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Asko|Schönberg presents overview of programmes first half new season


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The programming for next season is largely known and ticket sales have started.

Below is the schedule of programmes from September to December 2022.

Asko|Schönberg opens 2022/2023 season on Saturday 3 September with festival Words & Music, a day full of cut-ups and fuck-ups inspired by Berio and Burroughs.

Also many new works by Richard Ayres, Jan van de Putte, Arnold Marinissen and Peter Adriaansz, among others, and a special production with composer/guitarist Corrie van Binsbergen set to poetry by South~African Antjie Krog.

Words & Music - cut-ups & fuck ups, Berio & Burroughs

Words & Music: a rush of sensations; fantastic, stark, absurd, disruptive and with humour. A festival full of cut-up, sliced-up and brand-new performances, concerts, music theatre, installations, film and more, inspired by the cut-up techniques of composer Berio and literary enfant terrible W.S. Burroughs. Both applied the cut-up technique in their own unique way: they used fragments of existing and new material to create new work.

After the successful first edition in 2020, Asko|Schönberg once again brings together makers and performers from different disciplines in unexpected ways. Including Akim Moiseenkov, Asko|Schönberg, Slagwerk Den Haag, SilberseeGenevieve Murphy and work by Yannis Kyriakides, Pete Harden, Luke Deane, Arnold Marinissen, Jan van de Putte and others

.Þ Words & Music - Asko Schoenberg (

Za 3 Sept, 15:30 - 23:30, Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw

Kagels compass

On the anniversary of Reinbert de Leeuw's birth Die Stücke der Windrose of his kindred spirit Mauricio Kagel.This Argentinian-German composer (1931 - 2008) is one of the leading composers of the 20th century with his avant-garde and versatile style. His music is fresh, imaginative and full of humour. In Die Stücke derWindrose, each wind direction has its own couleur locale. For instance, the north sounds surprisingly sultry and the west exotic.

Þ Kagels compass - Asko Schoenberg (

do 8 sept, 20:15, Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw

Strauss & Beyond

A new edition in the series & Beyond with this time a surprising look at two extremes. Johann Strauss and Asko|Schönberg are not often mentioned in the same breath. Yet this composer is the starting point of this concert that explores the boundary between 'serious' and 'light' music and bridges the gap between these two styles. This is done on the basis of works by Strauss, Webern, Adams and Babbitt in a vibrant programme with intense ensemble playing, composed and commented by our violinist Joseph Puglia.

Þ Strauss & Beyond - Asko Schoenberg (

do 22 sept, 20:15, Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw

The inaudible E in the Cello Biennale

Conducted by Bas Wiegers, Asko|Schönberg presents a concert entirely in line with the festival theme; The Cello Moves. In addition to the iconic works of the 20ste-century grandmasters Ligeti (Cello Concerto) and Grisey (Partiels, part of the cycle Les Espace Acoustique), a brand new composition by Dutch-Canadian composer Trevor Grahl will be played.

Þ The inaudible E - Cello Biennale - Asko Schoenberg (

Thu 27 Oct, 17:00, Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw

A Skin of Sound at November Music, world premiere

Composer/guitarist Van Binsbergen has been working with writers and poets since 2003. Literature and poetry are a great source of inspiration for her.

When Corrie van Binsbergen heard South African poet Antjie Krog recite a poem on radio Kunststof a few years ago, she was floored. She was overwhelmed by the sound, that diction, that sound of South African. With the collaboration of Beatrice van der Poel (improvising pop singer) and South African Jazz trio Vuma Levin.

Sun 6 Nov, 20:45, Den Bosch, November Music ticket sales start later

The Hague Connection

Many senses are stimulated in this programme featuring video, media, theatre, movement, soundtracks and, of course, live music. Asko|Schönberg celebrates its traditional link with the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. You will hear the latest work by abstract thinker Peter Adriaansz and a tango dancing tuba by Martijn Padding alongside work by young talents from their composition class. Star composer Michel van der Aa translates his Shades of Redmany gradations of red to live music and soundtrack

Þ The Hague Connection - Asko Schoenberg (

Thu Nov 10, 20:15, Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw

Sat 12 Nov, 15:00, Den Bosch, November Music (shorter programme without Padding) ticket sales start later

A DIY kit to build islands of dreams, wouldn't that be handy in times of global uncertainty? Composer Richard Ayres offers a solution with his new work Islands: a spectacular virtual atlas of places you can safely visit even in a pandemic. Together with artists from other disciplines, Ayres maps culture and nature of his dream islands. Welcome aboard for a planet-friendly, sensual world tour.

Þ Islands - Asko Schoenberg (

Thu 8 Dec, 20:15, Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw

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