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Forever and ever and ever and ever


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A celebratory wedding over death

From 9 May to 2 June, NUT (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel) plays its 11the summer performance on location in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn: Forever and ever and ever and ever. Theatre-makers Greg Nottrot and Floor Leene stage their own wedding, assisted by musician Pascal van Hulst and directed by Maurits van den Berg. Forever and ever and ever will be a real NUT evening: a three-hour mini-festival with theatre, dinner and meetings. The performance will run sixteen times, on location at Farmer Peter's in Haarzuilens (Utrecht). 

About the show

Forever and ever and ever and ever tells the story of Greg and Floor, two lovers who each deal with the idea of death in their own way. While Greg wants to celebrate love and embrace immortality, Floor seeks practical security in case of death. Their different approaches lead to an engaging duel on the meaning of love and dealing with loss. 

Forever and ever and ever and ever is not only an evening of theatre and culinary delight, but also asks important questions about how we as a society deal with death. Through compelling storytelling and audience interaction, the performance invites reflection and dialogue on a universal theme. How do you organise true love and how do you discuss the inevitable adversity you are going to encounter in a lifetime together?

Where and when?

The performance will take place on the grounds of 'Farmer Peter' in Haarzuilens (Thematerweg 6, Utrecht), an idyllic cherry orchard in Leidsche Rijn. 


  • Do 09 May - 18:30 |. Ascension Day
  • Fri May 10 - 18:30
  • Za 11 May - 18:30
  • Sun 12 May - 15:00 |. Pentecost, Matinee
  • Thu 16 May - 18:30
  • Fri May 17 - 18:30
  • Za 18 May - 18:30
  • Sun 19 May - 15:00 | Matinee
  • Thu 23 May - 18:30
  • Fri May 24 - 18:30
  • Za 25 May - 18:30
  • Sun May 26 - 18:30
  • Thu 30 May - 18:30
  • Fri May 31 - 18:30
  • Za 01 Jun - 18:30
  • Sun 02 Jun - 15:00 |. Closed

Creators, players and chef

  • Concept, text and play Floor Leene, Greg Nottrot
  • Directed Maurice van den Berg
  • Music and games Pascal van Hulst
  • Design Sjaan Hofstede & Pleun Verhees
  • Lighting design Uri Rappaport
  • Campaign photo Sjoerd Derine

About NUT (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel)

The NUT is known for its welcoming and inquisitive approach to theatre. We are an accessible meeting place for everyone who seeks, questions and likes to be surprised. Together with our audience, we explore the big themes of our time using different perspectives. In 2024, all our work revolves around the theme 'the future of death'. In our productions, on the border between truth and fiction, we question the obvious and make complex themes understandable. The NUT sets things in motion and provides a foothold. 

For more information and ticket sales:

Continuing at the NUT in 2024

  • Grandma Final Boss | A light and loving family performance (6+) about loss. To be seen from 1 to 5 May @Berlinplein. 
  • Other people's fault | Exhibition and activities 6 to 15 March @ Berlijnplein | Collaboration with: Mart Veldhuis, Buurtwerkkamer Hart voor Leidsche Rijn, Poverty Coalition Utrecht. 
  • Futurists | 23 April @ Tivoli Vredenburg | Collaboration with Studium Generale Utrecht & Descartes Centre (UU)
  • The order of the day - New generation | 16 and 23 March 
  • King Krump (working title) | A Shakespearean king's drama about Donald Trump. Production for the large theatres across the country, playing against the non-fiction backdrop of the US election this autumn. Text by Jibbe Willems, directed by Greg Nottrot.

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