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Brechtje Roos

listen differently . hear more . set people and organisations in motion . stage person . presentation . social-artistic Brechtje Roos (1972) is a music storyteller. Speaker. Programme maker, publicist & founder of Hoor! Originally a musician. Speaks, writes and enthuses from music. She cares about the position and image of performing artists and likes to make herself heard. Making it clear in a seriously light-hearted tone how things work behind the scenes is her mission for the time being. That can only make the world a more beautiful place. A suivre!

What reviewer comes to see a wildly unknown 58-year-old debutant?

'My show touches, incites self-reflection and is already getting quite a lot of press attention; a substantive review was unfortunately not among them until now. After all, what reviewer comes to see a wildly unknown 58-year-old debutant?' Rata Kloppenburg- theatre maker, cabaret artist & cellist- immediately bursts out at her table in Zwolle. While I have yet to ask a question... 

Listening away for music. Is that possible?

Listening away, does the word exist? I did it. And still do. For music. Just as you can look away from something, I listened away from the CD that was so thoughtfully sent to me. Here's the thing. This autumn, I received CD Wounds & Brutality through the post as a gift from Tom America- composer, musician, quirky creator. I've been a fan of America since 2011. He... 

Oui-Ja-Yes for more Games on stages. Before and-especially now-after the stage.

What is the similarity between recorder player Lucie Horsch, pianist Nynke Eekhof, oboist Dorine Schoon, singer Tim Akkerman, this Music Storyteller and many others. What binds them apart from the music? They open their mouths. Give an insight into life behind the scenes. By speaking out in newspapers (Eekhof and Akkerman), on platforms, within organisations and via blogs... 

The Q of figurehead and bassist

I have always found the Q to be a nice fresh thing. Now unfortunately I am not a synesthete, but my imagination tells me today that the Q feels cheeky. Sounds nice and succinct. The Q qlaps into my qeel and is punchy blue. Or shiny. Not ordi, but tough. Of shiny metallic seventies leather. The Q in a catsuit. Supple now plays... 

In the Netherlands, time sings

Of course, it takes Italians to make this poetic statement about the Netherlands, the headline of this article. The old Italian saying refers to the carillon that signals time in public spaces. Typical tradition of the Low Countries. Since the fourteenth century. Nice and practical, of course, because then the whole city knows what time it is. Does everyone hear hits from the... 

Audience, you have an asset!

Thanks to the informal fanfare, this music storyteller sees a mega opportunity. Trio The Big Three. That's what I want to talk about. By which, for once, I do not mean the Flemish Damiaan Denys, Paul Verhaeghe and Dirk de Wachter. Writers Harry, Gerard and Willem F. I also leave out. Ask the listeners of this Music Storyteller and they will surely know how to help you:.... 

Why young men (and the Gemeentemuseum) make me happy.

The other day, this einzelgänger joined a group event here in The Hague. For the first time. With buses full of local residents heading for the Gemeentemuseum. Wondering with which neighbours I would go to see art, experience again what a museum feels like after closing time and attend a workshop or lecture. For inspiration. It worked out. Experiencing What an awful lot of fun to run into neighbours at the museum,... 

The Passion - not for idle followers

Boring, all those films, commercials and youtube videos that always use the same (background) music. In a hushed scene or pathetic documentary, the viewer is served Pärt. Exciting sounds like this, and when disaster strikes you hear this. Ordinary people Ah, even film-docu-& TV-makers are like ordinary people and like to reach for the same thing. Dommage! Because there is so much more... 

Eef van Breen for President (why politicians should not miss this concert)

Shimmering. Wondrous, ferocious. Poetic, powerful. Creative and humorous. Musical. Engaging. Layered. Spirited. A few days after my concert visit, words like these keep bubbling to the surface. And even though the Eef van Breen Group (EvBG) with Chapman for President is a typical case of 'especially go there', 'hear for yourself' and 'cannot be described', I'll make an effort. In the beginning My... 

Don't wait for the masses and determine the start of your cultural season yourself

Retrospectively, I proclaim last Monday night, 15/8, as the opening of my cultural season. Viavia I ended up, in fine company, at the Crazy Goat. A music cafe that might as well have been in New York, Paris or Berlin. This is in The Hague: an ini-mini stage in a building where the money is not spent on chipped-up old school benches,... 

New image for the King with some help from music & Ottolenghi

Majesty, Dear Willem Alexander, Last year at the Koningsdag concert, one of my favourite musicians played: violinist and composer Oene van Geel. On that occasion, his band zapp4 played together with a musician from my old world: recorder player Walter van Hauwe. In addition, surprising programming with David Kweksilber Big Band, leading lady Claron McFadden, tap dancer Peter Kuit and more. Great musicians... 

Monsieur Doumani

This write-up may begin somewhat strangely, but the end is going to evoke very different images: All sorts of things are set in motion internally when I find myself in the smallest room of my house. This is because - besides nice, sweet cards from friends and family - there are clippings hanging on the door, theatre guides, newspaper sections and smart magazines lying around. So... 

What does a singing Princess Amalia sound like?

It kept me awake one night. About that Radio Kunststof broadcast with Ilja Leonard Pfeiffer. Because, what exactly did the King and Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer say to each other and how does a singing Princess Amalia sound? Listen in. [audioplayer file="©brechtje-roos-put-into-sound.mp3″] (music- Coralie Clement, recording- Put into Sound)  

Agile thinking, drawing philosophical comics and more

Hear about mensch and other animals. Doubt yourself silly and discover the benefits. Cross borders while putting your philosophy biases through the wringer for a while. Food for thought. To be picked up in The Hague. The eternal doubter will miss out on a discount after 16 March, by the way. In other words, on 14 April from 19h-23.30h, the Night of Philosophy for the... 

Art is not: 'If you're hungry, eat. Measurable result: toilet visit.'

The stupidest question I come across all too often is THE question: what is the tangible result of your projects for audiences? Or more broadly drawn: what can art & culture measurably add to lives? Add that question together with the current clamour for 'utility in art' and I get accutely red pimples from these non-answerable questions. And I... 

Billy & Bowie

Since I can't put all my music musings about Bowie in the (already planned before his death) animation column in mid-March anyway, I'll just muse with the rest of the world now after B-day 10 01 2016. After all, see the cover of Heroes come up quite often in the media. That black-and-white picture where he's in some kind of puppet-like pose... 

Bouncy, rising threat in new Zeeland suite

Composer and pianist Jeroen van Vliet - as 2014 Boy Edgar Prize winner - was commissioned to draw inspiration from Leo Cuypers' Zeelandsuite (1977) for new work. He put the band together and, in the tradition Cuypers and his men, played at various Zeeland venues. As then, everything was recorded. On CD and (award-winning) DVD this time. Last May, I was... 

Eavesdropping mandatory

Once in a while it resurfaces, the next idea. An ideal of the future: if some public talker were to eavesdrop a little more on musicians. What would take place? In the clay The same thing that has been audible in the Dutch musical landscape for a while now would happen: shuffling cultures. Taking inspiration from the rest of the... 

Music missionary looks back: "That King's Day concert is indefinite!"

Yep, I'm running behind, because just now I finally saw (in parts) the King's Day concert! But hey, good music has no expiry date and for now this concert will be online for a while. What a party! Some of my favourite musicians participated. Faithful readers of Culture Press know that violinist and composer Oene van Geel is definitely one of them. He brought along Zapp4... 

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