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Amsterdam Museum runs conversational campaign for Golden Coach


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The Amsterdam Museum is running an innovative campaign for the exhibition The Golden Coach in collaboration with various agencies and creatives. Sharing knowledge and starting a national conversation about the controversial carriage is the goal.

Head of Communications & Marketing at the Amsterdam Museum Maurice Seleky explains why this was chosen: ''The exhibition The Golden Coach tells visitors a multi-voiced story. Many people and contemporary makers have their say in the exhibition and diverse perspectives are highlighted. The exhibition aims to make people think about (the (future of) the Golden Coach. Therefore, the Amsterdam Museum's choice for a conversational campaign, in which the museum does not just broadcast but seeks interaction with the public, fits well with the exhibition. With our campaign, we invite conversation.''

On campaign across the country

The Amsterdam Museum is touring all 12 provinces in the campaign with a pop-up mobile research installation cum mini-expo. This concept was developed in collaboration with social design agency Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken. In five interactive modules, the public is invited to test their knowledge about the Golden Coach, share feelings about, memories of and associations with the coach and give a personal view on its future. They can do so, for example, by recording video and audio messages, which will be collected by the museum. Or by writing down what burning question they have about the Golden Coach. Some of the results will be presented on the accompanying website and in the exhibition. The cities of Groningen and Assen have already been visited and this week it is Leeuwarden's turn.

Seleky: ''We have created a multi-voiced exhibition where we highlight many sides of the Golden Coach. The voices living throughout the Netherlands must not be missing from the exhibition. By collecting ways of seeing throughout the Netherlands and giving them a place in the exhibition, we actively involve the Dutch in the subject. Through the mini-expo, of course, we also hope to encourage audiences throughout the Netherlands to visit the entire exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum to learn even more about the Golden Coach and come see the carriage in real life.''

Exploded view as image carrier

Together with renowned design agency Verve Agency, formerly known as Vruchtvlees, the Amsterdam Museum developed the campaign identity and outdoor campaign with an exploded view of the Golden Coach as the image carrier.

''For the campaign for the De Gouden Koets exhibition, we were looking for a powerful image carrier with which we could properly convey the layered, multidimensional story behind the carriage. After all, the exhibition is not about one object but about the many different stories that can be told about that object. We came up with the idea of the exploded view, or exploded view, as a metaphor for reconstructing the genesis of the coach. So depending on which perspective you look at it from, you can imagine the different parts being taken apart or, on the contrary, assembled into a whole,'' Seleky said.


Director Aram de Groot was commissioned by the Amsterdam Museum to make the campaign trailer for the exhibition The Golden Coach. He also previously made the campaign trailer for the exhibition Refresh Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Museum.


The Amsterdam Museum created a series of thirty OneMinute videos with Mals Media. In these videos, those involved in the exhibition - such as photographer Erwin Olaf, artists AiRich and Brian Elstak, republican Prof Hans Ulrich Jessurun d'Oliveira, member of the restoration committee of the Golden Coach Anne van Grevenstein and Pieter Verhoeve, president of Bond van Oranjeverenigingen, share their views on the coach.

The campaign trailer will be launched today (2 August) on the Amsterdam Museum's social media channels and the OneMinutes will be distributed one by one. ''In this way, we hope to trigger a different target group each time and encourage them, in addition to visiting the exhibition, to engage in conversation about the carriage,'' Seleky said.


On the website specially launched by the Amsterdam Museum and designed by Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken the results of the Mobile Research Installation will be shared from all over the Netherlands. Besides ordering tickets, visitors can also find more information about the artists, fringe programming and the De Gouden Koets exhibition on the website. The campaign image, the exploded view of the carriage, has been brought 'to life' on the website.

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