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From left to right: Alida Dors (photo: Mark Bolk), Hella Jongerius (photo: Nick Ballón), Erik van Lieshout (photo: Suzanne Weenink), Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer (photo: Stephan Vanfleteren) and Manon Uphoff (photo: Céline Simons).

New members for the Academy of Arts

The Academy of Arts gets five new members: Alida Dors, Hella Jongerius, Erik van Lieshout, Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer and Manon Uphoff. Members of the Academy of Arts are artists from across the arts. The new members will be installed on 28 March 2024. Members of the Academy of Arts have proven themselves in their profession and want to make a... 

Jonas Staal (left) during his speech. Audience members from left to right: neske Beks, Charles Landvreugd and Karin Amatmoekrim. Photo: Wijbrand Schaap

Becoming a member of NSC? - Academy of Arts stage of desperate search for engagement

"The vote for Wilders may be a dissenting vote, but apparently explicit racism is not a dealbreaker for all those people. That's terrible for someone of colour." In the stately Trippenhuis, seat of the Academy of Arts, this high word from Karin Amatmoekrim sounded extra emphatic. She was responding from the stage to a late-arriving audience member, who felt that "we... 

Trippenhuis Talks - Museum dialogues: soul-searching in art, science and religion

Is there anything to be said from science about the existence of the soul? And how is soul expressed in the visual arts? On Thursday 22 February, we will take you on a quest for historical views on the soul and its more current meanings. It promises to be a multifaceted evening not to be missed! This... 

Marianne Versteegh says goodbye - photo Culture Press

Arts sector yearns for freedom - Marianne Versteegh bids farewell to Kunsten'92 after 31 years, with rare inspiring symposium

If you want to do research out of curiosity, you should especially not apply to the government for money. Whether you are a scientist or an artist: in The Hague, they want you to know in advance what you are going to find and what it will yield. Anoek Nuyens, who caused a furore with her performance 'De Zaak Shell' (The Shell Case), could therefore produce her next... 

[PRESS RELEASE] Six new members for the Academy of Arts

The Academy of Arts gets six new members. They are leading artists from a variety of arts disciplines, including visual arts, theatre, dance and literature. On 23 March 2023, they will be officially installed as members during a festive meeting at the Trippenhuis of the KNAW in Amsterdam. The new members are choreographer Roni Haver and director Guy Weizman, visual artist Iris Kensmil,... 

Lecture Jetse Batelaan: Lessons in trust to a world in panic

On 21 December, Jetse Batelaan, director at Artemis, will give a lecture at the Trippenhuis in Amsterdam. Using visual clips, he will show his development as a theatre maker and share the insights he has gained in the process: from his initial discomfort with drama and conflict to his conviction that it is important to let children and adolescents experience panic in the... 

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