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Comfort from a bygone era. A short film about the Gouda multi-media project 'Why are things going well in your life'?

In 2016, photographer and visual artist Jaap van den Berg initiated a special project in Gouda. In the historical centre on the Market Square, he asked various people from all walks of life the question: Why are things going well in your life? People who answered the question were then photographed by Van den Berg. 140 portraits were chosen 

Because there are also just little creatives with a story: 'Zuheir, born glassblower'.

The absurdity of the pandemic is slowly sinking in, but still remains unfathomable. We will keep you updated on developments. But the bow cannot always be tight. Sometimes a moment of attention is needed, for the beauty people are capable of. Therefore, a short film about glassblower Zuheir Alkazzaz who fled Syria because... 

Master painter Henk Helmantel honours the creation story: 'I don't have the impression that I make old-fashioned paintings. My work fits well in modern interiors.'

Museum Gouda will soon show the exhibition Faith, Harmony and Silence by master painter Henk Helmantel. In 2008, he was named artist of the year. At the same time, there are major exhibitions by Helmantel in Gorssel and in Taiwan. His paintings are characterised by a gossamer texture, careful composition and sophisticated lighting. As subjects, he often chooses still lifes and tranquil... 

In Bruges, everything that could go wrong went wrong. Painter Pieter Pourbus escaped by marrying conveniently. (And being stone-faced.)

The (in Flanders) famous portrait painter Pieter Pourbus is from Gouda. You have never heard of him. Soon you will. Museum Gouda is bringing the first Pieter Pourbus exhibition to the Netherlands from 17 February 2018 to 17 June 2018. In preparation for this, you should first visit the Groeninge Museum in Bruges. In the unabashedly burgundy World Heritage city, the exhibition Pieter Pourbus and... 

Gerard de Kleijn makes Museum Gouda more accessible

Gerard de Kleijn is leaving on 1 February after six years as director at Museum Gouda. The flamboyant, eloquent and erudite director leaves behind a financially and artistically healthy Museum for his successor Marc de Beyer. De Kleijn made the museum more accessible to Gouda residents and art lovers from outside the historic city. In 2016, the museum attracted around 40,000... 

Amersfoort library realignment a success

Libraries are mostly negative in the news. Branches have to close, members walk away and there is an ongoing debate about their right to exist. But in Amersfoort, the library is on the rise. Over the past year, visitor numbers have risen sharply. An advance confession: I am a nostalgic library visitor. As a little boy, I used to borrow The Shipboys of Bontekoe, Eagle's Eye and... 

Thunder or a minor storm in the Gouda Glasses? You may say

We received a letter on legs from Wim de Groot a while ago. Now we often get letters in paws, but here something seemed to be going on. Trouble of course because sorting it out takes time and money and that wasn't there for a while. (Look out for the donor campaign we are about to launch) But still. What's wrong with it? Wim de... 

Exhibition Sketches of Beauty sheds new light on metre-long sketch designs for 'Gouda Glasses'

The stained-glass windows of the Sint-Janskerk in Gouda, known as the Gouda Glasses for short, are famous abroad. Domestically, the colourful splendour and artistic value of the sometimes 20-metre-high windows is less well known. Even less known are the paper sketches for these windows, which have recently been restored. The exhibition 'Sketches of beauty', opened by Queen Beatrix, closes... 

Anything to get amateurs into the stands: money for 'Dance Gardens', local residents and the Concert Hall

PR photo of Zina takes the District, performed last year in Groningen About 8 million Dutch people do something with art. They have music lessons, macramé plant pendants, paint plates or put together Christmas cards. But they also play theatre, sing in a choir, are part of a hip-hop crew or death metal band. That these practitioners of amateur art are not automatically also regular visitors 

Arts budget debated in second chamber: hardly any discussion on 200 million cut to performing arts

We were at a debate day in The Hague that was as inconspicuous as it was historic on 13 December 2010: it was about the budget of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of the (first?) Rutte government, and that was the budget in which, at the request of the supporting party PVV, the amount to be cut in the arts budget was set at 200 million, with heritage and museums having to... 

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