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image from the trailer of The Utility's performance Good Keep Money

Groundbreaking theatre show Good Gold Money returns

The NUT is (far) from done with the future of money After a successful run and rave reviews in summer 2023, the groundbreaking theatre production Good gold money returns on 21 and 23 June 2024 at the Heimland Festival in Diepenheim. Good gold money has not only impressed audiences at previous screenings, but also raised €101,332.80 in surplus... 

Sâlt - Bart Grietens

Tryater repeats Oerol hit Sâlt on mainland

The Tryater show Sâlt, created for Oerol and performed there until 18 June, is a hit at the Terschelling festival. After a quick sell-out, excellent reviews and a consistently moved audience, the Frisian theatre company decides to give the show a follow-up on shore, after the Fanfare theatre series the following theatre season. For the music from Sâlt, a performance of... 

image from the trailer of The Utility's performance Good Keep Money

Performance at Oerol generates €40,000 in excess capital 

Utrecht - With the performance Good Gold Money, theatre maker Greg Nottrot managed to raise no less than 40,000 euros from his audience during the Oerol Festival. This production was received with high praise by both the press and the audience at Oerol Festival and responds to that strong feeling that ''something needs to change'' from both the creator and the audience... 

Tryater at Oerol 2014, photo Saris den Engelsman

Royal family experiences preview Tryater performance Sâlt

On Wednesday 9 May, the Royal Couple on Terschelling will get an exclusive sneak preview of the show Sâlt, which Tryater is bringing to Oerol in the summer. The couple will visit Terschelling in a tour of the Wadden Islands. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will be informed about the main topics in an extensive programme. Of course, Terschelling's Oerol is part of the visit:... 

flyer The Utility

Committed theatre maker seeks surplus capital - Het NUT presents Good Gold Money at Oerol Festival and Berlin Square in Utrecht

Utrecht, March 2023 - Theatre producer and actor Greg Nottrot, artistic director of the NUT (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel), will create and perform this summer's show Good Gold Money. Theatre about inequality, excess and the discomfort and necessity of money. The performance can be seen at Oerol Festival on Terschelling from 9 to 18 June and from 28 June to... 

'I Say Sorry' masterfully makes tangible what a madness our slavery past is.  

Saying sorry seems to be difficult, if the songs about it are to be believed, and if we measure the time it takes Dutch governments to do it. But sorry is also very easy, if you consider how often you are not pushed aside in the queue for something or other, after the word 'sorry' has sounded behind you, or -... 


From Thursday 2 to Sunday 12 September 2021, the Netherlands Theatre Festival will show the best productions of the past theatre season. The Netherlands Theatre Jury, headed by jury president Hadassah de Boer, selected the eight best theatre productions of the moment. Today, the jury announced its selection. The full selection can be seen during the upcoming edition of the festival 

Matteo Myderwyk new artist in residence at TivoliVredenburg

Dutch pianist/composer Matteo Myderwyk will be artist in residence at TivoliVredenburg in June and July 2021. Over three weeks, he will play four different concerts in four different venues.* Matteo Myderwyk was trained as a classical pianist, but decided to throw off all musical rules and laws after the conservatory. His goal: to make music in the moment. That's how he ended up... 

Everyone saved? Only a few festivals suffered heavy damage.

The total of eight festivals that were given a place in the Basic Cultural Infrastructure thanks to vigorous political lobbying are in the clear. They do not benefit from the extra millions released by the Cabinet on Budget Day to rescue the Performing Arts Fund, because they are not (or no longer) covered by it.

Burn letter from festivals: 'It's going wrong with the performing arts in the Netherlands'

A fire letter from the United Performing Arts Festivals. One of more than a hundred lobbying organisations in the arts, but a very important one. After all, the festivals are the place where audiences were introduced to arts and entertainment in its full breadth. That doesn't happen anywhere else. And beautiful: they stand up for all performing arts, because, as loyal readers of this site know: they are quite the hare, and become even more the hare with every half-hearted rescue.

Culture Council marginally updates opinion, but sticks to controversial decisions

The National Opera had made a mistake in preparing its application. According to the Culture Council, the multi-million-dollar national institution had failed to break down performance data between dance and music. As a result, the company had to come up with an entirely new application before 1 November. Now it turns out that was not so bad. As it turns out, the data... 

The Lower House will only make the disaster for culture worse. (Unless it chooses to change.)

On Monday 29 June, the Lower House will discuss the advice of the Council for Culture. An advice that, as the Volkskrant rightly noted on Friday 26 June, receives much more criticism than previous advice. In doing so, the newspaper reaffirms what we already wrote down immediately after its release on 4 June: there is a total lack of transparency, a... 

Improper governance? Looks like it. Holland Festival expresses justified anger at Culture Council's arbitrariness (edited to make criticism of Oerol and lobby insightful)

The Council for Culture acted contrary to all policy agreements, its own advice and rules when it reduced the subsidy for the Holland Festival by over five hundred thousand euros. The Holland Festival, which is in serious trouble as a result, is now expressing its anger in a letter that went to the Lower House today. The organisation even speaks of "improper administration": a... 

The BIS is dead, long live the Puppets

Let's just start with the good news: De Staat is a regular fixture in the Netherlands from now on. And so we are talking about the band De Staat. Who make fantastic music videos these days. They have been promoted from a four-year grant with the Performing Arts Fund to a four-year grant according to the Cultural Basic Infrastructure (BIS). With 55 other newcomers. All weighed... 

Oerol hit on tour in the Netherlands: Uniform, about the longing for commonality

Dance performance Uniform by creator Nastaran Razawi Khorasani, a huge success at Oerol 2018, is being remade. The performance will be re-created, premiere on Saturday 15 February 2020 at Maaspodium, Rotterdam and tour the Netherlands until 10 April 2020. Uniform is a dance performance about the desire for commonality, an ode to the follower. Uniform What is the power... 

'I decided to make an unabashedly grand romantic gesture and blow people away' - Mathilde Wantenaar writes new piece for Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Being creative on demand? That's impossible, you would think. Yet it is the reality for composers and artists who work on commission. Mathilde Wantenaar (1993) therefore got acute choice stress when the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra asked her for a new piece. She was just working on a commission from De Nationale Opera. 'I felt like a rabbit in the... 

Parliament Debout: round of Bijlmer mostly results in discomfort for Holland Festival audience.

The Bijlmermeerpolder is still known as a district where you don't go unless something or someone forces you to. A stigma the apartment neighbourhood acquired in the 1980s when it served as a drain on society. And still its reputation is bad. A single incident of violence repeatedly damages the entire district, though that is... 

Shout out! The big fill-in for the new arts plan.

The Council for Culture has just proposed the new Basic Infrastructure (BIS), and it has become a very big, in traditional terms 'prosperous', baby. Since the Council is not allowed to name names, and can only list functions, we have already made a fill-in list here, in which we list (very briefly, because little time and not knowing about everything) which existing cultural... 

Those who know how to find Toost Foodtruck Festival experience small-scale magic

With Toost, the Netherlands has gained a food truck festival that does not visit the capital cities but rather the smaller towns. This sometimes causes local friction, but almost always gratitude. And for a consumer who feels not stripped down but taken care of for a change. Halfway through our conversation, Toost Foodtruck Festival organiser Kris de Pee (30) is tapped on the shoulder by the... 

Stephanie Louwrier: 'I embrace the fear of failure'

'I once performed in front of a hall somewhere in the middle of nowhere, with a lot of old people. The performance was announced as cabaret. But my work does not fall within one particular genre. Because of the designation 'cabaret', the audience had expectations that I did not meet. People wanted a fun, entertaining evening. My performance was rebellious, energetic. I jumped all... 

No man can escape Nottrots Thundering Time. (Theatre with built-in escaperoom)

'Can I ask you: do you know what time is?' Greg Nottrot's question cannot be straightforward, as I am the only spectator. MIjn spot is uncomfortable: a chair sinking into fresh gravel on the curious Utrecht plain christened 'Berlinplein' by city developers. I witness an early rehearsal of De Denderende Tijd. In that... 

Culture Council fill-in exercise offers hardly any surprises

Champagne at BAK in Utrecht, deep disappointment at The New Institute in Rotterdam: the Council for Culture has spoken. Today, Thursday 19 May 2016, the first advice after the draconian art cuts by the first Rutte cabinet came out, and heads are rolling. Amsterdam loses prestigious presentation institution De Appel, in The Hague fellow institution Stroom has to redo its homework. The Orkest van het Oosten and the Gelders Orkest have to come up with merger plans within two years. In Utrecht, the city company Theater Utrecht will no longer receive funding despite artistic appreciation. Het Zuidelijk Toneel in Eindhoven Tilburg must make new plans and Opera Zuid must quickly raise its artistic quality. These are the main conclusions of the Culture Council's opinion.

As dramatic as some of this may sound, the advice is actually not, when you look over the whole battlefield. Thanks in part to

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