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This is why Culture Press exists - The most read stories of 2021.

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These are the stories that stirred mouse arms and click fingers in 2021, and this is exactly the material from which Culture Press derives its raison d'être. It is the top ten most-read stories, in a year that saw over 250,000 page visits.

Fear and trembling in the cultural sector: the dark side of the 'trickle down'

Ingrid van Frankenhuyzen conducted research in response to noises from the industry that makers are getting a less fair deal than the people they depend on under the guise of 'corona'. What she found was a pretty large amount of embarrassing situations. What she could use of that in the article was the tip of the iceberg: people don't want to go on the record for fear of their further careers. We come across that more often.

Dear Hans Teeuwen, art has nothing to fear from boring men.

That a man who presents himself as a 'comedian' does not have to adhere to the same standards as a journalist, when it comes to honesty and nuance, is hard to maintain when he sends out blatant lies in videos via major platforms, some of which can even threaten those involved. Opinions are allowed, but you have to stick to the facts. This is proving quite difficult.

'You don't know where you stand.' Non-visitors of theatre reveal where art goes wrong #tfboulevard

The marketing word 'adventure' is not the magic word to fill auditoriums for unknown, up-and-coming talent. This post caused some uproar, eventually postponing the discussion until the time when theatre attendance becomes a little more natural again. If ever.

A scene that sticks with you in: Spectre. A psalm as a warm-up for sex.

This story, from years ago, always pops up in the 'most read' section when James Bond is on TV, or when it is Sunday and people are thinking about the Lord. Because certain words in the headline are googled quite often. It is not yet known whether it actually makes people sing more psalms.

On masks, insecurity and shame: 8 life questions to Karl Ove Knausgård

A Quattro Mani's interviews are a constant factor in readers' attention on Culture Press. People enjoy reading them, as evidenced by the average time spent on these articles.

Nerd podcast #15 with Dick Zijp: 'Humour usually follows power, and is more effective in it than serious expressions.' 

The question was suddenly topical this year: is humour right or left? Dick Zijp researches it, and it provides him with many jokes. Often at his expense, but he can make them himself, it turns out. A pleasant conversation in one of this year's best-listened-to podcasts.

From 'artistic director' to 'deputy artistic director': what is Josef Fuchs' position at the Netherlands Reisopera?

Job applications in times of corona do not come naturally. Dissatisfaction at the Reisopera's failure to find a new striking face to succeed Nicolas Mansfield led to a stream of rumours, which we investigated.

Forget KLM and Booking: even in the subsidised arts, directors are big earners. 

Ingrid van Frankenhuyzen drew a lot of ire with this story in 2020. As in this year's #1 story, it deals with the huge income inequality in the cultural sector. In which the out-of-CAP self-employed are still the most vulnerable figure in an otherwise increasingly flabby, subsidised sector.

'Vanished talent and manpower will break up culture sector as it relaunches in September'

Those people in vulnerable positions are increasingly leaving the cultural sector for good because of the constant uncertainty. That agreements are now being made to better protect the creative, supportive self-employed may already be too late. This podcast has predictive value.

Stefan Hertmans: 'I raised this convert from the dead'

Fine interviews with great writers, and also easily accessible to VO students. Service from Culture Press, thanks to A Quattro Mani.

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Wijbrand Schaap

Cultural journalist since 1996. Worked as theatre critic, columnist and reporter for Algemeen Dagblad, Utrechts Nieuwsblad, Rotterdams Dagblad, Parool and regional newspapers through Associated Press Services. Interviews for TheaterMaker, Theatererkrant Magazine, Ons Erfdeel, Boekman. Podcast maker, likes to experiment with new media. Culture Press is called the brainchild I gave birth to in 2009. Life partner of Suzanne Brink roommate of Edje, Fonzie and Rufus. Search and find me on Mastodon.View Author posts

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