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 Wilfred Takken muses today about the character Jacques in the Shakespeare comedy As You Like It. The actor Stephen Dillane makes a wonderful Bob Dylan of, says NRC reviewer Takken:

When Dylan was once asked if he considered himself the "voice of a generation", he replied, "I'm just a song and dance man. Everyone laughed, but he meant it. It's the same with Melancholy Jacques: he acts as a prophet of doom, telling us over and over again that the world gone wrong, but he functions as song and dance man: the entertainer, a variant of the clown. Everyone enjoys listening to his disconcerting words, but more for entertainment than foundation. The tragedy of the artist. According to Shakespeare connoisseurs, Melancholy Jacques is an alter-ego of Shakespeare.

The article on the NRC website lists a few other Dylan parodies, but without giving the links. We embed them - as far as findable - here:

Frank Zappa - Flakes

Loudon Wainwright III - Talking New Bob Dylan

Weird Al Yankovic - Bob

John Lennon - Serve Yourself (on the Lennon Anthology, answer to Dylan's Gotta Serve Somebody)

Monty Python (Eric Idle) - Not the Messiah

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