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More Dutch thriller authors in top 10 suspense

In 2021, 15 different Dutch thriller authors reached the top 10 suspense bestseller list. That is more than in previous years. A favourable development for the Dutch thriller. The market share of Dutch authors in the thriller market (suspense book minus fantasy and true crime) was 21% in 2021. This is according to research by research agency KVB-SMK/Gfk commissioned by the... 

Master prize for thriller author René Appel

Thriller author René Appel will receive the Master Prize on Saturday 18 September from the board of the Authors' Association's Crime Authors. Appel is the fourth winner of this prize for authors who have made a significant contribution to the development of the thriller genre in the Dutch language area. Appie Baantjer (2003), Saskia Noort (2013) and Tomas Ross (2018) preceded him. High ... 

New stage for Dutch thriller at Utrecht Library

Under the title 'The Dutch thriller awards 2021', the four most important thriller awards (Gouden Strop, Hebban Thrillerprijs, Schaduwprijs and Zilveren Strop) will be presented from the Utrecht Library on Saturday 5 June. The ceremony will mark the start of 'The Week of the Exciting Book', which begins on Monday 7 June. With 'The Dutch thriller awards 2021', the Utrecht Library, readers' platform and the... 

'I have become a freer writer.' Esther Verhoef on the new dimension in her work

Short stories have been written by Esther Verhoef (51) for as long as she has been writing fiction - since she was seven. Whether they are 10 or 100 pages long, her stories are as dear to Verhoef as her novels and thrillers. 'Look,' says Esther Verhoef, unfolding the flaps of the cover of Labyrinth - the stories. On the inside are old, on... 

Smartphone-less new novel by Stefan Brijs

'A manuscript gets angry if you leave it alone,' Flemish novelist Stefan Brijs (Genk, 1969) once stated in a broadcast of Kunststof Radio, referring to his working method. Brijs writes in long, continuous periods in which the writer says he does not even run errands. Recently, Brijs, who made his international breakthrough with The Angel Maker (2006), published his new novel Zonder... 

Eric de Vroedt (Het Nationale Theater)curates at SPOT-Live: 'Let's talk about love.'

'What we so often forget is to just talk about our love for theatre.' Eric de Vroedt, artistic director of The National Theatre, wants to talk about substance for once. And then with the entire performing arts sector. Soon there will be SPOT-Live, the renewed Congress of Performing Arts, and there he wants to talk about love. 'Quite by chance, it happened a month ago.... 

NS presents the first train thriller on WhatsApp. Authors Jowi Schmitz and Louis Stiller test the experience

'The first Dutch WhatsApp thriller' was launched at the end of January. For five days, a select group of screen readers could follow this 'real time' story. Writers Jowi Schmitz and Louis Stiller were among them, app'ing with each other about this new form of storytelling. Sunday Louis > Suddenly a whole pile of names in my whatsapp (including 'paps' and 'mums'). Jowi > I give them... 

'No faith in the system.' The second season of Netflix's Making a Murderer.

"Don't let Netflix tell you what to think". The Netflix documentary Making a Murderer caused a huge stir in the United States and the rest of the world in 2016. Society was divided into two camps: those who believed Steven Avery was guilty and those who believed he was once again innocent in prison.... 

Michel van der Aa in the spotlight of Nieuw Amsterdams Peil

On Thursday 19 April, composer Michel van der Aa takes centre stage at Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. Besides his own music, the adventurous Nieuw Amsterdams Peil will play pieces by kindred spirits chosen by him. Special guest is Wende Snijders, who composed a number of songs with Van der Aa. She will also solo in the world premiere of the integral cycle... 

Whether thriller writer Tomas Ross (73) has now mastered writing after dozens of books? 'Sometimes I shudder at my own sentences'

Tomas Ross, also called the godfather of Dutch 'faction', concludes his trilogy on the Dutch East Indies with his new thriller Het verdriet van Wilhelmina. ,,Readers often say: with you, we never know what is true and what is false. You might find that an objection, but I think it's a compliment.'' Arnie Springer The new thriller by Tomas... 

Thriller writer Tess Gerritsen: 'Everyone keeps their true self hidden'

I Know a Secret is the twelfth thriller in the series surrounding detective Jane Rizzoli and pathologist-anatomist Maura Isles. Writer Tess Gerritsen reached an audience of millions with it, but longs for more. As the main characters of Tess Gerritsen's thrillers, detective Jane Rizzoli and pathologist Maura Isles have been through quite a bit by now. Yet they are startled by the state of their... 

Thriller writer Jo Nesbø: 'Harry Hole is a very intense character'

He is a tormented, loner and contrarian fellow, but also one of the best detectives the Oslo police force has to offer. And: a much-loved character. Harry Hole is back, in Jo Nesbø's new thriller The Thirst. The Norwegian Jo Nesbø is a successful thriller writer and musician ©Niklas R. Lello Whether the interview can take place a few hours later,... 

Jan van Mersbergen: 'As thriller writer Frederik Baas, I feel freer'

We know him from such wonderful novels as To the Other Side of the Night and The Last Escape, but Jan van Mersbergen has more to his credit. He recently surprised us with The Rider, written from the perspective of an old horse, and now there is Diary from the River. Not a novel, but his first thriller, published under the pseudonym Frederik Baas.... 

Podcast: Tomas Ross on his thriller The Viceroy of the Indies

'My father was secret agent 007, long before James Bond' Tomas Ross is the Dutch grandmaster of the faction novel, a genre in which fact and fiction intermingle. His first thriller, The Dogs of Betrayal, about the South Moluccans' struggle for freedom, was published in 1980. He now has over 70 titles to his name and also writes scenarios for... 

Lars Kepler: 'A thriller is not a Ravensburger painting'

Their thriller series about detective Joona Linna has sold millions of copies worldwide. The crime novels by Swedish couple Ahndoril, better known as Lars Kepler, are also very popular in the Netherlands. Their readers are not the only ones who get nightmares from them, Alexander and Alexandra Ahndoril tell us. 'After our first book, we had to move.' On the small table, between... 

Pauline Slot: 'People who write have very high expectations.'

Pauline Slot debuted very successfully in 1999 with the novel Zuiderkruis, this book became the best-selling debut that year. Death of a Thriller is her seventh novel. She also writes non-fiction and teaches creative writing. The narrator in Death of a thriller writer Selma Hoogstins is an author and writing coach. She welcomes in the summer at her paradise estate... 

'American novels with a horse on the cover are always very good.'

In The Horseman, a father lets his daughter from the city go into hiding with her grandfather who lives in the countryside. The girl has a loverboy-like relationship with the leader of a dangerous criminal gang. With his granddaughter's forced stay, not only two generations collide, but also past and present, city and country, man and nature. The only connecting... 

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