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Dutch Film Festival

No.10 of the Van Warmerdams: great pleasure, until you start dreaming of it

With Orkater, I grew into theatre as a student. In the house here is the DVD box with Alex van Warmerdam's first seven delightful films, which I still watch back regularly, now together with the youngest generation learning and enjoying. Then I smile daily at the spines of his curious books, such as the fine collection of poetry 'I created the world'.... 

"'Well nice' is not good enough, that falls right off." Film critic Jan Pieter Ekker on possibly the last Directors' Forum at the Dutch Film Festival

The Dutch Film Festival is about to erupt. A spacious week with a broad overview of everything moving on Dutch screens, from public film to short student film. Last year was noisy: directors, editors and cameramen expressed gloom about the quality and guts of patriotic film. Visitor numbers don't seem to be overblown either, although... 

Shout out! The big fill-in for the new arts plan.

The Council for Culture has just proposed the new Basic Infrastructure (BIS), and it has become a very big, in traditional terms 'prosperous', baby. Since the Council is not allowed to name names, and can only list functions, we have already made a fill-in list here, in which we list (very briefly, because little time and not knowing about everything) which existing cultural... 

'Dormant Dutch film world needs kick from Brandend Kalf'

Good news for anyone who also thinks the Dutch film world could use a bit more spice. On 29 September, film theatre Springhaver in Utrecht will host the Evening of the Burning Calf organised. Rounded off with the presentation of the Brandend Kalf, the new film award for the most sensational, daring, cheeky or inspired Dutch film initiative. At least, if enough crowdfunders are those who want to support this project by film journalist Karin Wolfs and writer A.H.J. Dautzenberg.

Yes, you see, this event takes place, not entirely coincidentally, on the evening preceding the presentation of the Golden Calf awards. And no, the Brandend Kalf is not a side-programme of the Dutch Film Festival. When we ask Karin Wolfs to explain, she first of all wants to emphasise that it is a completely independent project. Nor a private party of Wolfs and Dautzenberg. Hence also that crowdfunding. If it succeeds

Utrecht post office big loser at 'recumbent concert' Canto Ostinato

Early this year, it still looked like the monumental and striking Main Post Office on Utrecht's Neude would stay closed for good. There was even talk of a sale to a private individual who would build luxury flats in it, thus permanently obscuring the hall of the people, where many a Utrechter once cashed her cash cheques... 

They are going to pay. Cable operators on their knees for screenwriters

Tonight many drunk screenwriters on the streets, and in Leiden a few very happy older journalists. Lira, the organisation that has to collect money for them from the big, wealthy, and non-paying guys, has won twice. They already had, of course, but the cable companies didn't want to get rid of the gold plating on their luxury yachts. So they ignored the judge's ruling and... 

Rowwen Heze was not among them. The best tweets about the calves in a row

There was, of course, that ceremony on TV. But there was also a ceremony on Twitter. Which started much earlier than that ceremony on TV. The calves were already falling from the sky while we were still watching the news. We listed the celebration. From half past two, Friday afternoon. [View the story " Calvertweets from Utrecht.... 

Beat the jury: decide who wins the Golden Calves

About the curious omissions from the nominations has already been one and other said. And it does clean up, of course: so many films, and then so few really good ones. Or so. Anyway. Friday 3 October is almost Animal Day and Feast of Sacrifice and therefore a great time for the Golden Calfs. Choose your favourites below. Let's see if it matches the results.

'My advice: make the joke earlier.' The speech doctor reviews 3 speech actors

(In Harry Potter, True Detective and Juno, they were better) Actors are like people when they go on a stage as themselves. And just like ordinary people, I occasionally think 'that could really be better'. Soon we can check it out with the Dutch actors at the Gala of the Dutch Film Festival. With those calves. But first the... 

The tough weather in hard numbers - economic research Dutch film industry

Are these the figures that will make it clear to Minister Kamp that incentives for the film industry really need to happen? That hope could be heard during the discussion of a report by Oxford Economics implemented research to the economic position of the Dutch film and av industry.

Dutch Academy For Film - for a good story about Dutch cinema

The Dutch film world has a new club. Dutch filmmakers can join the Dutch Academy For Film (DAFF). With the aim, in a nutshell, of raising the profile of Dutch film. The DAFF was founded on 24 June this year following the example of similar academies in, for example, England, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. A press conference at the Netherlands Film Festival today was the occasion to give it more publicity.

Were there then ...

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Nude is main theme at 33rd edition Netherlands Film Festival, Hoe Duur was de Suiker opening film

Paul Verhoeven, Dick Maas, Katja Schuurman, Monique van de Ven and Kim van Kooten are all special guests at the upcoming edition of the Dutch Film Festival. Nothing special, you might think, but if you see them on the festival posters you probably won't recognise them. After all, they are namesakes of well-known film personalities who this year

NFF 2012 - All student awards go to the Film Academy

The Film Academy can be satisfied. The two juries that handed out the three student awards at the Netherlands Film Festival on Monday night had also looked at graduation work from other Dutch academies with a film section. But in the end, all the lucky ones were students of the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, as the Amsterdam programme is called in full. Katja Römer Schuurman in The Club of Ugly Children (photo...... 

NFF - 'The rules of Matthijs' mandatory curriculum for emergency workers

The crop of feature-length documentaries screened at the Netherlands Film Festival is good. They are extraordinary stories, sometimes startling, sometimes penetrating, sometimes fodder for much discussion, and almost all very beautifully filmed. We wish the jury much wisdom. The nominated documentary 'The Rules of Matthijs' is interesting for everyone, but should be compulsory reading for social workers,... 

#NFF Opening film Nono sings away from dull realism

What a festive opening film it was! The Dutch Film Festival's choice of Nono, the zigzag child had of course to do with the fact that Dutch family films will be specially put in the festival spotlight this year. But even apart from that theme, it was an unmissable kick-off. Because we may like to grumble that the weather was not... 

The Promise main theme at 32nd Netherlands Film Festival - audience recruitment stepped up

Next year, the Netherlands Film Festival will have to face extensive budget cuts. So let's enjoy ourselves extra this year, was the recommendation with which festival director Willemien van Aalst closed the press conference presenting the programme of the 32nd Netherlands Film Festival this afternoon. Isabella Rossellini in Nono, the zigzag child Especially in these times of economic headwind, the... 

Mayor Hoes provides proof: for the VVD, art is only about sport anymore

Anyone who was still left wondering what the vision of the governing VVD party on art is now out. For that vision is simple. Art is sport. According to the VVD. So said the alderman of Rotterdam, so said the spouse of top wrestler Albert Verlinde, the as mayor of Maastricht ancillary runner Onno Hoes. During the opening of the Dutch Dance Days, he gave... 

Also at the Imagine festival: film fans become film financiers

Iron Sky In 1945, advanced rocket technology allowed a group of Nazis to escape to the moon. There they hid and soon they will return to take back control. At Imagine, Amsterdam's festival for the fantastic film, there was a sneak preview of that. If the omens do not deceive, Iron Sky, as this Finnish production... 

Un Prophète, Toy Story 3 and Twilight best films of 2010

According to the Dutch film press, the French prison drama Un Prophète and the Pixar animated film Toy Story 3 were the best films shown in Dutch cinemas this year. Dutch winner is Hanro Smitsman's grim teen drama Schemer, the Kring van Nederlandse Filmjournalisten announced. This result is the result of a survey of 54 film journalists who each... 

Tirza opens 30th edition Dutch Film Festival - actors in the spotlight

By Leo Bankersen

Film acting is in the special spotlight during the 30th edition of the Netherlands Film Festival. So that's convenient that the Festival opens tonight with Tirza, a story that is too gruesome to be true, but which, thanks to the acting of Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Sylvia Hoeks and Johanna ter Steege, among others, you have to believe anyway.

Rudolf van den Berg single-handedly reworked Arnon Grunberg's book, about Jörgen Hofmeester, his failed life and his adored daughter, into a haunting road movie, a journey to the end of the night. Scholten van Aschat, who had long been working towards the role, allows the contained bitterness and anger to slowly turn into despair. Hoeks plays her best role so far here and Ter Steege saw enough in this script to put aside her dislike of Grunberg. And don't forget nine-year-old Keitumetse Matlabo from South Africa, as Hofmeester's conscience and guardian angel. The result is a film that wrings and chafes, but also has the allure of a great and bitter tragedy. Tirza is now the Dutch entry for the Oscars.

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