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Holland Festival 2024 concluded with successful 24-hour The Second Woman 

The 77th edition of the Holland Festival closed on 29 June with a minute-long standing ovation for Georgina Verbaan who showed a phenomenal acting performance in the The Second Woman, a performance by Anna Breckon and Nat Randall, in which she played the same break-up scene for a full 24 hours with a hundred most non-professional counterparts. The day before, Victor Pilon closed... 

Stage photo Second Woman by Heidrun Lohr

Rineke Dijkstra captures 24-hour theatre marathon with Georgina Verbaan  

Today, the Holland Festival presents the groundbreaking performance The Second Woman by Australian theatre-makers Anna Breckon and Nat Randall. In this theatre marathon, actress Georgina Verbaan plays the same break-up scene no less than 100 times over the course of 24 hours, each time with a different opponent. This extraordinary performance will take place on the stage of ITA (Internationaal Theater Amsterdam) and will be streamed live at Pathé... 

Gender fluid musical spectacle 'Twelfth Night' by Theatre Group Alum back on tour due to great success!

After a successful tour in season 2022-2023, musical Queer comedy Twelfth Night returns to theatres from October 2024. Writer Ayden Carlo created an adaptation of this seventeenth-century Shakespeare play. Once again featuring the infectious music of composer Willem Friede (of New Cool Collective, among others), Jaike Belfor, Jilles Flinterman, Floyd Koster, Sasha Muller and newcomer Ebony Wilson play a show... 

The Romeo. © Orpheas Emirzas

Trajal Harrell's The Romeo is the laid-back performance you need right now @Holland Festival. 

"I didn't hear a song I didn't know." Over white wine after Trajal Harrell's The Romeo, the lady was quite grumpy. I might add that I hadn't seen a move I couldn't have made myself. And yet that did not make me cranky. On the contrary: rarely have I been so happy and relaxed... 

Once maligned Brazilian hero Verocai conquers the Holland Festival.

This is what charisma looks like. Arthur Verocai, now 79, tall and lean, stylish jacket around bony shoulders, only has to look into the hall once to overwhelm the audience. In the Concertgebouw's main hall on Tuesday night, the Brazilian legend stood in front of the Metropole Orchestra to belt out work from his scarce albums. He hardly needed to... 

Business leader Jannet van Lange leaves NUT 

Utrecht, 26 June 2024 - Jannet van Lange (1982) will step down as business director of NUT (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel) in October 2024. She worked together with theatre producer and artistic director of NUT Greg Nottrot for more than 16 years. Van Lange and Nottrot have worked together since 2008. As a freelance dramaturge, Jannet was involved in his work and stood... 

Image from Sisyphe. © Louis-Daniel Vallée

Hear what Maaike Muis experienced from a man moving sand at the Holland Festival

One of the lesser-known and therefore hidden gems of this Holland Festival can be found in the Transformatorhuis of Amsterdam's Westergasfabriek. In that space, a single artist spends six hours every day shovelling 40 tonnes of sand from one pile to another. It sounds strange, but those who are there make something very special 

image from the trailer of The Utility's performance Good Keep Money

Three days of Good Gold Money yields over €11,000 in excess capital

Theatre-maker Greg Nottrot works continuously on an idealistic dream. Three days of Good gold money yields over €11,000 in surplus capital Utrecht - Last weekend, the reprise of the performance Good gold money yielded a whopping €11138.16. Over three days, theatre producer Greg Nottrot (the NUT) played to diverse audiences at Heimland Festival and in Utrecht for... 

Katia Ledoux in Carmen. © Inés Manai

Carmen adaptation by Wu Tsang shows how to combine respect and topicality

Probably the most famous murder of a woman for what she is is that of the fictional Carmen, a free-spirited young Spanish woman with a fear of commitment. Opera composer Georges Bizet immortalised this character from a French story by Prosper de Merimée, making the crime of passionel a common term for what is none other than femicide. That habit of men killing women... 

Bosch Parade by Willeke Machiels

Tenth edition Bosch Parade gets a summery tailwind 

Art spectacle in the heart of Den Bosch successfully completed and still travelling The tenth edition of art spectacle Bosch Parade is over. From 20 June, thousands of visitors enjoyed 16 floating artworks, with 'contemporary demons' as their theme, for four days. This summer, some of the works can also be seen at Willem Twee Kunstruimte and at Down the Rabbit Hole. Artists,... 

Eleven thousand strings in a round temple: Holland Festival highlight, but also missed opportunity?

Jet fighters, drones, thunderstorms with accompanying flooding and lovely babbling brooks with the occasional bird in a pine tree. All of Austria descended on the Gashouder at Amsterdam's Westergasfabriek grounds this weekend and it is what it promised: spectacle as only Austrian music spectacle can be. Georg Friedrich Haas's work 11000 Saiten is a great superlative: surround with emdr and... 

Melencolia by Ensemble Modern at Holland Festival: Unreal music theatre about the end of everything

Future health minister and deputy prime minister Fleur Agema graduated as an architect early this century with a study on the ideal prison. Artist Jonas Staal re-examined her graduation design a few years ago. Agema appears to have an extremely dystopian vision of the world in which prisoners and guards must pass through a disorienting, inky-black, concrete hell to... 

Boulevard on the Parade

Announcement full programme 40th Boulevard

The full programme of the anniversary edition of Theatre Festival Boulevard goes online today at noon. Regular ticket sales start Tuesday 25 June at noon. Friends of Boulevard can buy tickets as early as today. At the same time, the free Boulevard Magazine No 2 will be published, again with many background articles and interviews. Experiencing together Experiencing a spectacle together, which only exists in... 

Poet Maria Barnas explores the role of cleaning and leaving traces in visual art during NIAS-KNAW residency

Poet Maria Barnas explores the role of cleaning and leaving traces in visual art during NIAS-KNAW residency

Do the stories of cleaners also have a place in art history? Poet and visual artist Maria Barnas will be artist-in-residence at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies (NIAS) in Amsterdam in 2024-25. During her stay, she will research the biography of artist Jo Baer (1929) and how oral history can be used to record art history. Can you also base art history on memories, stories and maybe even gossip? This Artist-in-Residence position is made available annually by NIAS and the Academy of Arts. The work of... 

PR image ILFU

ILFU will organise the big public event in 2024: Ikjesmarathon. We are many ikjes!

Write your own Ikje and get published. The Ikje on the back page of NRC has been an institution for more than 20 years. Thousands of hilarious, tragic and recognisable incidents by unknown Dutch people captured in 120 words form the chronicles of everyday life. Reason enough for ILFU (International Literature Festival Utrecht) to organise a one-off all-encompassing Ikjes marathon. We call on everyone... 

Business director Jan Baanstra leaves after 21 years at the Silence

Business director Jan Baanstra will leave Silence in autumn 2024. His successor will be recruited soon. Baanstra has been with the company since 2003. In 2008, Baanstra was appointed business director at de Stilte. Under his leadership, in collaboration with artistic director Jack Timmermans, de Stilte was included as the only newcomer in the Basic Infrastructure in 2009. Also... 

Old Signs New Sounds in TivoliVredenburg

Together with the Marmoucha Orchestra, discover the timeless journey of "Old Signs, New Sounds", merging historical richness and modern vibes. To be seen on 22 June at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht. This special concert during Old Roots New Routes, featuring the beautiful voices of talented female vocalists with Moroccan, Turkish and Iranian roots, presents a fascinating mix of traditional folk music from... 

PR image provided by ICK Amsterdam


International Choreographic Arts Centre (ICK) is proud to announce that it has received an EU project grant for the tenth time, this time for the groundbreaking HAMLET, part of the EU Horizon Heritage 2024 programme. The project, which runs until 2027, aims to support the digital transition of Europe's Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). To make AI accessible to Europe's cultural... 

Hidden Stories Velsen by Coco Olakunle

Amsterdam Museum opens exhibition on new North Holland portraits

From 26 July to 10 November 2024, the Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel will host the exhibition Faces of North Holland. The exhibition is the result of the collaboration project of the same name between the Amsterdam Museum and the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, in which the museums searched together with residents for new and untold stories from the province. During the project,... 


Ten translators in the spotlight in one fell swoop - the nominations for the annual Filter Translation Prizes have been announced! They are all wonderful books, for young and old - and more than scintillating translations.These are the nominations for the Filter Translation Prize 2024: And also five nominations for the Filter Translation Prize 2024 for children's and youth books: The winners The winners will be announced live... 

Het Zomeroffer - musical theatre spectacle by De Warme Winkel ism Touki Delphine & Asko|Schönberg in Amsterdam's Bostheatre

25 June to 4 Aug This summer it's going to happen: the car is going. It has brought us much, individual freedom, adventure, convenience and eroticism, but its time has come. Together with The Warm Shop and Touki Delphine, Asko|Schönberg presents The Summer Sacrifice. The Summer Sacrifice is inspired by Igor Stravinsky's famous Le sacre du printemps (The Spring Sacrifice). Where in the... 

Available from now on: Bookman #139 on culture in the region

Amsterdam, 13 June 2024 - Culture in the region was a recurring theme during the Lower House elections. The Council for Culture also pays attention to this. The council suggests distributing subsidies more evenly across the country. But how should this be achieved? How is the money distributed now? And how do different regions look at the plans? On these and other... 

Who_s afraid of Oscar Wilde - photography Bas de Brouwer (attribution always required)

Theatre Kikker, for your necessary dose of drama

Ticket sales for season '24/'25 start On Thursday 13 June at 12:00, Theatre Kikker will start ticket sales for theatre season 24/25. With over 130 different performances, there is something for everyone. Be amazed and overwhelmed by theatre, modern dance, youth theatre, storytelling, performance and hip-hop. Theatre Kikker is ready for you all year long with your necessary dose of... 

You must see this during art spectacle Bosch Parade 

Tenth edition revolves around our contemporary demons On 20 June, art spectacle Bosch Parade will kick off for the tenth time. For four days, from the banks of the river Dommel, enjoy nineteen extraordinary works by artists from home and abroad. The floating and moving creations revolve around contemporary demons. Symbolic sailing ship and held-up mirror... 

Asko|Schönberg in Holland Festival: Mutability

World premiere Sunday 23 June Wandering in the music as among the trees of a forest. Intimate, vast and awe-inspiring at the same time. Twelve miniatures in the form of solo instruments come your way. They reflect musical characters, as changeable as life itself. Pioneering multimedia work For Mutability, composer Yannis Kyriakides asked 12 other composers to write two- to three-minute miniatures. Some of... 

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