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Reisopera seeks new director. And an artistic colourist.

'Nina Hiddema and the supervisory board have concluded that this is a natural time for Nina to step down.' Nice sentence in the press release that appeared in the mailbox on 15 January. De Reisopera, the Enschede-based opera company that performs operas especially for everything outside Amsterdam and Maastricht, is bidding farewell to director Nina Hiddema after two years. Whether it... 

Rumours are true: theatre can tap new audiences through local roots. Head to Enschede to see it.

Before, when I used to write about theatre for a national morning paper, my travel schedule was partly determined by the reach the paper had in a particular region. So, if I necessarily wanted to write about a theatre performance in Enschede, about Enschedean states, my chief's question was: how many subscribers do we have in Twente? So usually it didn't get there 

Golden theatre formula attracts unreachable audience - Hundreds of students at Huize Enschede theatre series

How do you get young people into your auditorium? Almost every theatre struggles with that question. Bran Remie (35), programmer and theatre maker at Wilminktheatre and Muziekcentrum Enschede, succeeds. With the online and offline theatre series Huize Enschede, about student life in that city. Students are hard to get to the theatre. Theatres do their best, with targeted marketing and special promotions... 

I was in Sander Schimmelpenninck's country and didn't just see fascists

Almelo has been on the map for a few years now thanks to theatre. I went to see Van Katoen en Water on Thursday, an open-air spectacle with well-timed downpour and a full-moon rise like you can only experience in the almost gentrified old-industrial heart of Twente's poorest city. Mashed potatoes were served beforehand, with a johmas salad. Wine flowed profusely. In... 

Despite closed doors, Wilminktheatre produced more than ever 

Now that the cultural sector can slowly but surely put the corona crisis and lockdowns behind it, it is time to look back. How have they done, the theatres, the clubs? Earlier, this site discussed the book TivoliVredenburg wrote about its first year (Off/On). Now it's time to look at how a theatre in 'the region' managed the... 

Visually strong documentary on Colombia at Concordia 

Monday 21 February at 19:30, Concordia is screening a one-off film 'Colombia in My Arms', about Colombia after the peace deal between the government and the FARC guerrillas. Will the fragile peace survive the distrust and resentment built up by decades of war? With elections approaching, some politicians hope to profit from stoking tensions even further. Before and after... 

From 'artistic director' to 'deputy artistic director': what is Josef Fuchs' position at the Netherlands Reisopera?

Last Monday, 20 September, the Nederlandse Reisopera presented its programme for the upcoming season. The speaker was Josef Fuchs, who was introduced as the company's new artistic director by its general director a.i. Nina Hiddema. A festive occasion, which caused slight surprise in the small gathering (a few journalists and some colleagues). In an interview (below... 

Peter Pannekoek new blood! - Try-out New Year's Eve conference

Yes, it is true, also this year's tryout of the New Year's Eve conference at Concordia.

Peter Pannekoek belongs to the top of Dutch cabaret. With his latest show, the acclaimed 'Later was alles beter', he won the Nederlands Hoop. The award for the most promising theatre maker with the greatest future prospects. Now he is venturing into the prestigious New Year's Eve conference for the first time. The knives are sharpened. Come and see. 9 June was the presale meanwhile the theatres are a...

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Open call Theatre On Tour #5: Call for location theatre makers: Become part of our festival!

For the fifth edition of Theatre on Tour, Concordia and Wilminktheatre and Muziekcentrum Enschede are looking for location theatre makers. In the festival programme, we have reserved two special locations: the Redemptorist Park, on the border between the Netherlands and Germany, and the quay of the Enschede Rowing Association Thyro. On 18 and 19 September, Concordia and Wilminktheatre and Muziekcentrum Enschede will organise for the fifth... 

Concordia still continues to show theatre performances

In the coming weeks, you can enjoy the following livestreams at Concordia: Storyteller, Shaffy, Next Generation, Most Beautiful Songs and Cameretten finalists. More information about the performances below. BOI AKIH - Storyteller Theatre programmer Ellen saw this band at Podium Witteman a while back and thought it was so cool that she immediately booked them. Especially for this evening, there will be a... 

Ryan van den Akker plays Hiroshima in a child's soul; Voice of Alfred Jodocus Kwak comes to Enschede

At Concordia and the Vestzaktheatre, many performances continue as a live stream. On Saturday 13 March, for instance, Ryan van den Akker (known in musical leading roles such as Cyrano, My Fair Lady, Elisabeth, De Jantjes) will drop by with her performance 'Hiroshima in a child's soul'. A unique, personal narration of a poignant and terrifying story from her childhood. Theatre programmer Ellen Peters: "I find... 

Inkspot battle won by Renée van den Kerkhof

Saturday, March 6, the annual Inkspotbattle took place at Concordia. The theme was "Elections (in Corona time)". 10 Dutch cartoonists participated. The only female participant, Renée van den Kerkhof, walked away with the prize. Online visitors could watch the participating cartoonists translate a topical subject into cartoons. An expert jury chose at the end of the... 

Theatre of Concordia, at home on the tube 

With the lockdown in full swing and the curfew shackling us to our homes, the theatre performances at Concordia Film | Theatre | Visual Arts in Enschede continue as usual. With no less than three diverse, musical performances in the coming week that can be followed via a livestream, so you can still get your much-needed dose of culture.

Creation returns: Nederlands Blazers Ensemble and Bart Moeyaert on tour again

In October, the Blazers and Bart Moeyaert will tour again with De Schepping, the first part of this successful musical theatre trilogy. During this performance, Bart Moeyaert (winner of the 2019 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, the 'Nobel Prize for children's literature') tells the story using a self-written text to this old, but never performed this way, music by Haydn.

With local rooting of subsidised art, you take the wind out of populism's sails

In recent days, tentative proposals for a new system to fund the arts in the Netherlands have appeared in various places. Tricky pieces, and so far not attesting to very much incisiveness. In Het Parool, a number of prominent figures, including Tinkebel and advertising man Kessels, think that we should think less in pigeonholes, and that, besides quality, we should also... 

Culture is good for nothing

On 4 June, the Council for Culture issued its opinion on the subsidy applications of cultural institutions in the so-called basic infrastructure. The Council for Culture is the legal advisory body of the government and parliament in the field of art, culture and media. The Council advises on current policy issues and subsidy applications, solicited and unsolicited. It is very worthwhile af... 

Podcast in times of Corona (7). Willem-Jaap Zwart of Concordia in Enschede: 'The most positive thing is that FC Twente cannot lose this weekend.'

'Keep doing your daily routines as much as possible when disaster strikes' Willem Jaap Zwart is director of theatre, film house and arts centre Concordia in Enschede, and he knows what he is talking about. As a resident of Enschede, he experienced the fireworks disaster, and even then the motto was: show resilience, and stay close to yourself: 'On the day it... 

Netherlands Wind Ensemble launches second tour of The Unknown Chaplin an ode to Chaplin's artistry, with newly composed music

After its successful tour last November, the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble will tour again with The Unknown Chaplin. The second tour - from 3 March to 22 March - will take in venues in Ede, Helmond, Tilburg, Den Haag, Amersfoort, Enschede, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Six hilarious, humorous and melancholic silent films by the great universal genius Charlie... 

Netherlands Wind Ensemble plays 9th Beethoven in collaboration with Consensus Vocalis and local choirs: All Together!

From Thursday 23 January, the Netherlands Wind Ensemble (NBE) will play 9th Beethoven. The tour will take in venues in Amsterdam, Enschede, Tilburg, Wageningen, Drachten, Oss, Utrecht, Heerlen, Haarlem and Arnhem. In this great Beethoven year, the NBE chooses one of his most iconic works: the ninth symphony, with its famous ode Ode to Joy, on lyrics by Friedrich Schiller. In the political turmoil of around 1800, it was clear where Beethoven's sympathies lay: he was... 

If no one comes up with a Plan B... 

On 23 October, website wrote a piece on the future of the performing arts. A future that is black and gloomy when you, as a creator, count on growth, or even survival at all. In short: so much money is going away from the Performing Arts Fund, that from next year only between 50 and 60 applications can be honoured, in... 

Swearing and ranting tapping a tender poem. Biographer Elsbeth Etty shows Willem Wilmink in all his complexity

As good and fluent as writing poems and songs was for him, everyday life fell on him with difficulty. Writer Willem Wilmink grew into a folk hero of Twente, but remained a child at heart, according to the biography by literary critic Elsbeth Etty. 'Someone who, according to his best friend Herman Finkers, couldn't even hold a pair of scissors.' 

The Culture Index goes regional. Cherry-picking season has begun

It took about a day for the PVV Enschede branch to discover the message. Quite fast for a club that is usually not very interested in art. Anyway, this one detail at the presentation of the regional culture index was of course grist to the mill of the far-right local party: Region Enschede has the biggest mismatch between amount of subsidy and... 

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