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Visually strong documentary on Colombia at Concordia 

Monday 21 February at 19:30, Concordia is screening a one-off film 'Colombia in My Arms', about Colombia after the peace deal between the government and the FARC guerrillas. Will the fragile peace survive the distrust and resentment built up by decades of war? With elections approaching, some politicians hope to profit from stoking tensions even further. Before and after... 

Open call Theatre On Tour #5: Call for location theatre makers: Become part of our festival!

For the fifth edition of Theatre on Tour, Concordia and Wilminktheatre and Muziekcentrum Enschede are looking for location theatre makers. In the festival programme, we have reserved two special locations: the Redemptorist Park, on the border between the Netherlands and Germany, and the quay of the Enschede Rowing Association Thyro. On 18 and 19 September, Concordia and Wilminktheatre and Muziekcentrum Enschede will organise for the fifth... 

A mis-election of tears - This week's livestream at Concordia! 

An ode to grief. If pain is made into something superficial, can sadness still exist as a connection between people? Spread the sadness - a miss election of tears is an ode to sadness. A tear-jerking performance about shaping your own pain and appropriating someone else's. About how suffering affects your identity and sadness leads to... 

Concordia still continues to show theatre performances

In the coming weeks, you can enjoy the following livestreams at Concordia: Storyteller, Shaffy, Next Generation, Most Beautiful Songs and Cameretten finalists. More information about the performances below. BOI AKIH - Storyteller Theatre programmer Ellen saw this band at Podium Witteman a while back and thought it was so cool that she immediately booked them. Especially for this evening, there will be a... 

Open Call: Living on the Border: Concordia is looking for young inspired creators for a theatre project this summer!

Theatre Concordia is looking for young makers who are inspired and feel like turning a plan or idea into a theatrical product. The theme of this second open call is Living on the Border. The chosen submissions will receive guidance and a Masterclass, a starting budget of 750 euros and a place in our summer programming. During the first Open Call Never... 

Gerardjan Rijnders shines in premiere Dutch Comedy at Concordia

All happy families look alike... But the family we get to know in "Dutch Comedy" is anything but happy. On Thursday 1 April at 20:30, De Gemeenschap's show "Nederlandse Comedie" (try-out) can be seen at Concordia via a live stream. The try-out is an upbeat play that deals with intense topics. An emotional group portrait of people who... 

Ryan van den Akker plays Hiroshima in a child's soul; Voice of Alfred Jodocus Kwak comes to Enschede

At Concordia and the Vestzaktheatre, many performances continue as a live stream. On Saturday 13 March, for instance, Ryan van den Akker (known in musical leading roles such as Cyrano, My Fair Lady, Elisabeth, De Jantjes) will drop by with her performance 'Hiroshima in a child's soul'. A unique, personal narration of a poignant and terrifying story from her childhood. Theatre programmer Ellen Peters: "I find... 

Inkspot battle won by Renée van den Kerkhof

Saturday, March 6, the annual Inkspotbattle took place at Concordia. The theme was "Elections (in Corona time)". 10 Dutch cartoonists participated. The only female participant, Renée van den Kerkhof, walked away with the prize. Online visitors could watch the participating cartoonists translate a topical subject into cartoons. An expert jury chose at the end of the... 

Watching a cartoon being made; Inkspot battle at Concordia to be followed via livestream

The annual Inktspot Battle will take place on Saturday 6 March from 2.45pm. The battle, which can normally be followed at Concordia in the Inktspot exhibition, will, like last year, take place from the participating political cartoonists' own drawing tables and be broadcast live via Concordia's website. As an online visitor, you can watch as the participating draughtsmen... 

Theatre of Concordia, at home on the tube 

With the lockdown in full swing and the curfew shackling us to our homes, the theatre performances at Concordia Film | Theatre | Visual Arts in Enschede continue as usual. With no less than three diverse, musical performances in the coming week that can be followed via a livestream, so you can still get your much-needed dose of culture.

Podcast in times of Corona (7). Willem-Jaap Zwart of Concordia in Enschede: 'The most positive thing is that FC Twente cannot lose this weekend.'

'Keep doing your daily routines as much as possible when disaster strikes' Willem Jaap Zwart is director of theatre, film house and arts centre Concordia in Enschede, and he knows what he is talking about. As a resident of Enschede, he experienced the fireworks disaster, and even then the motto was: show resilience, and stay close to yourself: 'On the day it... 

'The decision to underpay freelancers is incomprehensible and a blot on the record' - 'Leaders in Culture' call for fair payment of freelancers

'How many more talented creators do we have to lose to other sectors because they cannot reconcile the undervaluation with the quality of their product? People choose eggs for their money in the long run, when children need to be fed or mortgages paid. The sector is hollowing itself out if we don't take better care of our talent.' Thirty leaders in the cultural sector speak out 

The 10 best films to get in the mood for SAIL

Boats and film, they have been linked since the very earliest cinema. The first moving shot is shot from a gondola in Venice, Georges Méliès already made Les haleurs de bateaux in 1896 and the much more sophisticated 20000 lieues sous les mers in 1907. With SAIL about to break loose, it is time to list the best nautical films.... 

Dutch National Ballet - Empire Noir - photo Angela Sterling A0146

Cool Britannia: fine coalition of British choreography talent

Got that. Do I get increasingly impressed during the National Ballet's evening Cool Britannia, turns out it's not that good at all. Because connoisseurs react lukewarmly afterwards. Am I that dumb, or are they that smart? There is actually very little British about Cool Britannia. Except that the choreographers are from there. An obvious... 

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