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Created with DALL-E 3 at the prompt: "An artist being watched by supervisors in black and white, without coloured-in figures, as in a pen drawing"

Ten tips to avoid a Governance disaster

According to the site, "more than a thousand times a year within associations and foundations something goes wrong, with major consequences. Think of financial mess, inattention of supervisors or entanglement of interests'. In the cultural sector, we are familiar with the Governance Code for Culture, which hopes to prevent 'things going wrong' with a series of recommendations. If an 'issue' hits the media... 

Image created using the latest version of DALL-E

Why does the world of culture excel at conflict?

Labour disputes in the Netherlands are on the rise. In 2021, the number of labour disputes increased by 17% overall. This increase will continue in 2022 and 2023, writes, among others, based partly on the increased demand for legal aid in labour disputes. The arts and culture sector is certainly no exception. The media regularly show conflicts and abuses within the cultural sector. Add to this... 

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UNESCO: Killings of journalists increased by 50% by 2022, half targeted outside working hours

Eighty-six journalists and media workers were murdered worldwide in 2022 - one every four days, according to UNESCO data, highlighting the serious risks and vulnerabilities journalists continue to face in the course of their work. "After several years of consecutive decreases, the sharp rise in the number of journalists killed in 2022 is alarming. Authorities must step up their efforts... 

Anthony Heidweiller: Secretary of State, come up with a Delta Plan for a fundamental place of art in society.

Let's start yesterday with a fundamental dialogue with the entire arts sector, using the vitality and creativity of the arts as inspiration, both for the sector itself and for society as a whole. Our sector talking, thinking, participating, deciding! in good times and in bad times. Never be silent again ...

It is not too late to make a European Cultural New Deal central to recovery funds

Recently, US geopolitician Joseph Nye1 drew attention once again to the fact that transnational culture is one of the great forces of the European project. For those looking at the European Union from the outside, this common culture is evident, but we, citizens of the Union, are less and less aware of it. Moreover, we tend to... 

'A structural show of love for the arts and culture from The Hague is needed in the Netherlands.'

Dear outgoing Prime Minister Rutte, Dear Mark, In my capacity as a self-employed person working in the performing arts, I am writing you this letter. This is my first letter ever about the situation of the cultural sector, culminating in corona time. First by way of introduction: we met when I played a Scarlatti sonata especially for you at the TV programme Podium Witteman, and also... 

A plea: stop the online sell-out of youth theatre!

Shall I just start straight to the point? I am angry with my sector colleagues. Not at all of them, but at a very large proportion. I am angry at all those big youth theatre companies that have figured out from their marketing departments with fat subsidies that a registration for youth theatre is only worth 2.99. So taking the whole family to watch... 

Opinion: Arts and culture are thrown out with the rubbish in Brabant

On 24 December 2020, the provincial hearing and objection committee issued an opinion to the Provincial Executive of the province of North Brabant in response to eight submitted objections. Then -only a month later- on 26-1-2021, a communication dated 26-1-2021 from the Board of GS to Provincial Councils and a press release to the cultural institutions that submitted an application 2021-2024 appeared.... 

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