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Eternal chairman Hans Onno van den Berg leaves Association of Theatre and Concert Hall managements

Hans Onno van den Berg

He was pretty much fused with it. Hans Onno van den Berg was the VSCD. And that ís so until 1 September, when he leaves as chairman of the Association of theatre and concert hall directors. So we learned from a very reliable grapevine. En we have since been confirmed, said a week later. Far too late according to some, far too early according to others. The fact remains that this man performed his job and combined functions in a way that filled friends with admiration, and enemies with horror, as the board's statement also shows. Add to that the fact that nobody actually wanted his job: being boss of a club of 150 building directors, ranging in stature from road-promoted fire chief to world-renowned art pope. Someone with a lot of power, as a result, he was. And then resistance increases, history shows. But maybe it all just went down in love, and it is high-level conflict over the theatre and concert ticket/card/voucher/pad debacle, which dragged on for years and threatened to destroy a few careers not at all to blame for his departure. And is it just age. Or the family.

2 thoughts on “Eeuwig voorzitter Hans Onno van den Berg vertrekt bij Vereniging Schouwburg en Concertgebouwdirecties”

  1. Last week, I read in De Volkskrant about Van den Berg's concerns regarding theatre attendance in the near future. In response, I tried to reach Van den Berg through De Volkskrant. The newspaper wouldn't/couldn't post my letter. But since I still haven't received any response (e.g. WHY my idea might be nonsensical), I want to try to still get my letter under the eye of more experts. Here is my letter:

    Fewer visits to theatre and concert halls
    Visits to theatres and concert halls have fallen again, writes director of the Association of Theatre and Concert Hall Directors Hans Onno van den Berg He worries about the future , with not only "the crisis" but also the policies of the current cabinet playing a leading role. And in that worrisome development, the increase in VAT from 1 July 2011 is at the centre of attention.
    I approached a couple of artist friends some time ago with a question about this. But I have not received a clear answer. Therefore, I turn , via De Volkskrant, to Hans Onno van den Berg and other theatre lovers:
    a) Is it possible to convert the board or management form of theatres to an association form? Exactly, just like a football or swimming association! Each theatre its own association, the Short Band Association.
    (b) Have it stated in statutes and/or by-laws that membership of this association is valid for a very short time (for a few hours or one evening).
    (c) Each membership should, in my opinion, cost what a ticket for the performance or concert would have cost previously, excluding VAT. Inflation adjustments can of course be allowed.
    At the box office, one then buys a "membership" for the desired number of people, while cancelling this short membership at the same time. It would be even easier if a kind of public transport chip card were created; checking out could then be done automatically when leaving the theatre.
    Administrative matters should be conducted, obviously by a board, with the Daily Board, as usual, taking care of day-to-day affairs. Again, just like in an association for the elderly or a cycling club.
    This would replace the old "admission ticket" with a "short-term membership". As far as I know, no VAT is due on this at all. And so theatre and concert attendance could grow again.
    Whether this idea can be legally "buttoned up", I do not know, but I think it would be useful to seek an expert's opinion on that

    Jelle Netten - Voorburg
    Please comment, this is serious!
    yours sincerely. Jelle Netten

    1. Crazy idea, but with roots 🙂 In a grey past, this was how a club like Eksit worked in Rotterdam, keeping tickets cheap and drug trafficking soft. Had its hooks and eyes, though. O.a. that a membership was indeed taken out for a year,. and members only got discounts after that. But the association model will certainly be tried more in the coming years.

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