day countless Utrechters were saying yes to each other, two partners were now facing each other. They no longer looked at each other, each had gathered their own supporters. Angry words rang out from one, bewildered words from the other. Members... 

Afterword in TR8 foyer. Flnr: Brecht de Backer, Samuel D. Hunter and Erik Whien. photo: Wijbrand Schaap

Samuel D. Hunter's Proof of God at Theatre Rotterdam: "Since I'm a father, I have to be hopeful, I can't be cynical anymore."

"In America, when you put two guys on stage, the audience expects them to beat each other up, or fuck each other. In this play, neither happens, but in the theatre it's almost always about two men fighting or fucking." Legendary words from Samuel D. Hunter. He wrote the play 'A Case for the Existence... 

The sacred must of Andrea Voets: "I really am the most difficult client of my own work"

"I never thought just playing music was enough." Andrea Voets (34) is a rising star in the arts, but cannot be pigeonholed. She has now found a form she calls musical journalism. And next year she will come out with For Real, a live concert-cum-talk show that will generate dozens of new podcasts, as many as... 

scene photo by Sanne Peper

Reinout Bussemaker is the dream JP in Aluin's 'This is ours'

You must be a white man of a certain age. Some of us are so fed up with being blamed for everything that they voted PVV or worse in the last elections out of sheer desperation. That is why it is good that playwright Erik Snel, himself a white man of a certain age, has written a play about the archetype of the Dutch... 


Festivals full of theatre, dance and music from the comfort of your own living room

ITA, HOLLAND FESTIVAL AND NDT PRESENT BIBERATING PROGRAMS ONLINE, IN DIGITAL THEATER International Theatre Amsterdam, Holland Festival and Nederlands Dans Theater will present groundbreaking programmes online, in the Digital Theatre, during the Christmas holidays. In order to connect makers, companies and (inter)national visitors, the initiators choose a programme during the Christmas holidays. The ideal period to be together, to feel... 

pr image Alum

Theatre group Alum creates show about Jan Pieterszoon Coen's legacy

Premiere: 23 December 2023, Theater Kikker, Utrecht Utrecht - After the success of 'Ik zeg toch Sorry' (selected for the Dutch Theatre Festival), Aluin will present a zeitgeist comedy this Christmas. In theatre group Aluin's new show Dit is van Ons, the deeds of J.P. Coen and all his influences are denounced again, anno 2023. This performance... 

pr image The Christmas Dinner by Wilmink Theatre

In Enschede, I realised again how important own actors are for a city theatre

It is one of my worst guilty pleasures. Egg salad from the better-filled mayonnaise manufacturer from Twente, with a close second to their tuna salad. I can't get enough of those. And now let them have both of those on the table at Het Kerstdiner in Theater Kleine Willem in Enschede. Chic is different, but in the... 

cover I Say Sorry Anyway

'I say sorry' is now a book. Go read it, together. 

"Listening, not always understanding, but trying to go along with (the black) voices ensured that, in my opinion, there was a beautiful text at the heart of the performance Ik zeg toch sorry." If a short preface to a play has as much meaning as this quote by Raymi Sambo, the text itself must offer much more.... 

scene photo rhapsody © Kurt Van der Elst,

Josse de Pauw and Asko|Schönberg bring heaven a little closer

It was 2000 and Wim Kayzer, of the VPRO, brought a series of television evenings that went against everything commercial. It was called 'Of Beauty and Consolation' and featured evening-long interviews with people like Jane Goodall, J.M. Coetzee, Karel Appel and George Steiner. Intellectuals, artists, thinkers. On 23 November 2023, the day after 22/11, when the Netherlands held an open... 

© Kurt Van der Elst, scene photo Rhapsody

Dutch premiere Rhapsody - The musicality of grinding minds

LOD muziekktheater in coproduction with Asko|Schönberg23/11 Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw26/11 Breda, Chassé Theatert/m 22/2 diversie theatres in Belgium Belgian actor Josse De Pauw and composer Frederik Neyrinck are inspired by Wim Kayzer's television series Van de schoonheid en de troost. 'Tell me what makes this life worth living' is how Wim Kayzer opened the conversation with artists, scientists and philosophers in his legendary television series Van de... 

Scene image by Rogier Boogaard

Frank Masmeijer won't regret Nottrots Holiday Show

Whether it could be a little less superficial was the question from an audience member halfway through the first part of The Utility's Great Holiday Show. Greg Nottrot, in the role of quizmaster of this pastiche on the great 1980s television show, promises there will be another layer. Because he is obliged to, since he gets subsidy. Welcome... 

Illustration Mart Veldhuis

From start: Andermans schuld - Art project on debt by NUT in collaboration with Mart Veldhuis, De Buurtwerkkamer and Poverty Coalition Utrecht

The NUT (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel) presents, in collaboration with illustrator Mart Veldhuis, Andermans schuld: a social project at the intersection of visual art, podcast & language aimed at making the world of debt visible. From autumn 2023, various artists will engage with people with debt, a debt story or people working in the world of debt. The... 

Scene image by Bowie Verschuuren

Sex performance HNTJong highlights insecurity

Tobogganing teenagers. If you don't have them at home, you read and hear about them in the media. The phone provides them with thousands of impressions a day, but the constant in history remained: for Generation Z, little attracts attention as much as sex. Or Sex? This language question begins the performance by HNTjong, the youth company of Het Nationale Toneel in Den... 

José Kuijpers and Helmert Woudenberg in Blind. Photo Jean Philipse.

'If someone has to be in charge, why not the writer?' Helmert Woudenberg and José Kuijpers star in writer Lot Vekemans' directorial debut 'Blind' 

"What I really like is that Lot Vekemans, the writer, sees and hears how some texts just don't go, or don't do it. I would grant that to more writers." Actress José Kuijpers plays alongside Helmert Woudenberg in Lot Vekemans' play Blind. The play will premiere at the Brabant company Matzer on 22 October. Vekemans is... 


ROTTERDAM - On Wednesday 18 October at 16:30, the kids of the Maaspodium can be followed via livestream as they give a look before and behind the scenes at various theatres throughout the Netherlands, kicking off the first ever National Children's Theatre Week. Together with presenter Tirsa With, they will show how much fun theatre is! As a new initiative of the National Theatre Fund,... 

Jilles Flinterman, photo by Sanne Peper

Boudica survived 2,000 years of male historiography. She has now become fascinating theatre. 

The overhead projector. What a beautiful tool in the hands of an artist. There will probably also be someone who does something unexpected with a digital whiteboard, but it cannot be as inventive as what Jilles Flinterman does in ´Boudica'. The play, created under the wings of Utrecht-based theatre group Aluin, tells of a woman who has a statue in England,... 

Matzer campaign image

Lot Vekemans directs Blind with Helmert Woudenberg and José Kuijpers

Can you love someone whose ideas you reject? From 19 October to 15 December, Blind tours the country. In the directorial debut of internationally lauded playwright Lot Vekemans, Helmert Woudenberg and José Kuijpers play a father and daughter who are diametrically opposed in everything. The premiere of this MATZER Theatre production is Saturday 21 October in... 

Christiane Jatahi - Photo: Leo Aversa

Holland Festival 2024: Christiane Jatahy associate artist

The associate artist for the 77th Holland Festival in 2024 is Brazilian theatre director, filmmaker and writer Christiane Jatahy (Rio de Janeiro, 1968). Among other things, Christiane Jatahy will present Hamlet, a co-production with Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe from Paris. Shakespeare's play will have a female title role and is the starting point to reflect on the world we live in, and how... 

Urmie Square by Johan Horst

Urmie Plein wins Colombina for her role in I Say Sorry Anyway 

At the Gala of Dutch Theatre on Sunday 17 September, it was announced that Urmie Plein has won the Colombina for her role in Ik zeg toch sorry. The Colombina is a theatre award given annually to the actress who, in the opinion of the Dutch Theatre jury, has performed the most impressive female contributing role. The jury about... 

Theatre Maas and Tobias Kokkelmans at ITA, screenshot television broadcast Mon 18 Sept 2023

The flash marriage between theatre and television could hardly be any shorter. Or could it?

15 minutes of television. Theatre Maas, who used to be called Cornald, has managed to get Dutch theatre's biggest party back on kind of prime time television. On Monday 18 September, we saw his recap of this gala of Dutch theatre, which included awards, snippets of speeches and elated actors. I wondered if we could... 

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