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theatre frog

Who_s afraid of Oscar Wilde - photography Bas de Brouwer (attribution always required)

Theatre Kikker, for your necessary dose of drama

Ticket sales for season '24/'25 start On Thursday 13 June at 12:00, Theatre Kikker will start ticket sales for theatre season 24/25. With over 130 different performances, there is something for everyone. Be amazed and overwhelmed by theatre, modern dance, youth theatre, storytelling, performance and hip-hop. Theatre Kikker is ready for you all year long with your necessary dose of... 

The team of De Nijverheid, photographer Eric Kampherbeek

De Nijverheid receives Harm Lambers Building block for Special Art in Utrecht 2024

Utrecht - Last Saturday 30 March, cultural free port De Nijverheid received the Harm Lambers Building Block for Special Art in Utrecht. This honourable challenge trophy was presented by Utrecht dance company De Dansers, which received this biennial award for the first time in 2022. Praise from the jury Josephine van Rheenen of De Dansers was laudatory in the jury report on... 

Jiaxin CTF Culture Terrace Cafe Theatre Festival 2022 By Maarten de Leeuw

De Nijverheid receives Harm Lambers Building block for Special Art in Utrecht 2024

Utrecht - On 30 March next, the Harm Lambers Building Block for Special Art in Utrecht will be awarded for the second time in Theater Kikker. Utrecht dance company De Dansers took this biennial award for the first time in 2022 and now passes the honourable trophy on to cultural free port De Nijverheid. The jury report Josephine van Rheenen and Guy Corneille of... 

scene photo by Sanne Peper

Reinout Bussemaker is the dream JP in Aluin's 'This is ours'

You must be a white man of a certain age. Some of us are so fed up with being blamed for everything that they voted PVV or worse in the last elections out of sheer desperation. That is why it is good that playwright Erik Snel, himself a white man of a certain age, has written a play about the archetype of the Dutch... 

Theatres join forces and take on co-producer role

The Coproducers is an initiative of 12 theatres whereby they act as co-producers of productions by theatre makers who are no longer starting, but also not yet established. By corona there is a gap in the career development of younger creators, last year the Council for Culture and State Secretary for Culture and Media Gunay Uslu sounded the alarm. This season push... 

The entrance of theatre Kikker. PR image Theatre Kikker

One more time at Theatre Kikker - Relive theatrical highlights during Kikker Kiest

Kikker Kiest the best theatre of today Utrecht - From Tuesday 12 to Thursday 21 September, Theater Kikker will open the new theatre season with Kikker Kiest. The best performances of the past season return to the theatre on the Ganzenmarkt in Utrecht. A mix of important performances that enrich your view of the world. Themes such as strength and vulnerability, domestic violence,... 

campaign image alum

Theatre Group Alum: BOUDICA - Iron Age Warrior Queen premiering on 29 September 2023

The latest Aluin production Boudica will premiere at Theatre Kikker in Utrecht on 29 September 2023. In this production, actor Jilles Flinterman tells the story of Boudica, the Celtic queen and Iron Age Warrior Queen, who to this day is seen as a symbol of female rage. If anything is written about women in... 

What Lies Beneath - photo Niels Knelis Meijer

The future is moving, the question is: how?

When the difference between the performer during the performance and afterwards is at least a thick metre, you know you are dealing with a great artist. Australian dancer Olympia Kotopoulos is a great artist, because on stage she fills the space, while in real life she barely counts one and a half metres. Art is, literally, larger than life.... 

Anna van Kooij photography

The Dancers at Theatre Kikker: An inspiring evening with special guests, good conversation and a folkdance party

The Utrecht company De Dansers received the Harm Lambers Bouwsteen for special art in Utrecht in 2022. The company received this award for their special contribution to the connection between art and the city of Utrecht. As part of the award, the company will be given the key to Theater Kikker in Utrecht for one day on Saturday 8 April and will present... 

We are all fluid. Alum makes tangible in Metamorphoses II how comforting that is

Marietje d'Hane Scheltema, her name be praised. How corny I used to think she was with her neat little rhymes with which she managed to transform classical Greek and Roman drinking bouts into Kralings-judged bake sale parties. And how wrong I could be. Because how well her translation of Ovid's Metamorphoses works in the hands of the people at Alum. Yesterday was the premiere... 

Talking about gender identity with grandma - Twelfth Night by Theatre Group Alum | Premiere on 23 December 2022

In this bleak everyday reality, Theatre Group Alum gives you the opportunity to escape to Ilyria, where audiences will be immersed in a world of romance, music and gender fluidity. From 21 to 30 December, this sneaky queer party takes over Theatre Kikker. Shakespeare Twelfth Night was written by William Shakespeare as a sneaky Queer party within the norms of the seventeenth... 

'I Say Sorry' masterfully makes tangible what a madness our slavery past is.  

Saying sorry seems to be difficult, if the songs about it are to be believed, and if we measure the time it takes Dutch governments to do it. But sorry is also very easy, if you consider how often you are not pushed aside in the queue for something or other, after the word 'sorry' has sounded behind you, or -... 

Theatre Kikker is 50 and treating: Theatrical happening with 50 hours of non-stop programme and playgrounds in the city

Theatre Kikker is 50 and that deserves a celebration! For audiences, makers and for everyone from the city who does not yet know Theater Kikker very well. From Saturday 1 to Sunday 9 October 2022, Utrecht will be treated to theatrical explosions, pop-up performances, out-of-the-box work and epic DJs. It will be a week of celebration with a touch of nostalgia, a... 

De Dansers receives the first Harm Lambers Building Block for Special Art in Utrecht

Utrecht - Utrecht dance company De Dansers received the first Harm Lambers Building Stone for Special Art in Utrecht on 10 April. During a festive evening in Theater Kikker, one of the initiators, Paul Feld, presented this challenge trophy to De Dansers. Jury report De Dansers, led by choreographer Josephine van Rheenen and composer Guy Corneille is... 

The Utrechtichting is coming! Corona-time theatre graduates present themselves.

During the upcoming Makersdag on 7 March in Het Huis Utrecht, the Utrechtse Lichting will present themselves, a group of Utrecht theatre makers who graduated during the pandemic. The circumstances in which these makers had to take their first steps in the field were tough during corona time. HKU Theatre, Theater Kikker and Het Huis Utrecht are therefore jointly offering these theatre makers the opportunity to... 

Vincent Wijlhuizen is working on a coronaproof What You See Festival: 'a very large group of people are now much less visible.' 

Immediately after the lockdown was declared in March 2020, Vincent Wijlhuizen, co-founder (along with Annette van Zwol and Ieme Soes) and director of the What you See Festival, set to work to come up with alternatives for the festival, which takes place in the autumn. 'We made several plans. We already had an ordinary plan, which went to all the funds... 

logo council for culture

UPDATE: House passes motion. Minister works on 'support package'. Culture Council sounds alarm. (And look what the eastern neighbours are doing!)

UPDATE Friday, March 13, 9:30 a.m.: After the Culture Council sounded the alarm on Thursday night, the House of Representatives passed a motion urging a support package for the affected cultural sector. The text of the motion, tabled by D66, Groen Links, PvdA, Partij van de Dieren, Denk and 50Plus, reads as follows: 'The Chamber, having heard the debate, whereas meetings with... 

Photo: Sanne Peper

From Fleabag to Game of Thrones à la Hollandaise, Alum does us all a favour with The Dutchmen.

In the days when Europe was still a loose collection of city-states and duchies, where groups of men, for want of football, went on raids a few times a year to burn houses and rape women, a language emerged in the marshlands of the Rhine delta. We know this because plays were written in that language, which is among the earliest preserved... 

Who said modern music was humourless and cerebral again? American Kelley Sheehan wins in Music Week full of humour and reflection

For a moment, the envelope seems unopenable but then Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven conjures up the redeeming paper after all. 'The winner of the 2019 Gaudeamus Award is Kelley Sheehan!' The little American almost falls off her stool in amazement. Probably not entirely by chance, the new music organisation has positioned her right in the middle of her four fellow candidates. - She herself would... 

Really Happened is No Excuse, or: How playwright Sadettin Kırmızıyüz gets passed left and right by De Luizenmoeder

I attended the try-out of Metropolis #1 at The Hague's Theater aan het Spui and a week later - because I couldn't believe my eyes the first time - I also went to the premiere. Rarely did I see something so blood-curdlingly exciting on stage. But unfortunately for the wrong reasons. A lot of a-musical notions Metropolis is the... 

Scene from The Place To Be. Photo: Jochem Jurgens

Rolling stones, screaming kitchen maids, smoke bombs and noble punk: why the upstarts in Theatre Frogs Winter Collection offer so many surprises.

Two men. Not even very muscular, not even very tough. But what dockworkers. And what simplicity to tell something really beautiful. One rolls himself up like a stone and the other rolls that stone up a mountain. That mountain consists of stage sections that are each at least half a metre in height from each other.... 

Jouman Fattal, on TV next year, already seen in Frog's 'Winter Collection'

Called The Winter Collection, it is a five-day mini-festival full of surprises. Utrecht-based Theatre Kikker has now made it a tradition to provide some real surprises every year around Sinterklaas. 10 performances by young creators, from video art, to rowdy dance performance, from a silent monologue to post-dramatic cyberpunk, enough to give any theatre lover a wake-up call.... 

Kill the West in Me - musical theatre about East-West clash

These days we are bombarded to death with opinions on the pros and cons of multiculti. Depending on their political preferences, people are either very enthusiastic or very negative about the increasing 'colourisation' of our society. The gamelan ensemble Gending, the Doelen Kwartet and Het Geluid Maastricht decided to take the bull by the horns. They based Kill the West in Me on feminist letters from... 

Five weeks of Bambie in Utrecht? Could just be the way to a more diverse culture

Speaking of diversity, within the dominantly white theatre audience, it is also full of bubbles. Over the past two weeks, for instance, I have just let it dawn on me how little overlap there is between the audiences of the two art theatres in my city, Utrecht. At least: for a while I sort of immersed myself in the world of... 

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