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Illustration © Mart Veldhuis 1920x1080

Exhibition Other people's guilt at the NUT - Open house and theatrical talks at Berlin Square

From Wednesday 6 to Friday 15 March, you will find a special exhibition at the NUT studio (Berlijnplein, Utrecht). Other people's debt explores the world of debt through the lens of visual art. One in five households in the Netherlands faces money problems. Unfortunately, help often comes only when debts are already sky-high. In Andermans... 

Utrecht Arts Education embroiled in fighting divorce

It was a chilly Thursday evening before Christmas 2023 and a grim atmosphere hung in the wedding hall of the old Utrecht city hall. Where during the day countless Utrechters were saying yes to each other, two partners were now facing each other. They no longer looked at each other, each had gathered their own supporters. Angry words rang out from one, bewildered words from the other. Members... 

Joris Linssen, photo by Jerney Hakkenberg

'I need others to flourish.' Six life insights from TV presenter Joris Linssen

In his life and work, the well-known presenter Joris Linssen (1966) experiences a lot and meets many special people. He has compiled the life insights he gained in his recently published book If you go with the flow, you will stand still. 'If you dare to choose adventure, you will be rewarded for it.' 'From taking risks, you get... 

scene photo by Sanne Peper

Reinout Bussemaker is the dream JP in Aluin's 'This is ours'

You must be a white man of a certain age. Some of us are so fed up with being blamed for everything that they voted PVV or worse in the last elections out of sheer desperation. That is why it is good that playwright Erik Snel, himself a white man of a certain age, has written a play about the archetype of the Dutch... 

pr image Alum

Theatre group Alum creates show about Jan Pieterszoon Coen's legacy

Premiere: 23 December 2023, Theater Kikker, Utrecht Utrecht - After the success of 'Ik zeg toch Sorry' (selected for the Dutch Theatre Festival), Aluin will present a zeitgeist comedy this Christmas. In theatre group Aluin's new show Dit is van Ons, the deeds of J.P. Coen and all his influences are denounced again, anno 2023. This performance... 

PR image The Utility

The NUT presents in collaboration with Podium Hoge Woerd: 12 Good intentions

12 grapes. 12 courses. 12 wishes for the new year. Utrecht, 6 December 2023 - It was a busy year for the NUT (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel), which included their already tenth summer performance on location in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht. However, it is not the only tradition the NUT faithfully continues, as in January 2024 they will return... 

a photo-realistic image inspired by the text you provided. It depicts a lively and colourful debate scene during a cultural event at the Herz hall of TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht. The scene illustrates part of the 'Collective Creative Culture Debate', with a diverse group of participants including artists, policymakers and political figures. The atmosphere is a mix of serious discussion and informal conversation, with a focus on arts and culture policy. A digital display of DALL-E-generated interpretations of political party programmes can be seen in the background, transitioning into a series of socialist-realist artworks.

Collective Creative Culture Debate shows desperation art sector 

"But in the next week, can't you still come up with a law that enshrines art education in primary education?" A striking moment in the 'Collective Creative Culture Debate' held in a packed Herz of TivoliVredenburg on Wednesday 15 November. The Creative Coalition and Kunsten '92 made one last attempt to put arts and culture on the agenda of the... 

Poster of Dancing Strings Festival 2023, organised by Marmoucha Orchestra and Dancing Strings.

Dancing Strings Festival 2023 | 24, 25 & 26 November

Enter the world of 'Dancing Strings'. Together with Marmoucha, Dancing Strings Festival brings together the world's most enchanting stringed instruments, with a focus on the ancient and masterful 'ud. The festival takes audiences on a musical journey where the 'ud shines as a solo instrument but also as an integral part of various line-ups featuring stringed instruments from different cultures. The festival's programme consists of five parts each evening. The composers will play their own works and be accompanied by the Marmoucha Orchestra. These works have been arranged by Ardashes Aghosian.

Theatres join forces and take on co-producer role

The Coproducers is an initiative of 12 theatres whereby they act as co-producers of productions by theatre makers who are no longer starting, but also not yet established. By corona there is a gap in the career development of younger creators, last year the Council for Culture and State Secretary for Culture and Media Gunay Uslu sounded the alarm. This season push... 

Scene image by Rogier Boogaard

Frank Masmeijer won't regret Nottrots Holiday Show

Whether it could be a little less superficial was the question from an audience member halfway through the first part of The Utility's Great Holiday Show. Greg Nottrot, in the role of quizmaster of this pastiche on the great 1980s television show, promises there will be another layer. Because he is obliged to, since he gets subsidy. Welcome... 

Gerda Havertong during the Night of Poetry. Photo: author

Fortieth Night of Poetry shows what programming fun can make for 

"I actually want to shout, 'Waaaa! That I'm standing here!" It is nearing noon when Babette Foncie Fotchind shares this with the TivioliVredenburg, still filled to the brim. It is met with loud, assenting cheers. It is one of the many highlights and highlights at this 40th edition of the Night of Poetry, the rather unique party that Utrecht... 

FILTER TRANSLATION AWARDS 2023: Two major translation awards for as many as four translators

Filter is pulling out all the stops: the two 2023 Filter Translation Prizes, including the brand new one for children's and youth books, have been awarded to no fewer than four translators! The regular prize goes to Yond Boeke & Patty Krone for Luigi Pirandello's Lucky Birds (Van Oorschot). The prize for the most extraordinary translation of a children's and children's book was awarded to Lies Lavrijsen and Els Dumez-Blocken.... 

Jilles Flinterman, photo by Sanne Peper

Boudica survived 2,000 years of male historiography. She has now become fascinating theatre. 

The overhead projector. What a beautiful tool in the hands of an artist. There will probably also be someone who does something unexpected with a digital whiteboard, but it cannot be as inventive as what Jilles Flinterman does in ´Boudica'. The play, created under the wings of Utrecht-based theatre group Aluin, tells of a woman who has a statue in England,... 

A full Pandora at the Poetry Slam photo by Wijbrand Schaap

Utrecht is a warm bath for those who love imagination, thanks to #ILFU

113 decibels. That's what the elated audience managed to pull off with Nicole Kaandorp (no relation to Brigitte, but at least as talented) at the Pandora. It happened in the first round of the semi-finals in the NK Poetry Slam 2023, the unofficial opening of the International Literature Festival Utrecht, which we call ILFU in English.... 

logo ilfu

Utrecht authors Koos, Mari and Urai receive C.C.S. Cronestipendia 2023

Falun Ellie Koos, Arja Mari and Max Urai will receive a C.C.S. Cronestipendium this year. This is a grant from the municipality of Utrecht for promising Utrecht authors. They will each receive 3,000 euros to enable their next publication. "A number of submissions stood out immediately because of the surprising addition the authors make to current Dutch fiction: in narrative voice,... 

Salman Rushdie - Photo: Rachel Eliza Griffiths

Salman Rushdie speaks at ILFU

Salman Rushdie will give his first interview in the Netherlands on 30 September during the ILFU (International Literature Festival Utrecht) after the attempt on his life last year. Journalist Chris Keulemans and writer Abdelkader Benali will speak to Rushdie at TivoliVredenburg via a livestream connection about his new novel Victoria City and his extensive body of work. Rushdie last appeared live on stage in 2018 

The entrance of theatre Kikker. PR image Theatre Kikker

One more time at Theatre Kikker - Relive theatrical highlights during Kikker Kiest

Kikker Kiest the best theatre of today Utrecht - From Tuesday 12 to Thursday 21 September, Theater Kikker will open the new theatre season with Kikker Kiest. The best performances of the past season return to the theatre on the Ganzenmarkt in Utrecht. A mix of important performances that enrich your view of the world. Themes such as strength and vulnerability, domestic violence,... 

image from the trailer of The Utility's performance Good Keep Money

Theatre maker exposes inequality: performance raises €101,332.80 in surplus capital

Utrecht - With the performance Good Gold Money, theatre maker Greg Nottrot (artistic director of the NUT) managed to raise €101,332.80 from his audience this spring. This production was received with high praise by both the press and the audience and responds to that strong feeling that ''something has to change'' from both the creator and the audience... 

campaign image alum

Theatre Group Alum: BOUDICA - Iron Age Warrior Queen premiering on 29 September 2023

The latest Aluin production Boudica will premiere at Theatre Kikker in Utrecht on 29 September 2023. In this production, actor Jilles Flinterman tells the story of Boudica, the Celtic queen and Iron Age Warrior Queen, who to this day is seen as a symbol of female rage. If anything is written about women in... 

logo ilfu

New names for ILFU - ILFU will take place this year from September 23 to October 7.

The opening weekend of the International Literature Festival Utrecht includes a performance by Maggie Nelson, the NK Poetry Slam, the Utrecht Book Market, the start of the 1000-Dichtersmarathon and the inauguration of Babs Gons as Poet Laureate. The following two weeks will see performances by Philippe Claudel, Jeanette Winterson, Amitav Gosh and David van Reybrouck, among others. Two weeks later,... 

decor Good Gold Money in Utrecht

Greg Nottrot is a brilliant seller of dreams in Good Gold Money.

In Anton Chekhov's legendary play 'Seagull' (1896), the young, ambitious playwright Konstantin shoots a seagull. It is a symbolic act, giving 'wings' to his desperate love for the young actress Nina. On 29 June 2023, the no longer very young (40) actor, writer and storyteller Greg Nottrot stops every now and then to... 

image from the trailer of The Utility's performance Good Keep Money

Performance at Oerol generates €40,000 in excess capital 

Utrecht - With the performance Good Gold Money, theatre maker Greg Nottrot managed to raise no less than 40,000 euros from his audience during the Oerol Festival. This production was received with high praise by both the press and the audience at Oerol Festival and responds to that strong feeling that ''something needs to change'' from both the creator and the audience... 

the nominated books

Nominations announced for the Filter Translation Prize and Filter Translation Prize for children's and youth books.

In addition to the traditional Filter Translation Prize for the most outstanding translation of the year, a new, additional prize will be launched for the first time in 2023, and it will be for translated children's and young people's books - with a separate jury, a completely separate statute and with a prize money of €10,000. Both juries struggled during their search for the best translation to their own... 

logo ilfu

1,000 poets sought for nationwide poetry marathon

24 September to 7 October 2023: a two-week tour of 1000 poets and poetry readers along 13 cities in the Netherlands and Flanders, in the run-up to the 40th Night of Poetry. In the run-up to the 40th Night of Poetry, 1,000 poets will read poems in 13 different places in the Netherlands and Flanders. The poetry marathon '1000 Poets' will take place in... 

PR image The Utility Holiday Show

The NUT and Stadsschouwburg Utrecht present: The Holiday Show Theatre, game show and dinner full of glitter, glamour and prizes. 

On Thursday 26 October 2023, De Holidayshow will premiere, the autumn spectacle of the NUT in collaboration with the Stadschouwburg Utrecht. Ticket sales started on Sunday 4 June through the theatre's website. The show will play every Thursday to Sunday for a month at a yet undisclosed location in Utrecht. Directed by Ellen Goemans, text and acting by Joep Hendrikx, Floor... 

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