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Podcast: This year, Poetry International explores the role of nationalism in poetry.

Jan Baeke has been associated with Poetry International as a programmer for many years. In this podcast, I talk to him about the programme and the theme of this 49th edition: The Nation of Poetry. It's about nationalism, of course, but also about identity. And about what role poetry plays in that. And then, of course, it's not primarily about folk songs. We... 

Culture Press Podcast on Theatreflix: The name is ambitious, but it could be something wonderful.

Wijbrand Schaap speaks in the kitchen of The Cooperative (where it is remarkably busy), with Tony Minnema and Emile Ripke. They are the initiators and the names behind Theatreflix, a website on which, like Netflix with TV shows, theatre shows can be seen. For now, they have a base from their own work, as Tony Minnema himself has a fairly thriving business in... 

'Totally twarrel in the post after a fine combo of pills.' offers fine info on drugs in the festival scene

On Tuesday 17 April, Gerard Alderliefste performed at TivoliVredenburg. This time, the interpreter of French chansons had left his guitar and piano at home. This evening he was there in his capacity as an addiction doctor. On behalf of the Landelijk Medisch Spreekuur Partydrugs, he talked about the long-term consequences of party drugs such as XTC, MDMA, GHB and Cannabis. He was there at the invitation of, a voluntary organisation... 

Theatre from the sofa: from the South Bank of the Thames to Broadway in one evening.

For many a theatre lover, watching from the bench will be swearing in church. The atmosphere in the theatre and direct contact is missing. Totally true, and yet the advantages of sitting comfortably, watching when you want, subtitles and the on-demand W.C. break are also worth something. While enjoying a fireside chat, you're not looking at the back of anyone's head.... 

Money does make happy, and writers' block is an illusion. Many myths busted on Evening of Herding.

Rather listen than read? Listen to the podcast here! (With lots of extra quotes from Ab Dijksterhuis) Money makes horribly happy. And that doesn't stop at 1 tonne. Those who earn half a million are considerably happier than those who earn 2 tonnes. The ING boss who would get 60 per cent more salary would also have become very much happier as a result. This... 

This is what makes The Dead Society such a successful podcast: noise.

I treated myself to one of those noise-cancelling headphones. The thing produces anti-noise to filter out highway, refrigerator and air conditioning from my daily life. So that I can listen to podcasts better. Podcasts like The Dead Society's. In which I am reminded again how important background noise from highways, air conditioners and rustling trees is. Radio journalist Carine van Santen... 

'In five years' time, you won't hear anyone talking about black Pete' (podcast)

Sheila Sitalsing went to work as a journalist after studying economics. After the weekly Elsevier, she joined the Volkskrant, in which she now has a column three times a week on page 2. Sitalsing won the Heldring Prize for best Dutch columnist in 2013. She also appears with some regularity in the foam & ash section of the TV programme Buitenhof.... 

Philosopher Henk van der Waal: 'The mystical experience is empty.' (podcast)

Henk van der Waal is filosoof en dichter. Zijn bundels werden meermaals bekroond en voor verschillende prijzen genomineerd. In 2012 verscheen zijn filosofische essay Denken op de plaats rust. Ontwerp van een filosofische levenshouding, en nu is verschenen de filosofische dialoog Mystiek voor goddelozen. [bol_product_links block_id=”bol_58f89055ec618_selected-products” products=”9200000060486849,9200000075985970″ name=”vanderwaal” sub_id=”huydinck” link_color=”003399″ subtitle_color=”000000″ pricetype_color=”000000″ price_color=”CC3300″ deliverytime_color=”009900″ background_color=”FFFFFF” border_color=”D2D2D2″ width=”250″ cols=”1″ show_bol_logo=”0″ show_price=”1″… 

Wolfgang Rihm links suffering Christ to Holocaust in 'Deus Passus' - podcast

In this period before Easter, Johann Sebastian Bach's Passions seem almost inescapable. But the alternatives are on the rise. Last week, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and the Groot Omroepkoor presented two highly successful new Passions. Alternative passion Tomorrow bring the AVROTROS Friday Concert Deus Passus by German composer Wolfgang Rihm. It will be performed by the Groot Omroepkoor and the Radio Philharmonic ... 

Nelleke Noordervliet: 'Attack life while you can.' (podcast)

In Aan het eind van de dag, Nelleke Noordervliet's new novel[ref]Nelleke Noordervliet (1945) made her debut in 1987 with the novel Tine or the valleys where life dwells. She subsequently wrote many novels, novellas, stories, essays, plays and columns. She also holds various administrative positions in the cultural sector[/ref], seventy-year-old Katharina Mercedes Donker is speaking. This ex-minister and... 

Andriessen's The Matter opens World Minimal Music Festival

Wednesday 5 April kicks off the fifth edition of the biennial World Minimal Music Festival. For five days, the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ will be filled with hypnotic rhythms, trance-inducing melodies and conjuring drones. Alongside well-known works by pioneers such as La Monte Young and Terry Riley are new compositions by Kate Moore and Bryce Dessner. There will also be performances by the Master... 

'William III is the greatest statesman the Netherlands has produced.' (Podcast)

Machiel Bosman is a historian and writes history disguised as literature. His book Elisabeth de Flines was nominated for the AKO Literature Prize and the Libris History Prize in 2008. This book De Roofkoning, prins Willem III en de invasie van Engeland was also nominated for the Libris History Prize. In this podcast, a conversation with the author who gave us... 

Podcast: Annelies Verbeke on her collection of short stories Halleluja

Annelies Verbeke broke through in literature in 2003 with her debut novel Slaap! She writes plays, scenarios, short story collections, novels and novellas. Her novel Dertig dagen (Thirty Days) won Verbeke the F. Bordewijk Prize, the NRC Book Award and the Opzij Literature Prize. And now there is a new collection of 15 stories entitled Halleluja. In these stories, the characters discover that each... 

Composer Moritz Eggert: 'Caliban turns from victim to perpetrator'

'Many opera productions still assume a nineteenth-century vision of the world,' says German composer Moritz Eggert (1965) in the podcast below. 'But art must be relevant to our own times; the answers of then are not the answers of now. Our current problems are largely rooted in our colonial past, in our exploitation of other countries ... 

Podcast: Tomas Ross on his thriller The Viceroy of the Indies

'My father was secret agent 007, long before James Bond' Tomas Ross is the Dutch grandmaster of the faction novel, a genre in which fact and fiction intermingle. His first thriller, The Dogs of Betrayal, about the South Moluccans' struggle for freedom, was published in 1980. He now has over 70 titles to his name and also writes scenarios for... 

Pauline Slot: 'People who write have very high expectations.'

Pauline Slot debuted very successfully in 1999 with the novel Zuiderkruis, this book became the best-selling debut that year. Death of a Thriller is her seventh novel. She also writes non-fiction and teaches creative writing. The narrator in Death of a thriller writer Selma Hoogstins is an author and writing coach. She welcomes in the summer at her paradise estate... 

'When my father died, I seemed serene. Later it turned out I was very angry.'

Auke Hulst (1975) grew up more or less unaccompanied by adults with a brother and two sisters in the hamlet of Denmark in Groningen, on top of the Slochteren gas bubble. His childhood in a Pippi Longstocking house in a forest was the model for his third novel Children of the Rugged Land (2012). And I Remember Titus Broederland is his... 

'American novels with a horse on the cover are always very good.'

In The Horseman, a father lets his daughter from the city go into hiding with her grandfather who lives in the countryside. The girl has a loverboy-like relationship with the leader of a dangerous criminal gang. With his granddaughter's forced stay, not only two generations collide, but also past and present, city and country, man and nature. The only connecting... 

Tjeerd Posthuma: 'Millennials can take disappointment very badly.'

Tjeerd Posthuma: 'Millennials, people of my generation, can handle disappointments very badly. I wanted to write a book about a little boy who had a lot going on in his life and was already coping badly with setbacks at a fairly young age. That idea evolved into the perspective of his older sister, who is jealous of her little brother but who herself is not so... 

Scenic shot from The Encounter by Complicity/Simon McBurney. Photo: Robbie Jack.

Audio is the new video (I): McBurney's theatrical podcast on #HF16

Simon McBurney is a real theatre nerd. Exceedingly interested in mathematics and physics, he enjoys nothing more in the theatre than building technical illusions. He is also an in-demand actor and director, who, when he has a performance at London's Barbican Centre, gets a visit from Kate Bush, who humbly comes to congratulate him on his work. This year, he is,... 

The International Choice does, what The International Choice has been doing for years: divide opinion and loosen tongues.

"We are blind to the big changes in the world and meanwhile we are arguing with one-liners on Radio One." These words, penned by reporter Robbert van Heuven from the mouth of writer Abdelkader Benali during the Choice Debate on Tuesday 20 September perhaps best captures what The International Choice was all about. Artistic director Annemie Vanackere... 

Future food of nuisance beasts scrambled with talk on energy #dekeuze

Listen here to the podcast/work in progress by Jowi Schmitz who attended the event with chef Natasja Postma: Fantasising about 2020 in International Choice 2011 Liposuction fat. Blood. Vomit. 'You can look at it that way too!' says the Appetitheque's food designer excitedly. It doesn't bother her that her thin-walled jelly pudding, processed cola and her yellow-white lumps of beef salad are still... 

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