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Dodo Holland Festival journal becomes Dodo Holland Festival Hangout #HF12

 We have already an episode on it, and of course it was a huge success, but right at the peak you have to start something new. That's why tonight at 10:30pm a new thing: The Dodo Holland Festival Hangout. Live, interactive and online. Innovative, in other words, as you know it from us.

You know them: those reporter cars with metres of spaghetti of cables, imposing dishes and blasting cannons, dozens of men and women in white suits. Follow the cables and inside you will see dozens of lights, men and women in black suits and heavily intimidated guests and spectators. Then you know: a live broadcast is being made here.

We thought: there must be another way. Not just because we cannot spend tons of your tax money on the indeed perfect picture and sound quality of public broadcasting, but mainly because we like to try something weird.

Hence the Hangout.

A term that only users of the rather obscure social network Google Plus will recognise. In a Hangout, you can have a cosy video chat with 9 others. Fun, but not suitable for our purposes. After all, we want to broadcast. For real.

So you can from now on. You can follow the Hangout on Google Plus, and with a bit of luck even join in the conversation with our staff and other interested parties, but you can also watch it as if it were a Pauw&Witteman broadcast: on youtube.

Tonight at 22:30 exactly, we hope to find Daniel Bertina fresh from the show behind his laptop, and in the meantime ask our reviewer Tom Klaassen what he really thought of Antony and the Metropole Orchestra. And, of course, you can ask questions. How, that will figure itself out if all goes well.

For now at least, check out our twitter- and facebook pages for more details and bookmark the Google Plus hangout page, and us YouTube channel for updates. And become friend of our profile.


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