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"Characteristic of the book trade remains the endless chatter, but this evening I wouldn't have wanted to miss." All tweets from #evdu, with video.

Interesting things are happening these days. The digital revolution is beginning to have traces of a real revolution. No one has yet set themselves on fire, as in Tunisia, but more and more people are taking to the virtual streets to overthrow the old powers: after the record companies, which let themselves be overwhelmed by people downloading, and the newspapers, which let themselves be overwhelmed by people searching freely for information, it now seems to be the turn of book publishers.

On Tuesday, 25 January 2011, a confrontation took place between the representatives of the paper empire that was the publishing world for the past 200 years and the people of the digital age, and it went as people who have been at this kind of meeting more often already know: the representatives of the existing companies behaved like old monarchs: with very great disdain, the once young dog and publisher Joost Nijssen and writer's agent Paul Sebes talked about the digital revolt, and the representatives of the new movement listened to them affably.

The panel further consisted of: Sander Ruys (Maven Publishing), Valentine van der Lande (, Willem Dudok (Johnny Wonder), Lolies van Grunsven (Van Grunsven Creative Management).

Twitter users of the first hour Kaj Leers and Jaap Stronks have already analysed the case, and their descriptions, respectively here and here find are worth reading. We ourselves have decided to play the role of independent beobachter. As we did earlier when discussing the culture budget, we will bring you the tweets (twitter messages) of those present, only in the right order. When you search for yourself on the collection code of messages on this SLAA-evening, you will indeed find these #evdu tweets in reverse order. (in the comments, it is by now also clear that Daphne de Heer is not Daphne de Heer, but Immeke Krabbe. That's how the internet works)

Between the posts are video recordings of a piece of discussion, and parts of two of the three spoken columns, namely by Walter van den Berg and Nelleke Noordervliet. Are you reading along?

Jaap Stronks : Ah, hashtag = #evdu. End of publishing. Few publishers in the room - so who are there? i.e. @alper, @bartheideman and @mauriceseleky 15 hours ago

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: The hashtag is #evdu Combo consists of Benny singing with Manuel on piano. 15 hours ago

Cultural Press Agency: We are witnessing the end of publishing. And we have a hashtag for it.

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: Me too here?

Kaj Leers: ebook, audiobook and paper book publisher is asked what he doesn t prefer to publish. "Paper book. Doesn't earn me the most."

Peter de Jong: Hehe, I was at the End of the Blogosphere last week. Much busier 🙂 @alper @bartheideman @mauriceseleky #evdu #evdb

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: 1st proposition #evdu In 5 years, traditional publishing will no longer exist. Panel disagrees.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Sander Ruys does think that different parts of publishing will be done by more and more different organisations.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Lolies says publishers do need to be open to the new developments

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Joost Nijsen brings up that every publisher is doing something with the new media #evdu His publ. was the 1st with an iPhone app

Cultural Press Agency: Full house at #evdu. Half tweet and third read ebooks. Podium panel does not. One firmly believes in future paper book.

Book Journal: No raised fingers at panel on proposition that trad. out will be over in 5 yr #evdu

Cultural Press Agency: Break number Benny goes in nice and hard on #evdu. That's going to be a nice discussion. First angry panellist already spotted.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: 2nd proposition: audience question. May Mr Nijsen next. finish his story. 2nd question to Sander. What is core task of publishing!

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Another audience question: if writers can self-publish their books digitally, is there still a role for publishing?

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer Joost Nijsen says finding talent and editing is a profession. Group writers can hire an editor, of course, but

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer Vlgs joost nijssen the core task v publishers is to 'market' v talent #evdu ' 15 hours ago

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Then you are actually setting up a publishing house. Valentine says audiences are increasingly able to make a choice.

Jaap Stronks: #evdu publishing = bundling of functions that because of high cost risks *had* to be centralised because of risk diversification.

Kaj Leers: Panelist has no fear of publishing companies becoming obsolete. And spins off record company rant from 10 years ago. #fail

Eva Reinders: For now, the lead role is for Benny of music.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: For finding budgets, there are other ways than publishing. She is convinced that authors take matters into their own hands

Jaap Stronks: #evdu and the removed cost threshold removes need for bundling functions, which are offered separately. Ergo: end of publishing.

Kaj Leers: Authors have no knowledge of publishing, marketing and no distribution. So they will not displace authors, says panel participant.

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: Vlgs ten pages authors and their audiences are increasingly in control of power and quality

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Expertise of publisher and literary agents and bookstore has been a process of years

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Literary agents publish 10 out of 1000 manuscripts: selecting, editing, liaising is a profession!

Jaap Stronks #evdu FYI: that insight does not sound on stage, but I borrowed from Clay Shirky. 15 hours ago

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Thesis 2: conservative behaviour of bookstores holds back innovation

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: Vlgs the 'classic' representation v t panel r really hasn't changed that much, and it will stay that way for the time being proesthaha #fail

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Sander Ruys, as a newcomer, is asked for his opinion on the subject. He used to work at Unilever

Gerard Driehuis: @SLAAmsterdam have written two books and they have not been improved by the publisher #evdu #amateurs #balance 15 hours ago

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: He found a lot of love for the trade at the bookstore. He thinks e-books, audiobooks and paper books will remain for a long time to come

Danielle Freriks: #evdu 'bestselling' . Pithy. 15 hours ago

Wijbrand Schaap: Am actually quite shocked by the attitude of publishers and agents about the new developments. It really won't last their time.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Nijsen surmises that people think the bookstore is betting more and more on bestsellers, but doesn't think so.Number of carriers increases

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Lolies says the book supply for bookshops is far too large. There is also a problem there

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Another audience question: what is the importance of the writer in this development?

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: The reader benefits from the outcome of any development, but what is the writer's interest?

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Valentine of Tenpages outlines writer's need: to reach the widest possible audience. Craft should capitalise on that goal.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Lolies says quality is at least as important as making sure the audience is as large as possible

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: Ten Pages: trust audience taste" Response "really waaar?!"

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Tenpages makes no selection. Valentine relies on the audience's snark. Anyone can place 10 pages. If for 10,000 euros

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: to shares sold, the manuscript can be published.

Wijbrand Schaap: On #evdu, bewildered reaction to statement that tenpages relies on public taste. 15 hours ago

Alper Çuğun: #evdu These people do sit comfortably in the disruption buffer called Amsterdam. It will be their time. 15 hours ago

Alper Çuğun: Someone else I appreciate tremendously around this topic is @jamesbridle

Colette: Author outlines ideal publisher. Well....?

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Next is Walter van den Berg's column. He was in NY. He saw many people reading e-books in public transport. He shows off his iPad.

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: Columnist 1 on his ideal publisher

Jaap Stronks #evdu sees @alpers next to me typing a reply to me. #thatsafirst 15 hours ago

Kaj Leers: Publisher would not publish an insanely popular book on anyway. 'It may be popular, but we decide.'

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Handy for reading a book or newspaper. The writer knows there is a market for it, but now the provider has to come.

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: Columnist 1: ideal publisher has no fear

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: He told his publisher he wanted to make his book available for free. The latter was sympathetic, but disappeared to nrc

timEboektoe: @SLAAmsterdam he needs to say, he as a publisher just keeps away from that

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: According to him, the rest of the publishing industry is just afraid of the digital future, e.g. piracy. E-book costs too much in his eyes.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Sander Ruys thinks you shouldn't compare e-books to paper books, although he doesn't like videos in e-books.

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: Noise: more possibilities in visualisations v text in ebooks #evdu15 hours ago

Colette: Totally agree with Sander Ruys, the eBook is not a direct derivative of the paper book.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Lolies leads by example with Aliefka Bijlsma and Ivo Victoria. Aliefka's e-book was made available digitally for free and delivered

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: her a whole new audience. Victoria's publisher left pricing to readers.

Jaap Stronks: #evdu Question @vandenb: ebooks need to be cheaper. WTF, moderator shifts question: shouldn't they be more multimedia so they can be more expensive? 14 hours ago

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Paul Sebes says paper books are still best-selling. In comparison, e-book sales are very low.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Valentine brings up that income for writers is significantly greater than for paper books

Cultural Press Agency: Lit. Agent Sebes thinks the back catalogue of major publishers coming online via ebooks is not going to be bought by anyone.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Joost Nijsen says the public expects to find things for free on the internet and that stands in the way of the book trade's survival

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Audience Q: Nelleke Noordervliet. Revenue for e-book author is 17 % maximum. Sebes says 25%.That's all the publisher will give

Marion Altena: @SLAAmsterdam Even though we are lagging behind in NL, I believe the trend from the US will be followed regarding e-book sales.

Jaap Stronks: ebooks 'risk' cannibalisation paper market. Well, they do just come clean about it.

Alper Çuğun: The dedain of publishers spills out.

Kostwinner Henk Rijks: 25% of little remains little. #royalties

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Determination is that this is very meagre, although Nijsen says: 10% on ordinary book royalties, 2 euros. E-books: 25% of net price.

Jaap Stronks: butre, most paper books turn a loss. Spreading risk is a publisher's most fundamental strength!

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: Authors should also look into the facts about prices. i.e. prices can't go down and authors can't earn more?

timEboektoe: @SLAAmsterdam who talks to the good man. ereader buyers also like to buy ebooks. free is not im frage

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Retail gets 35%, publisher has to make some money too. But 1% of sales come from e-books

Kostwinner Henk Rijks: Then reveal your added value as a publisher, @joostnijsen

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Uitg. keen to share, but must earn it, says Nijsen. Ruys also gives authors 25%. There is too little experimentation!

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Now column by Wullem Dudok, media expert at communications agency Johnny Wonder. Presentation on big screen: overview of media

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: How 2.0 are publishers? According to Willem Dudok

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: He portrays himself as a reader. He chooses The toothless time dl 2 by A.F.Th. Van der Heijden

DanielleFreriks Danielle Freriks: The 'flat' pdf version of a new book, low-priced, can be seen as a marketing tool. Great reach, pays off later...

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: And then he himself doesn't know how his powerpoint works on the projector, poor guy

Kaj Leers: One big deja-vu. The book industry people repeat all the wrong arguments of the record, games and film industry from 10 years ago

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: This is to illustrate the new developments. You try something extra. Times are different, times are less toothless than then

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Attention is fleeting and scarce these days. More important for readers is that publishers know how to hold attention.

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: But he does say sensible things: 'attention' is scarce in network society, but is demanded v all kinds of parties ad consumer

eaderigt Erik Rigters: @SLAAmsterdam little experiment? I don't do anything else.

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: The term should be replaced with sustainable 'engagement'

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Ways you can use to draw attention to 'a story: Twitter, Facebook, blogs to connect with writers

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Engagement requires publishers to have an infrastructure in place to capture and hold readers' attention.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: As a successful story, he cites that of Paulo Coelho, who tweeted and gave an internet interview about his new book.

Alper Çuğun: @ePubWorker That sometimes goes wrong for me too if I don't get the opportunity to test beforehand.

Kaj Leers: @willemdudok from @johnnywonder delivers a great sales pitch! Uh, oh um, sorry, interesting independent speech 😛

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: And why do publishers have n fanpage on facebook? HowPaulo Coelho does t do well as an author, himself!

Wijbrand Schaap: Willem dudok on asks who in bookshop picks a book by publisher. No one, it turns out.

Kaj Leers: @willemdudok by @johnnywonder: hardly any NL authors on Facebook. Well publishers.

Costar Henk Rijks: Purple trousers thinks writers don't tweet or fb too much. And author sites suck too. As if we have time for that.

Alper Çuğun: Doesn't matter. There is more and better music available now than ever before.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Willem Dudok thinks readers won't be curious about the very last book of 'n uitg. Social media might cause that.

Wouterkos: So I very often say 'commitment requires infrastructure'. Difficult without context.

Marion Altena @Kostwinner Then those purple trousers missed the hashtag, for sure.

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: Strikes me that people who don't tweet during such matters just mumble their comments out loud to themselves

Danielle Freriks: Willem Dudok says in so many words: publishers are lousy marketers.

Daphne de Heer: Example of Maurice Seleky, has created a facebook page for his book.Fans follow him, who will soon be looking forward to his new

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: @TillyHermans I am reporting on the panel's discussion. Aliefka we have already mentioned as a positive example.

Colette: @ePubWorker yes, why idd.

Jaap Stronks: LOL RT @: @willemdudok of @johnnywonder delivers great sales pitch! Uh, oh um, sorry, interesting independent speech 😛

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: That too little experimentation is the opinion of publisher Sander Ruys, not of SLAA

Cultural Press Bureau: Willem dudok on misses updates on afth. Someone shouts it's in the paper. But he reads facebook and twitter. Publishers don't.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: New thesis: publishing industry knows too little profit from social media

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: According to Sebes, no research has been done on this yet. That is disputed.

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: Editor's reply: and who looks in bookstores for an unknown debutant? That's what you have us for?

Colette: Publisher develops platform for author on e.g. facebook. Hmm, is that so?

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Lolies says publisher should create a platform for his writers. Sekely says he has had a lot of support from his publisher

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: According to the author herself, tweeting and facebooking is also own responsibility, so shared task

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Seleky thinks publishers do need to invest more for authors.

Colette: Lolies, you can tell it nicely, but the reality is different.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Lolies says an author is also suited to those social media. AFTh may not be suitable for those scoial media at all

Costar Henk Rijks: @uitgcontact is also a fire, so why shouldn't it have a fb fanpage?

Colette: Publishers can't tweet? Who do I follow then?

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: It has to suit an author, these social media. Joost Nijsen thinks that tweeting also takes up a lot of time.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: According to Dudok, contact with readers is so important that publishers and writers do have to

Colette: Uitgeveijen are for marketing authors, right?

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: @Kostwinner Joost Nijsen thinks publishing is not a brand, that's the writer

Wiebe de Jager: @ePubWorker We create Facebook pages that we manage & decorate together with authors

Kaj Leers: @willemdudok tries to educate publisher that young people do many things with internet. Publisher: "just go to the bookshop!"

Industrialpope Robert de Jong: idem with record sizesch. : RT @: Willem dudok on asks who in bookshop picks a book by publisher. No one, it turns out.

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: @wdejager very good! By the way, I don't understand why you are not on t panel Missch you are too progressive for that ? 🙂

Peter Parts: Suddenly I've got it: Spotify for books!

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Someone in the audience thinks that all the arguments put forward are the same as 10 years ago in the music industry.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Column by Nelleke Noordevliet on the future of publishing and the author's role in it

Jaap Stronks: so, @willemdudok now knows how I have felt in countless debates about the future of journalism.

Catharina Schilder: Best quote of the SLAA evening, Sebes: 'We're still doing the same thing: that dabbling with a red pen in the margins.'

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: History of the writer: inventing and telling. Writer is the source, reader the sea, the river of book trade in between.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: New technique: source is now next to the sea. Noordervliet shouldn't think about having to interact with readers every day.

Jaap Stronks: so, some more dédain towards modern book readers who want to renew the publishing world with creativity. Who turns out the lights?

Michelle Verheij: @immek, oops previous tweet was gone too soon: compliments in advance on your report of the , is fun to read along like this!

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Publisher watches the storm like a chicken. Wants segmentation to stay the same. About money writer should not worry

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Nelleke wants writer to earn more and charge more. Writer then gets more insight into costs

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: Joost Nijssen is gorging himself on the column v Nelleke v Noordvliet, who elaborates on the entrepreneurial opportunities for modern authors

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: For her new book, Noordervliet is going to hire her own specialists. If she is not satisfied, she will look for one that does it better

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: She paints the picture of a group of freelancers at the service of authors. So readers get good and cheap books.

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: "For publishers, publishers continue to exist" best one-liner of tonight's event

Alper Çuğun: @ Wow! I thought I had a lot of dédain but those book guys can have some too.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Writers will earn better this way. Publishers will remain for the wimps. End of Noordervliet column

Colette: Authors can self-publish. For wimps, the publisher remains! Well said Nelleke.

Jaap Stronks: and Nelleke Noordervliet is very strong. Outlines the flexibilisation of the labour market.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Writers already do a lot of promotion themselves. Publishers don't realise this very well, Noordervliet said.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Noordervliet, by the way, is very happy with her own publishing house, Augustus.

Wijbrand Schaap: RT @SLAAmsterdam nelleke noordervliet paints picture of zzp'ers serving authors. reader gets good and cheap books that way.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Her goal is to achieve that the author is no longer the closing entry, but again becomes the source in the whole.

Wiebe de Jager: @PartsPeter Take a look at

Kaj Leers: Nelleke Noordervliegt is the Happy Babyboomer who has a better idea of how the hares run than the book industry folks. Oh so!

Alper Çuğun: @SLAAmsterdam And I can read South African science fiction that no one has heard of.

Wiebe de Jager: @ePubWorker How would you summarise so far?

Kaj Leers: @willemdudok tries to educate publisher that young people do many things with internet. Publisher: "just go to the bookshop!"

Wiebe de Jager: @jsnoeren according to by is the discussion on at the moment more interesting than the one on #dbw11

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: How do publishing houses view authors taking more into their own hands? They will have to go along with that, even if they struggle a bit

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Joost Nijsen outlines a future where writers self-publish and publishers write, as a joke.

Willem Dudok: @Kostwinner: True enough. Fascinating though: their authors have more use for them, but they don't create them for that.

Peter Parts: @wdejager okay, then I won't become a millionaire... #yindo

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Joost Nijsen says he does feel like a full partner to his writers. But do writers feel that way?

Willem Dudok: @wdejager Do you have a link to such a FB page? Am curious!

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: According to Noordervliet, that flexible partner does not yet exist in publishing.

AUP: Mutiny! RT @SLAAmsterdam: Writers will earn better this way. For the wimps, the publisher remains. End of Noordervliet column

Willem Dudok: @: Yes, I found that one rather shocking myself. What a dédain for the reader.

Kaj Leers: That @willemdudok is trying to teach the exiting dinosaurs that network society can help them. But no: wall of disdain.

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Audience question: Should those functions that Noordervliet wants disconnected at 1 publisher? According to Ruys, publisher should make sure he is better.

Alper Çuğun: Shirky-like arguments don't work and are too complicated. The historically constructed entitlement is too comfortable.

ePubWorker Karlijn Meijer: @wdejager asks whether t end of publishing is near, but composition of t panel vividly portrays t answer

Willem Dudok: @ePubWorker: Sorry, first time with Keynote. And I am indeed not that handy with it yet.

Barbara Kramer: #mavenp 's latest title 'How does the internet change the way you think?' Hooks up nicely with evening SLAA

SLAAmsterdam Daphne de Heer: Panel, audience and all followers and users of the hashtag thank you very much. See you at the next SLAA activity! On behalf of the SLAA, @Immek

Edwin den Boer: Indeed, for what publishers pay freelancers, you don't get good editors...

Wijbrand Schaap: Joost nijssen argues that a zzp'er can never deliver quality as an editor. Are you listening in, @freewriters?

Ebisse: Has anyone talked about the Axis of evil bookshop-publisher-CvdM and the Fixed Book Price Act?

manon uphoff: @SLAAmsterdam I'm a (twittering) Wimp. I NEED my publisher[s], editor[s], translator[s].

Kari-Anne Fygi: Nice to follow it all via Twitter, future of the book

Eva Reinders: Left evdu prematurely . Pity about the missed drinks. At t end of publishing? Cheers!

TenPages Valentine vd Lande: Had fine debate on future book trade and cleverly led by @saravangorp. Did raise more questions than answers I'm afraid

e_Cultura Ida Niamat: While not looking for a book by publisher, on the other hand, leaves translated books from some publishers.

TenPages Valentine vd Lande: Time for a drink now, we won't get the answers anyway

Eva Reinders: Good second: @vandenb : 'I want a publisher without fear.' (And then to know that he has just about the best publisher in NL...)

e_Cultura Ida Niamat: @SLAAmsterdam thanks for interesting twitter feed!

Wiebe de Jager: @WillemDudok this just launched: ism @hansbuskes (and discovered on @tenpages by the way) #mindmapbook

Cathelijne Esser: Was nuked tonight as a professional twitterer at but did not tweet tonight. Reason: I am also a journalist and ½

Cathelijne Esser: going to write an article about for Writing Magazine. Was last-minute decision. 2/2 Pooh pooh what an evening!

Immek: @michelleverheij While reporting, I barely had time to look at comments without losing thread of discussion.

Cathelijne Esser: 1TP5Mustfrommyheart Dear Joost Nijssen, It is not uncommon for top employees to go into business for themselves - out of dissatisfaction.

Immek: @ingjonk Thank you! Am on the train back now. If you missed a part, you can just read it back tomorrow on the hashtag

Cathelijne Esser: Just as the first cars resembled carriages, said @SanderMaven, ebooks now resemble the paper book.

Cathelijne Esser: RT @maudcharta: @CathelijneEsser I'm looking for top editor to help me publish my book. Speaking of which...

Susan Derksen: Characteristic of the book trade remains the endless bullshit, but I wouldn't have wanted to miss this evening. Nice mix of sense and nonsense.

Cathelijne Esser: Question v @SaravanGorp to audience/panel: 'Who thinks classical publishing will no longer exist in 5 yr? Fingers?' 2 fingers from the audience

Cynthia Spaan: The evening could have been much more interesting if Van Gorp did not keep stifling discussions.

Cynthia Spaan: Props to N. Noordervliet for speaking out about 'tipping' e-book revenues and putting V.Gorp in her place. And d'r hair looked good too!

The ICT publisher: yay! Publishers refine and market content. An author cannot do that alone.

Immek: was approached by Halil Gür after evdu. I would like to introduce the word cuddly Turk, if it does not already exist. Does apply to him!

Immek: by SLAAmsterdam: Photos of can be found later via @, the website and on fb @SLAAmsterdam

Kaj Leers: by freeandbilly: Hilarious, that editor is like dinosaur being warned about meteor and keeps staring happily at that growing fireball

Paul Sebes: Notable at SLAA debate on future of classical publishing was that mainly people who do NOT come from the book trade know how to do it

Chris Kooi: deadly tiresome evening where the e-mafia/muppets were once again allowed to bitch angrily and uninformed about publishers #whysoangry?

Sander Ruys: Sees living proof in twitter stream that there are many innovative people walking around the book trade after all.

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  1. Wonderful collection of tweets and videos. My compliments! Small correction to the display of tweets: the account @SLAAmsterdam is indeed Daphne de Heer's, but is regularly lent for live reports to others such as @CathelijneEsser (who this time needed her attention for an article to be written about the debate) and yours truly (@Immek on Twitter). This evening's live report was mine.

    Immeke Krabbe

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