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10th edition Festival Circolo; stage for acrobats in drag, performers from Morocco and Syria and circus for babies


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From 21 to 30 October, the number of open mouths, gaped eyes and squeezed buttocks in the heart of Tilburg increases dramatically. The Netherlands' largest circus festival will then descend on Spoorpark Tilburg for ten days of top-quality contemporary circus. The 10th edition of Festival Circolo presents an accessible and universal programme where the stories of circus artists responding to current issues play the leading role. 

Welcome to Festival Circolo 2022

More than ever, Festival Circolo is betting on accessible. In programme and format. "When you have to keep all the balls in the air. Feel like you're balancing over a precipice with no safety net. And then a 'clown' in Russia turns the world upside down. This is why the circus is important right now. Not just as a welcome distraction, but mainly to cast that reality in a new light. Through the stories that artists spotlight, the answers and comfort they offer. More than ever, we hope to be a place where everyone feels welcome, regardless of gender, origin, orientation, spending power or physical ability." said the festival organiser.

FIQ / Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger / Morocco

The performance Fiq by Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger tells the story of Morocco's modernisation. From traditional Moroccan acrobatics, the show develops into a modern and colourful spectacle with challenging hip-hop, breakdance and girls who 'stand their ground'.

Runa / Amer Kabbani / Syria

For acrobat Amer Kabbani his father's homeland, Syria, has become a devastated ruin that harbours warm memories. In RUNA, he aims to rescue his past from oblivion, digging into his history and ploughing through issues of identity, family and conflict.

Carnivale Royale / A Queer Night by House of Circus / LGBTQI+

Queernight Carnivale Royal celebrates diversity. With various queer acts in the trapeze and on the floor. Drag queens Nick van der Heyden and Germain Charlat gathered a motley crew of performers for a dazzling show.

Be Kind / Emilie Weisse / circus for babies aged 6 to 18 months

Emilie Weisse created a special circus performance for babies aged 6 to 18 months. In this fluid performance of sound, colour and movement, two artists take babies and parents on a sensory journey.

Feel the heat at Festival Circolo

The energy crisis is palpable. As a result, basic human needs such as food, warmth and culture are becoming out of reach for many people. Festival Circolo wants to be a place where everyone (big or small purse) can experience warmth and beauty. That is why every day at 14:00 and 21:30 there will be free performances in the Circle Vault, a gigantic playground in the middle of the festival site. Also, the talented second-year students of circus school ACAPA will play a free open-air performance through the Railway Park daily at 2:30pm and 4:30pm. Everyone is welcome to take a seat by our bonfire and experience the beauty of circus.

Buy a ticket, give a ticket

Together with the Quiet Foundation, Festival Circolo makes a case for people living in silent poverty. Visitors with a larger purse have the opportunity to give someone in silent poverty an unforgettable circus experience as a gift. The organisation doubles all donations. This way, we can make circus accessible to everyone and make silent poverty (a little) more bearable.

About Festival Circolo 

Festival Circolo is the largest circus festival in the Netherlands. From 21 to 30 October, we present ten days of circus of the highest level. The festival heart is located in Tilburg's Spoorpark. Festival Circolo is there for everyone who wants to treat their senses to beauty, spectacle and excitement. The hearing-impaired, the visually-impaired, those with good or bad feet, 4 or 104 years old: there is a place for everyone at our festival.


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