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With text, movement, actors, sets.

Nieuwe peutervoorstelling PRRRT PRRRT FLAP FLAP (3+) gaat in première bij Maas theater en dans

Op zaterdag 19 oktober gaat de nieuwe peutervoorstelling van Maas theater en dans, PRRRT PRRRT FLAP FLAP (3+), in première in het Maaspodium te Rotterdam. Makers Sara Giampaolo en Esther Schouten bouwen voort op de lijn van peutertheater die Maas de afgelopen jaren heeft ontwikkeld: grote thema’s op speelse wijze gebracht. Na de première toert de voorstelling tot februari 2025… 

pr image by Sjoerd Derine

Star actress Sigrid ten Napel says 'yes' to King Krump

Star actress Sigrid ten Napel can be seen in theatre this autumn in Het NUT's (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel) new play: King Krump. Koning Krump is a breathtaking Shakespearean king's drama in a modern twist that can be seen in Dutch theatres at the time of the US presidential elections. The new play is by Jibbe Willems, directed by Greg Nottrot. Besides... 

International Theatre Amsterdam makes report on sickened working climate public 

"Regarding the victims, it was mainly employees with managerial duties who experienced the cross-border behaviour. This seemingly contradictory result with the discussed hierarchy is explicable from the fact that the perpetrator of the transgressive behaviour in the majority of these cases is (a) board member(s) or other manager(s)." Ivo van Hove suddenly left as director last year 

We remain the most humble theatre group in the world!

Theatre Group Alum welcomes the many newcomers in the new Arts Plan. That this is at the expense of Aluin, among others, we find surprising and of course very unfortunate. Of course, we can now report on our bewilderment at so much injustice but, after all, getting a subsidy is not a right. Although it sometimes feels that way when you have so many talented... 

Granting multiannual subsidy Fonds Podiumkunsten for Delft Fringe Festival

Delft Fringe Festival receives positive advice for policy period 2025 - 2028 by Fonds Podiumkunsten Delft, Thursday 4 July, 2024 - On Wednesday 3 July, the opinions of the Council for Culture and the State Cultural Funds were published. Delft Fringe Festival received a positive advice for the policy period 2025 - 2028 by Fonds Podiumkunsten. This means a four-year grant award.... 

Fltr: Madeleine Matzer, Martine Manten, Agnes Bolwiender

The Performing Arts Fund again awards Multiannual Production Grant 2025-2028 to MATZER Theaterproducties

's-Hertogenbosch, 3 July 2024 - MATZER is extremely happy with the award of the multi-year production subsidy 2025 - 2028 from the Fonds Podiumkunsten. "We see this as a great compliment for our work and for our innovative plans for the next four years and as a great encouragement to develop MATZER into a multi-voiced house of makers," said artistic director Madeleine Matzer.... 

Holland Festival 2024 concluded with successful 24-hour The Second Woman 

The 77th edition of the Holland Festival closed on 29 June with a minute-long standing ovation for Georgina Verbaan who showed a phenomenal acting performance in the The Second Woman, a performance by Anna Breckon and Nat Randall, in which she played the same break-up scene for a full 24 hours with a hundred most non-professional counterparts. The day before, Victor Pilon closed... 

Stage photo Second Woman by Heidrun Lohr

Rineke Dijkstra captures 24-hour theatre marathon with Georgina Verbaan  

Today, the Holland Festival presents the groundbreaking performance The Second Woman by Australian theatre-makers Anna Breckon and Nat Randall. In this theatre marathon, actress Georgina Verbaan plays the same break-up scene no less than 100 times over the course of 24 hours, each time with a different opponent. This extraordinary performance will take place on the stage of ITA (Internationaal Theater Amsterdam) and will be streamed live at Pathé... 

Gender fluid musical spectacle 'Twelfth Night' by Theatre Group Alum back on tour due to great success!

After a successful tour in season 2022-2023, musical Queer comedy Twelfth Night returns to theatres from October 2024. Writer Ayden Carlo created an adaptation of this seventeenth-century Shakespeare play. Once again featuring the infectious music of composer Willem Friede (of New Cool Collective, among others), Jaike Belfor, Jilles Flinterman, Floyd Koster, Sasha Muller and newcomer Ebony Wilson play a show... 

Business leader Jannet van Lange leaves NUT 

Utrecht, 26 June 2024 - Jannet van Lange (1982) will step down as business director of NUT (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel) in October 2024. She worked together with theatre producer and artistic director of NUT Greg Nottrot for more than 16 years. Van Lange and Nottrot have worked together since 2008. As a freelance dramaturge, Jannet was involved in his work and stood... 

image from the trailer of The Utility's performance Good Keep Money

Three days of Good Gold Money yields over €11,000 in excess capital

Theatre-maker Greg Nottrot works continuously on an idealistic dream. Three days of Good gold money yields over €11,000 in surplus capital Utrecht - Last weekend, the reprise of the performance Good gold money yielded a whopping €11138.16. Over three days, theatre producer Greg Nottrot (the NUT) played to diverse audiences at Heimland Festival and in Utrecht for... 

Who_s afraid of Oscar Wilde - photography Bas de Brouwer (attribution always required)

Theatre Kikker, for your necessary dose of drama

Ticket sales for season '24/'25 start On Thursday 13 June at 12:00, Theatre Kikker will start ticket sales for theatre season 24/25. With over 130 different performances, there is something for everyone. Be amazed and overwhelmed by theatre, modern dance, youth theatre, storytelling, performance and hip-hop. Theatre Kikker is ready for you all year long with your necessary dose of... 

Dying drummer says it all in Tiago Rodrigues' Dans la Mesure de l'Impossible at the Holland Festival

Live music in the theatre, I long for it more and more. Performances in which actors are accompanied by a soundtrack, amplified with or without transmitter microphones, always only half captivate. You soon find yourself watching a kind of live performed film. But without the comfort of a cinema and the technical capabilities of the camera.... Sunday 9 June sat in... 

image from the trailer of The Utility's performance Good Keep Money

Groundbreaking theatre show Good Gold Money returns

The NUT is (far) from done with the future of money After a successful run and rave reviews in summer 2023, the groundbreaking theatre production Good gold money returns on 21 and 23 June 2024 at the Heimland Festival in Diepenheim. Good gold money has not only impressed audiences at previous screenings, but also raised €101,332.80 in surplus... 

PR image Margarida Constantino

At Delft Fringe, living rooms offer the lowest possible thresholds for up-and-coming talent 

Twenty years from now, I can say that I saw Daniëlle Deddens play once before she was a world star. It was on a somewhat chilly Saturday in June 2024 in the storage attic of an old mill in the centre of Delft. I was with about 20 other citizens of Delft, who had paid a few euros... 

The makers who played at the Delft Fringe Festival opening. From left to right: Ard Kok, Remijn Weijdema, Emma Thomson, Mariví van den Hooff, Bob Donkers, Mystha Mandersloot, Oudail el Omari. Photographer: Sjoerd Derine.

Delft Fringe Festival: Especially in these times, listen carefully to what is really being told

Alderman Frank van Vliet: "Delft Fringe Festival contributes to happiness" Delft, Wednesday 29 May, 2024 - Tuesday evening 28 May saw the festive opening of the 13th edition of Delft Fringe Festival in Theater de Veste. Like all Fringe Festivals worldwide, the festival in Delft celebrates creative freedom. The festival helps today's creators to tell their stories and... 

KING KRUMP: A breathtaking Shakespearean king's drama during the 60th presidential election in the United States.

Utrecht 8 May 2024 - In November, all voting Americans will go to the polls and choose their new president. In the weeks leading up to and during the election, the play King Krump can be seen in theatres across our country. King Krump is a breathtaking Shakespearean king's drama in a modern twist. Tug away from talk shows, 'America connoisseurs' and... 

Kinan Abuakel at Podium Mozaïek photo by author

Boundless Roma pride makes opening Explorez Festival something not soon to be forgotten. 

Kinan Abuakel took his Syrian classical music with him when he fled the country. With his Saz, a Syrian stringed instrument similar to the Greek bouzouki, which in turn is derived from the Turkish Buzuk, he plays a mixture of new and classical Syrian music. I heard it by surprise at Amsterdam's Podium Mozaïek. That's how I discovered live what I... 

Scenefoto The Stone in my Mouth by Karin Jonkers

'The Stone in my Mouth' offers perfect combo of talents in staggering war story

Riet, Peer Wittenbols' mother, has been dead for a few years. She took a lot of stories with her in her grave from the time she was called Marietje. Playwright Peer Wittenbols sought out those stories, actress Juul Vrijdag tells them. And so for an hour and a half I witnessed a small miracle, because Marietje was alive again. And so did Riet. It... 

scene image Hamlet by © Simon Gosselin

Timeless doubt in French Hamlet: 7 dilemmas for Christiane Jatahy.

To exist or not to exist, to be there or not to be there: the Hamlet adaptation to be seen during this Holland Festival puts the necessary spin on William Shakespeare's over-familiar 1602 play. Director Christiane Jatahy takes a female approach. Her Hamlet is not the young Danish prince who must avenge his father and has doubts. Shakespeare's Hamlet pretends to be... 

Forever and ever and ever © Sjoerd Derine

Forever and ever and ever and ever

A festive wedding about death From 9 May to 2 June, NUT (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel) plays its 11th summer performance on location in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn: Forever and ever and ever and ever. Theatre-makers Greg Nottrot and Floor Leene stage their own wedding, assisted by musician Pascal van Hulst and directed by Maurits van den Berg. For... 

Fltr: actress Juul Vrijdag, director Madeleine Matzer, author Peer Wittenbols, campaign image (Rene van der Hulst)

War drama 'The Stone in my Mouth' tours the country from 29 April

From 29 April to 18 May, the war drama The Stone in My Mouth - eighty years after the liberation of Brabant - is set in Camp Vught. The true story of the Eindhoven girl Marietje, on which the gripping performance is based, was partly set at this special, historic location. The premiere is Sunday, 5 May. After the playing period in Kamp Vught, the performance will be at various locations along... 

DFF campaign image

Festival season Dutch performing arts 2024 kicks off with Delft Fringe Festival

From 28 May to 9 JuneDelft, Monday 15 April 2024 - From 28 May to 9 June, 28 creators will turn Delft on its cultural head for nine days and you can visit 31 locations throughout the city for cabaret, dance, family theatre, cabaret, music and everything in between. With this, Delft bites the dust of the cultural festival season... 

Forever - Campaign image

The NUT explores 'the future of death' in 2024 with theatre productions on endings and eternity

Utrecht, February 2024 - In 2024, NUT (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel) will produce a family production (6+), a location production with dinner in Utrecht and (for the first time!) a tour of major venues across the country. Every year, NUT explores the future of a particular theme. In 2023 this was the 'future of money' and in 2024 we dive into the... 

Photo opportunity at the end of Delft Fringe's first 'Makers Day' on 8-2-2024. Photo by author

How Delft Fringe Festival is reaching audiences open to experimentation: 'Away with theatrical codes'

'What makes your performance unique? Why should people come to see you, what will they take home from it?' At the Delft Fringe Festival's first 'Makersday', at the end of January, it's little about art, but a lot about speed dates, workshops in marketing, pitching and making flyers. The 30 or so makers present also get a lesson in handling theatre criticism from... 

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