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From Thursday 2 to Sunday 12 September 2021, the Netherlands Theatre Festival will show the best productions of the past theatre season. The Netherlands Theatre Jury, headed by jury president Hadassah de Boer, selected the eight best theatre productions of the moment. Today, the jury announced its selection. The full selection can be seen during the upcoming edition of the festival 

UTRECHTSE PODIA HEROPEN EVEN FOR TRIAL EVENTS - EKKO, De Helling, TivoliVredenburg, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht and Podium Hoge Woerd will present eighteen 'pilots' for live audiences in April

From 19 to 24 April, Utrecht venues will finally - temporarily - open their doors to the public. Pilot events, 'pilots', are taking place all over the Netherlands this month. TivoliVredenburg, De Helling, EKKO, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht and Podium Hoge Woerd are also trying out how testing for access at coronaproof programmes works. Pilots will take place in the cultural sector in April 

#metoo and me

In the Theatererkrant, 445 theatre makers posted an open letter addressed to Toneelgroep Oostpool, calling on creators and players to stop being afraid and report abuses to Summary of the foregoing: there were several complaints of sexual harassment by Oostpool's artistic director Marcus Azzini. An investigation ensued and Azzini... 

New Year's Eve lottery winner overturns culture cuts

A usually reliable source reports that the winner of the New Year's Eve lottery wants to dedicate a significant part of her prize to culture. In this way, she wants to undo the cuts made by Rutte I. Six million will go directly to the Dutch Travel Opera. Another four million is earmarked for a new integral performance of Wagner's Ring des Nibelungen. Also scheduled is a revival of Tristan und Isolde... 

Seven shows you wish you had seen in 2016 (but don't give up hope)

In The Hague, they think it's a waste of money. Let them. Here are seven performances that were more than worth 'that sin'. Mona, Ariadne, Mariken, but also breathtaking circus theatre, a secret marriage, genre-transcending satire and the greatest set ever. Mona, NTJong (youth theatre/drama) 1. It is the biggest pitfall of the age indication in theatre performances. Put 6+ and you... 

The five shows you must see in May

Toneelschuur, Don Carlos (stage) Nina Spijkers brings Friedrich Schiller's classic play back to its essence. No lavish scenery depicting the Spanish court, but canvases peeled off layer by layer. playlist M31 Foundation, Nederlandse Reisopera, Theater na de Dam, Der Kaiser von Atlantis (opera) Forty years after its world premiere at Theater Bellevue, Victor Ullmann's Der Kaiser von Atlantis will be re... 


Stagehands, stay away from that theatre!

Hoe langer ik in de toneelsector rondloop, hoe meer ik erachter kom dat die zogenaamde crisis in de podiumkunsten niet ligt aan de mensen die toneel maken, en ook niet aan de mensen die er al dan niet naar komen kijken. Goede wil is alomtegenwoordig. De enige echte oorzaak voor een vertrouwensbreuk tussen spelers en publiek die ik kan aanwijzen is de negentiende-eeuwse uitvinding die we ‘schouwburg’ noemen. Laat me uitleggen.

The five shows you must see in March

1. Kwatta, Mariken (youth) The question was not whether Nijmegen youth theatre company Kwatta would ever venture into Mariken van Nieumeghen, but when. The bar was set high with successful previous book and film adaptations, but where the medieval Mariken needs two miracles, Jibbe Willems' adaptation is exciting even without a fall from a great height and the miraculous loosening of iron rings... 

The 10 theatre performances you wish you had seen in 2015

Although the supply has been declining for years, there are still more new shows than a person can see. So nobody sees everything, everybody misses a lot, which was the case in 2014. But these performances no one would have wanted to miss, even if two of them were not even seen in a theatre. And no dance, for that our partner was dance audiences this year too. #1... 

The six shows you must see in October

Opera2Day, Mariken in de tuin der lusten (opera) The young The Hague company Opera2Day produces one splendid performance after another. But at the same time it does not rest on all its laurels, opting for adventure by presenting an entirely new opera together with the Nationale Toneel. At the centre is Mariken van Nieumeghen, the girl "who lived with the devil for seven years", the music is by Calliope Tsoupaki and... 

Cooking for Richard III: 'Of course we tie off our sauces with a little blood'

Eating on stage. That's the standard 'Theatre Dinner', but more exciting. Especially if Shakespeare's Richard III is played during dessert. Toneelgroep Oostpool, the Arnhem-based company that has been going strong in recent years with striking performances, goes one step further again in exploring the ultimate audience experience. Sjim Hendrix, not only a cook, but also an artist and... 

The five shows you must see in September

Nederlandse Reisopera, Madama Butterfly (opera), 3 September to 10 October Dutch sopranos are like footballers. They fly halfway around the world, but are only rarely seen in their own country. Take Annemarie Kremer, nominated in Germany as 'Sängerin des Jahres'. The Nederlandse Reisopera is taking her all over the Netherlands in the role that brought her world fame: the title role of Madama ... 

The five shows you must see in May

Nederlandse Reisopera, Gluck: Orphée et Eurydice (opera), 1 May to 6 June Dazzling debut by director Floris Visser at the Nederlandse Reisopera. Rather than showing a centuries-old opera about an even much older myth, he exposes the core of Gluck's opera. It results in a heartbreaking performance about mourning and the inability to accept that your loved one is no longer there.... 

The five shows you must see in March

Theatre Group Oostpool, Angels in America (stage), playlist

To call the epic about America in the AIDS era a modern classic is an understatement. Since 1993, the play has been performed all over the world with great success. HBO turned it into a disappointing miniseries, Péter Eötvös a completely unsuccessful opera. Toneelgroep Amsterdam recently celebrated triumphs as far away as New York with a five-hour version stripped to the bone, partly prompting 'Meppel-gate'. Director Marcus Azzin has been waiting 20 years to give his vision of this theatrical epic, and at Oostpool he now gets the chance, with a cast that includes only top actors.

Copyright: Erik Bindervoet

The five theatrical performances you want to see in January 2015, and you already have to head back to the province

After the annual lists, the recommendations for the new year. All dailies participate in it. Problem: much is not yet known. Festivals and companies present their programmes sometime in February, March. So we cannot yet give the tips for the whole of 2015. But we do have the tips for the coming month, in chronological order, because ranking performances we still have to... 


The Black Piece. The preview. The debrief.

Bij sommige voorstellingen kerm je binnensmonds of het allemaal wel goed komt. Bij andere voorstellingen slaak je een kreun dat het zo goed uitpakt. The Black Piece is dat laatste. De nieuwste productie van Ann Van den Broek is met input van dansers en testpubliek tot stand gekomen. Dan kan het bijna niet mis gaan. De voorvertoning laat een indringende mix zien van versies van het begrip zwart. Alsof je als publiek gedwongen wordt voor een beslagen spiegel te staan waar de wasem langzaam optrekt en iemand zegt: kijk! De choreografe legt na afloop verantwoording af.

With the best actors of their generation, Oostpool makes beautiful theatre of J.D. Salinger's America

Things become more fascinating when you look back on them 30 years or so later. Three decades make the life you were once in the middle of history, and that is happening to my generation (40-somethings) now with the second half of the last century. Hence the success of Jonathan Frantzen's masterpieces Freedom and The Corrections, and hence the success of a DVD series like Mad Men.... 

Kees Hulst and Maria Kraakman win Louis d'Or and Theo d'Or at 'prize circus' Gala of Dutch Theatre #tf2010

At the Gala van het Nederlands Theater at the Amsterdam Stadsschouwburg last night, the most important theatre awards were presented. Kees Hulst won the Louis d'Or for the most impressive male leading role, the role of Jörgen Hofmeester in' Tirza' at the Nationale Toneel. Maria Kraakman won the Theo d'Or for the most impressive female supporting role, Orlando in Toneelgroep Oostpool's production of the same name. The play 'Oog om Oog', with Linda van Dyck and Victor Löw, among others, won the AVRO Toneel Publieksprijs.

Actors have ambivalent feelings about 'awards circus', or Gala of Dutch Theatre #tf2010

Een rode loper, veel champagne en nog veel meer geknuffel. Het is een warm weerzien voor theaterland, het Gala van het Nederlands Theater in de Amsterdamse Stadsschouwburg. Een spannend weerzien ook, want de belangrijkste Nederlandse stage awards worden vanavond uitgereikt.

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