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'The past has a strong influence on the present and the future'. Juan Gómez Bárcena wrote a novel about world history in an insignificant Spanish village

Even in a tiny hamlet with seemingly nothing to do, world history is at - or rather under - your feet. In his extraordinary novel The Village of Memories, Juan Gómez Bárcena (39) weaves together centuries of stories. 'I love to challenge myself considerably when writing.' More cows than inhabitants A village... 

Spanish writer Fernando Aramburu ©Iván Giménez Tusquets Editores

What would our lives be like if we knew at birth when we were going to die? Fernando Aramburu on his new novel 'Counting the days'

With his previous novel Homeland, Spanish author Fernando Aramburu captured the hearts of readers across Europe. The bestseller about the consequences of violence by the Basque separatist movement ETA, won three awards and HBO adapted the book into a television series. His new one, Counting the Days, is a more intimate story, about a man who decides on a... 

A meditation on beauty, joy and gratitude. Manuel Vilas picks up where he left off with 'Ordesa'

In Joy, the sequel to Manuel Vila's bestseller Ordesa, the protagonist is searching for himself and for little sparks of joy. In his rather barren and difficult existence, this is not yet easy. It must have been a double feeling. With his personal novel Ordesa (published in 2018, a story about the death of his parents and the existential emptiness... 

Bestselling author Maria Dueñas wrote a sequel about spy Sira Quiroga: 'She had to suffer a little'

Her debut novel The Sound of the Night, in which simple seamstress Sira Quiroga became a spy for the British secret service, became a global bestseller a decade ago. Now Spanish writer María Dueñas (58) is out with a new novel in which she takes Sira to task. 'She did have to suffer a little.' Second part Because of the somewhat... 

'We will have to learn to live together better.' Writer Julia Navarro explores the why of terrorism in her new novel

Navarro's eighth novel From Nothingness revolves around Lebanese-Frenchman Abir Nasr, whose parents and sister are shot dead before his eyes by Israeli soldiers. Abir vows to take revenge one day. He and his little brother Ismail end up with strict religious family in Paris, who later move to the Molenbeek district of Brussels. While Abir's cousin Noura adopts the freer lifestyle of... 

Forever a little uprooted. New novel Jesús Carrasco is a portrait of contemporary Spain

Back Home, the new novel by Spanish writer Jesús Carrasco (49) is not only a portrait of a family and two generations, but also a portrait of Spain itself. 'Today's literature gives social groups a voice they didn't have before.' Three years of work and two complete novels ended up in the dustbin before Jesús Carrasco wrote his new novel Back... 

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